Monday, April 06, 2009

Hatfield's - My Husband Turns Thirty-Fun

After last year's birthday dinner at Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas, I really had a hard time finding a surprise restaurant to take Dylan to for his 31st birthday. SPL was a super cool drive because during the drive up to Calabasas, Dylan thought I was off to kill him and throw him off the Malibu cliffs. Nothing will ever compare to that drive. And nothing will ever compare to eating in a room of taxidermy on the walls and on our plates.

This year I wanted to take him somewhere close, low-key, and a low percentage of fake boobies. After researching for weeks, Hatfield's seemed just right.


Keep your eyes open because this is a tiny pill box of a restaurant on Beverly Blvd. and you will miss it. I missed it as Dylan's stomach grumbled on his hungry Monday night. Sorry birthday boy.



Right after ordering the Chef's Spontanée 7-Course Tasting Menu for two, the amuse bouche came rolling out. Celery root soup and deviled quail eggs. It was the perfect way to get us excited for the rest of the night.


Course 1: Cuttlefish, salsify puree, cucumber, coconut froth

Dylan and I fought for this dish. It was all perfect. We loved the conceptual cuttlefish noodles and the simple flavors from the salsify puree.

Course 1: "Croque Madame" grilled brioche, hamachi, prosciutto, quail egg

I so wanted to love the "Croque Madame." It was Monday and the hamachi wasn't smelling great, the brioche was overly buttered. Wah. I really want to love you. It's not's you.


Course 2: House made ricotta agnolotti, English peas, brown butter, candied grapefruit rind, and mint

The ricotta agnolotti was a bit on the overly creamy side, but was saved by the nuttiness from the brown butter and the English peas. Then again, I'm biased towards any dishes with fresh English peas.


Course 2: Japanese octopus, nettle asparagus, crispy buckwheat puree

Here's another dish we fought for. Sir Hatfield has a firm grasp on his slowly poached octopus. Totally blows Osteria Mozza's away. The nettle asparagus and crispy buckwheat puree really took this course to the next level.


Course 3: Slow baked Tasmanian ocean trout, sweet potato "gratin", baby cabbage leaves, carmalized endives

Carmalized endives were all I could really remember about this dish.


Course 3: Hempseed crusted hamachi, collared gingered brussel sprouts, chanterelles, citrus vinaigrette

Funny, gingered brussel sprouts were all I could remember about this fish dish too. Maybe fish wasn't his thing tonight. Then again, we went on a Monday night...and you know what happens to fish by Monday night.


Course 4: Squab breast and fois gras, celery root puree, squab leg schnitzel, cippolini onion

By now we're completely full and then they had to bring out these hard hitting heavy dishes. OMG. My stomach was about to explode like Pop Rocks.

I think I picked out and devoured the fois gras before eating any of the squab. The squab was nicely prepared and cooked, but the fois gras really took control of this dish.


Course 4: Pan roasted duck breast, fois gras, quinoa and miitake mushrooms, butternut squash, whisky prune smear

Fois gras, quinoa and miitake mushrooms, the rest didn't matter.


Course 5: Braised pork belly, swiss chard, sunchoke puree, heirloom carrot

The thought of eating was ridiculous by this point. Dylan and I were complete sloths by course 5. Then they bring out the pork belly. We could never say no to pork belly. Not our favorite pb dish in LA, but the tenderly braised belly was perfect with the sunchoke puree and heirloom carrots.


Course 5: Pan roasted hangar steak and slow cooked horseradish dusted short ribs, spring onion confit, smoke potato puree

This dish was just ridiculous. Hangar steak AND short ribs. This is a meal in itself. Everything about this dish was beautiful. The smoke potato puree was completely insane. I loved it.


Course 6: Buttermilk pannacotta, tarragon-marinated citrus, meyer lemon sorbet

Pannacotta after any heavy meal is the right thing to do. It's like water after a marathon....just what we needed.


Course 6: Coconut macaroon, vanilla tapioca, pineapple, passion fruit sorbet

I love anything passion fruit. There goes the sorbet.


Course 7: Chocolate and peanut butter truffle cake and salted caramel ice cream

Happy Birthday Dylan. Salted caramel ice cream!


Course 7: Sugar and spice beignets, chocolate fondue, vanilla milkshake

This was probably our favorite dessert. Look at it...milkshake & beignet spells THIRTY-FUN!

Dylan and I had a really great time eating in such a mellow space like Hatfield's. It's been a while since we've eaten alone, usually we opt to eat at the bar or we're running around Highland Park for it was nice to just be with him to celebrate his birthday.

