Monday, July 18, 2011

Hola 33!

Dinner Menu

Dylan knows how to make me feel special, especially on my birthday. Three years ago he whisked me away to Mexico City (one of my favorite cities in the world) and asked him to marry him. Last year, when we moved to our new home with a backyard, he whipped up a 5-course birthday dinner for me and my closest friends.

This year as my birthday was approaching I asked that we'd keep my birthday low key. "Please no dinner party. No dishes to clean. Ok?"

Dylan didn't listen. He never listens.

Since we just finished our collaborative project with Scout Regalia and now have their beautiful White Oak Table Set in our backyard Dylan has been on dinner party mode ever since. I have to admit, I'm in love with this table. The lines, the craftmanship, the white's all way too beautiful. So, I eventually gave in to a family-style dinner in the back.

A Birthday in June

Jeni's Birthday

DIY Bunting - I will never do it again. Flower arrangement by Gilly Flowers in Silver Lake.

Momo, our Fat Cat

I'd like to introduce Momo. We adopted this guy back in March at Sante D'Or in Atwater Village. We were looking for a "fat cat" and fell in love with him immediately. They said he came from a Dodger Executive. The owner and his wife divorced and he was always on the road. So, fat cat was sent to the shelter. He's very dapper and lazy. He falls asleep on his back and wakes up on our chests. He's a perfect little kid/dog/fat cat.


Farro Salad and "Shirmp & Anson Mills Girts" (We saw Shrimp & Grits mispelled in Austin, and ever since we've been calling Shirmp & Girts)

Dylan made amazing food for my birthday. I don't know how he does it. The amount of dishes for the amount of mouths to feed. I would go crazy and hyperventilate. Dylan on the other hand loves being in the kitchen. Where I am crazy, he is calm. This is why we work.

Snake River Farms Pork Jowls + English Peas

Snake River Farms Kurobuta Pork Jowls. My new favorite pork cut. Super marbled, tight chewy texture with a lot of flavor.

Lake Cake Shop Chocolate Ice Box Birthday Cake

Lark Cake Shop's Chocolate Ice Box Cake - Seven-layer cake made with thin chocolate wafers layered with fresh whipped cream and raspberries.

I'm thankful for every year I'm able to live. Not everyone makes it to 33, so you'll never hear me complain that I'm getting old. I hope to grow old with Dylan and the wonderful people I get to call my friends and family. Here's to another year. Thanks for reading.


Ruth said...

Happy birthday, lady! Looks like it was an amazing one. And you look so beautiful and happy in that picture! :)

Anjali said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like it was a beautiful evening. And I feel your pain on the DIY bunting....

La Tartine Gourmande said...

Happy Birthday. What a lovely celebration!

MsG said...

I love it! I don't get these people who complain about getting old either. I love your spirit!

BoLA said...

You two are awesome! Wishing we could see more of each other!!! Hugs and much love to you and D!!! Muah!

Sophorn said...

so sweet. Happy Birthday! such a great photo of you in the glow of the candles.

Daily Gluttony said...

Everything looks beautiful...Happy 33rd, Jeni! Here's to many, many more! xoxo

heidi said...

oh, being 33...
Congratulations, beautiful party.

oddlyme said...

Oh my! This looks WONDERFUL!

Well, after your amazing dinner. And the love of your hubby. I'd say what looks like the next best gift to me is -


Now THERE'S a cat!

Happy belated birthday and I wish you happy healthy birthdays for all the years to come.

chasingbawa said...

Happy birthday and what a lovely dinner party, table and, of course, fat cat! We used to have a fat cat in our old neighbourhood who was ultra friendly. So sweet.

That's Ron said...

omedetto! looks like u had a nice day.

moye said...

Happy Birthday!! Everything looks gorgeous.

From McCall's to Larks, we go to the same places in the neighborhood that I feel like I'm going to run into you one day. :) (Where I'll just gush over your photos as you awkwardly back away...yeah...)

tstar said...

i love this table. gorgeous. so nice the parties Dylan throws for you. love the perfectly art-directed menu. looks like a memorable evening.

Tsz said...

Happy bday! The menu with the Japanese tape (I think) flags is lovely—did Dylan design that as well?

KirkK said...

Happy Birthday Jeni! What a wondrful Birthday dinner!

One Food Guy said...

Happy Birthday! Dinner looks great, obviously!

But more importantly, you adopted Frank McCourts cat!!

Oishii Eats said...

Thank you Ruth. The candles are good lighting on the skin. haha.

Anjali...I saw your DIY bunting. Never again!

Thank you La Tartine Gourmande! I love your blog!

MsG...we'll grow old and happy together!

BoLA...hoping to see you guys soon too. It's been a busy year for everyone!

Sophorn...I was joking when I asked my friends to make sure there were 33 candles in the cake. When they walked out with the cake I thought it was on fire!!!

Thanks Daily Gluttony! I'm hoping for many more years.

Heidi! Thanks for reading. Yes, enjoying every year!

Oddlyme...I love our Momo. He's the best substitution to having a baby because he's potty trained and cleans himself.

Chasingbawa...fat cats are the sweetest and have a good chance of being somewhat wierd. It's a cute combo...fat, sweet, wierd.

I had an amazing birthday. Thanks That's Ron!

Moye...I hope to run into you one day!!!

Tsz...yes, Dylan designed the menus to match the bunting (triangle flags).

KirkK...long time! How are you? Amazing dinner thanks to Dylan.

One Food Guy...yea, sometimes we think we have the McCourt's cat. He's a bit snobby. Only eats wet food and drinks filtered water.

Eleana said...

Everything looked amazing - I'm glad you had a vey happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

"I'm thankful for every year I'm able to live. Not everyone makes it to 33, so you'll never hear me complain that I'm getting old"
I absolutely love this statement. Go you! Happy Birthday!

ila said...

happy belated birthday! so jellies of the amazing work your hubby does for you. here's to another nom filled year! xo

Dina said...

Happy Birthday! What a feast!

alice said...

wow, am i late. happy birthday!!!!! :)

Food, she thought. said...

I can't decide what I like better, the cat or the table! Amazeparty! HBD. said...

happy birthday jenni!!! looks like a wonderful celebration and 33 is a lucky year so i know lots of great things will happen for you and dylan. love your new abode!


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