Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Honeymoon Hop - São Paulo

Brasil Honeymoon

The wedding was everything we wanted. Short five month engagement. Intimate ceremony. Art gallery and taco reception. Everything was as perfect as it could get.

Errrr. Except for the wedding cake Dylan managed to drop in our hotel lobby. And for the time I smashed cake in his face, twice, before my dad realized I was extremely buzzed and took my drinks away as he gave me the most disappointed fatherly stare EVER. (Sorry Daddy.)

But after all the planning and drinks and drama, Dylan and I needed a nice long break from it all.

For the next three weeks, it was just Dylan and Jeni time in South America.

Helloooooo honeymoon!

São Paulo

First stop, São Paulo.

São Paulo

No, that's not a taxi driver, that's our friend Alysson (pronounced Al-ee-sone...not Al-ih-sun). haha. Alysson and Dylan used to work at an advertising agency in Marina Del Rey back in the day but Al missed his home country of Brasil and has moved back in '08. I've never met Al before, but he instantly became my big brother in Brasil. We headed straight to Al's place in Pinheiros and dropped dead for several hours after 14 hours of traveling.

São Paulo

After we woke up, Dylan and I were eager to get out for some drinks and snacks before dinner. First stop, Sao Cristovao on the trendy and busy Rua Aspicuelta in Sao Paulo's Vila Madalena. Thousands of photos and soccer memorabilia jam the walls at Sao Cristovao, but despite the soccer theme, Sao Cristovao is not a hangout for the hooligans, but rather a Chopp (draft beer - pronounced like shoppe) stop for the local bohemians.

São Paulo

Dylan and I immediatly became addicts to Bolinhos de Bacalhau (Salt Cod Fritters) at first bite. They are some of the best fried bar bites we've ever had. Casquinhas de Siri (Crab baked in it's own shell) was another Brasilian favorite especially after dousing it with Portuguese olive oil!

São Paulo

Passion Fruit Caipairinha! Dylan has issues with eyeball looking dots. So it wasn't a surprise that he was completely grossed out by my drink. I really didn't care because it was so fresh and delicious. Quick buzz thanks to the cachaça!

São Paulo

Dylan and I heard Brasilian pizza is some of the best in the world and that 2 million pizzas are sold to Paulistanos (people who hail from São Paulo) each weekend! Since Pizzeria Bràz, a São Paulo favorite, was just around the corner from our friend's apartment, it was a perfect dinner option for our first night in São Paulo.

São Paulo

São Paulo

Pizza at Braz was delicious. Think of flavors from Pizzeria Mozza just with a thicker crust, more cheese, well, just more everything. It's not as heavy as it looks.

São Paulo

Two things we fell in love with in Brasil - Olive oil imported from Portugal and Pimenta de Malagueta (red peppers bathed in olive oil).

São Paulo

After dinner routine. A cup of espresso.

São Paulo

It was about 230am and we still were on LA time, so we headed back to one of the crowded boho bars in Vila Madalena for more Chopp, cachaça shots, and Caipairinhas.

São Paulo

São Paulo

So I guess these hot dog trucks are the popular late night snacks around the bars. Vanidog is so cute!

São Paulo

We ended up hitting up one more spot, Vila Grano, a 24 hour bakery in the area. After chomping on some pao de queijo Dylan and I were exhausted and it was time to knock out. Boa Noite!

São Paulo

to be continued...

Sao Cristovao
Rua Aspicuelta, 533
Vila Madalena, São Paulo

Pizzaria Bràz
Rua Vupabussu, 271
Pinheiros, São Paulo

Vila Grano
Rua Wisard, 500
Pinheiros, São Paulo


WeezerMonkey said...

I have a feeling that this is going to be the Best. Honeymoon. Ever.

So lucky you had Al for a guide!

Aaron said...

You went to Mexico for the engagement and Brazil for the honeymoon? You two are sure living up the Americas

Tricerapops said...

good stuff. can't wait to see the rest of the trip! did you and the hubby have an affinity for the americas before you got married? or was it one of those interests you developed together as a couple?

Anonymous said...


Totoro said...

I love reading your blog!! All the food looks so good. Your honeymoon pictures are awesome! I can't wait to see the rest. Oh, and I loved the jelly fish and octopus cartoon on your wedding stationary. They are adorable. Just like you guys!

Aliiiiiiiiice said...

you say that the pizzas weren't that heavy but they look pretty massive for personaL-sized pizzas. that's not a crust, that's a piLLow!

a very dericious-lookin piLLow...


boody said...

LOVE!!!! <3

kayoko said...

Gimme more!!! xxxoxo

Nanciful said...

Passion Fruit + Caipairinha = match made in heaven. :)

JadedOne said...

You guys make such a cute couple :) Lovely pictures as usual!

streetgourmetla said...

Did you have the pao de calabresa at Braz?

Aki said...

I love your blog!!! All the posts about Brazil and especially about Sampa (my hometown) made me homesick... I love your photos, too!


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