Before ending our meal I gave him one last surprise. I handed him an unmarked envelope and before he opened it, I told him he gets to choose Part II of his birthday meal. Yes, there's a Part II.

Inside, two oyster menu's, one from Dan and Louie's in Portland, the other from Elliot's in Seattle.

To be continued....

7458 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 935-2977


mattatouille said...

awesome, we literally had the same meal, same dishes, everything just a few nights before (or was it after...) Only difference? We didn't have a birthday to celebrate so no cool writing in chocolate. Oh, and I had an elderflower gin collins for drink :) It was a great meal though I would definitely return. You photos are excellent, as always.

mattatouille said...

oh! I've been to Elliot's in Seattle..let's hope he picked that one..but dang Portland has some great places to eat.

choisauce said...

matthew and I had the identical meal there a few months back for an anniversary! wow, that meal was equally delicious as gorgeous. I was in foie gras heaven :) I totally agree about how nice it is to just have a mellow dinner for 2. happy belated, dylan!

WeezerMonkey said...


Amaaaaazing! Happy birthday to Dylan! So lucky that there is even a Part II!

Daily Gluttony said...

your post makes me want to go back for the tasting menu! isaac took me to hatfields 2 weeks before jacob was born for a "last nice quiet meal before baby gets here" dinner. we only got the 3 course market menu & some extra apps though. that sucks that the hamachi croque madame wasn't better for you. must've been the monday nite thing--we had it on a saturday nite & it was really good!

yay for thirty-fun!!! you are such an awesome wifey for taking d on part II!

glutster said...

Happy late B-Day Dylan.

Great Birthday Dinner, looks like it went good for the most part, better than nothing :)

see you guys later.

Kung Food Panda said...

Wow, great review and wonderful pictures to boot. Hatfield is one place I've been meaning to try for awhile.

Since I'm going to Seattle next weekend, I'd have to say thank you for bringing up Elliot's to me.

Happy belated Dylan!

H. C. said...

I think every year after teens should be suffixed with "-fun" love it!

As usual, loved the photos and your descriptions. And wish your hubby a happy belated!

Now I gotta remind myself to check out Hatfield's too.

Oishii Eats said... was a great dinner. I'd love to see what your thoughts are on the dishes. Dylan has chosen the Part II of his birthday dinner and I'm soooo excited...

choisauce...isn't the space adorable. I loved it's quaint little space. I can actually talk to D without having to yell. I swear LA restaurants are starting to make me feel like I'm in Hong Kong.

Weezer Monkey...Part II for him means Part II for me!

Daily Gluttony...we'll watch Chachob. Go and have fun! was a really sweet dinner. Nothing crazy like the years before. BTW, we have to set a date. End of the month??

Kung Food Panda...ooh have fun in Seattle. Yea, check out Elliot's. They have an extensive oyster list.

HC...I'm so tired of people saying "I'm so old." when they're like ONLY 30! We should be thankful for every year we get to celebrate. When I turned 30, I was thankful and shared that not everyone gets to make it to 30. The age haters were silent. Every year we get to live should be fun and amazing. Cheers to that HC. Clink.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

J, thank you again for this quiet and enjoyable evening. I really liked that there were only two other parties dining there. and yes, we need to buy our tickets soon.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

and thank you for the belated bday wishes, everyone. i'm not as old as you think. i still have Thundercats pajamas and Gobots bedsheets.

Aji De Mani said...

dave took me here for a bday dinner the day after we filmed at your place. we had the croque madame, the ricotta, the hangar steak and short ribs (by this time i was pushing all my plates towards dave) and dave had a fish (i think he got the sea bass), two desserts (one was a coconut based dessert and the other was a strawberry cheesecake). ugh. but now i really want to try the fois gras so i must go back! thanks for the rec!

Oishii Eats said...

EDNBM...your thundercat pj and Gobot bedsheets NEEDS TO GO. I'm replacing them with Bionic 6 and Voltron!

Aji De Mani...your meal sounds delicious. I really don't know how we managed to eat through ours.

MaxMillion said...

I'm with you on the hamachi croque -- it ain't all that.

We went there last year for both my birthday AND my guy's.

Having said that, it's actually wonderful fare but not an *extra special* birthday venue as, say, L'Orangerie used to be *sigh* as decore is a bit lacking.

I believe they currently have a $39 three-course special (add wine, tax + tip).

Love those swipes of puree on the plate. LOVE Hatfields!


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