Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yama's Fish Market

It was suppose to be a family trip to Hawaii. But at the last minute, my mom decided not to come because she had to take care of her stupid cats. So I was in charge of taking care of three boys...my husband, brother and dad.

Thanks mom.

The boys in my life are simple.



I like the beach, but that was not on their list of likes...so there went my beach time. My beach time requires a 4-6 hour slot. Those boys could only handle 40 minutes on the beach. I swear I wanted to kick someone's a$$.

Aside from our beach time conflict, we had a great time.

Dylan has been craving poke and ended up dragging us on his mercury-laced poke hunt.

Yama's Fish Market

First stop: Yama's Fish Market

Yama's Fish Market

I ordered the kalua pork, lomi lomi, shoyu poke and haupia plate lunch since I was starving.

Yama's Fish Market

Dylan, being the excessive guy that he is, devoured a tub of ahi limu poke.


Yama's Fish Market
2332 Young St
Honolulu HI 96826
(808) 941-9994


Fresh Local and Best said...

The tub of ahi limu poke looks fab! I would eat the entire thing too.

Tricerapops said...

yes, finally - a post from the trip to hawaii, centered on poke!!!!! =)

Hanhonymous said...

Yum! I only visited Hawaii once (damn fine two weeks), but I actually got a nostalgic craving from your post!

BTW, I ran into a friend of yours I think -- Tami Low? She spoke highly of you. (She is a new-ish friend/acquaintance).

weezermonkey said...

A whole tub? Even my fatty boombalatty ass thinks that's excessive!

Anjali said...

Rob is the same way about beaches. He always sits there fully clothed and never has a good time. Unless there are hamburgers or beer involved. Maybe you just need to lure D to the beach with a bottomless tub of poke!

H. C. said...

I love the gem-like quality of that ahi!

Heh, I'm a beach goer too... gimme a mat, a book, my MP3 player and some SPF and I can soak up rays and saltwater for an entire day... or when my set of boys, and even girls, decide to pack up and go.

Does that make me a beach boy?

Daily Gluttony said...


Can't live with them, can't live without them. *sigh* Isaac & Jacob don't care for the beach either. The former is just old & stubborn, the latter is scared of the way sand feels on his feet.

I think you, me & Anjali need to have a beach day & leave all our silly boys at home.


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