Friday, March 13, 2009

How Not to Become a Bridezilla

It was 2am when Dylan, my brother and I just finished grabbing the last of our gifts at the gallery and we were finally heading home after a long wedding celebration. As we walked out the door, it hit me....

I wasn't a bridezilla.

It was a moment of relief because I truly feared that the psycho in me would come out some time during or nuptials or celebration. But the psycho didn't come out. Hysterical rage, spontaneous fits, hyperventilating and tears...all in the name of a perfect wedding. No thank you.

Here are eight ways that helped me keep my inner-psycho from coming out.

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

1. Focus on WE...not ME!

When we first got engaged, I wanted to make sure our wedding really was OUR wedding. We planned, we took breaks, and we focused on what WE really wanted. I wanted a small ceremony. Dylan wanted a big party. Marry in Vegas. Party in LA. Done deal.

We spent about a month looking for venues in LA for our big party bash. We were searching for the perfect gallery space with enough room for dancing, our photos, and an outdoor patio. We searched everywhere...Royal/T, Blum + Poe, Bergamot Station...but nothing really excited us as much at Remy's on Temple, a nondescript art gallery in Historic Filipino Town, west of Echo Park.

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

2. Please the Parents

Nothing makes a parent more happy than knowing their kids aren't wasting their savings away. They were really happy with they way we went about our wedding plans especially with keeping the costs down. Keeping them happy means keeping them off our backs. The two things they bug us about...SAVE MONEY, MAKE BABIES. Yes we know. We saved our money. You'll have to wait for the babies though.

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

3. Tacos Makes Everyone Happy

Happy guests makes a happy bride! We searched high and low for the perfect taco stand to help us with our wedding. Originally we wanted to park a truck in front of the gallery space, but there are a lot of loonies roaming around the Temple | Alvarado area so we crossed out that idea. So instead, we thought of hiring a taco table for the outside patio. Dylan and I were set to hire the guys at York and Nolden in Highland Park, but after thinking, we didn't think their pot of cabeza, tripas and lengua would attract our more conservative eaters. Taco Zone was another option for us, but it was hard getting in contact with them and we really didn't want to deal with communication issues at the last minute.

Then one day Dylan and I had breakfast at My Taco in Highland Park. We fell in love with their chivo (goat) consomme, barbacoa (lamb) tacos, and fried to perfection carnitas tacos. Then we met Vanessa Guarduno, My Tacos' catering director. OMG. This girl is so amazingly organized and HAWT. She's got USB President written all over her.

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

I wish we had a picture of the set-up because My Taco put the classy in tacos. Vanessa did such an awesome job with our food. Everyone loved the tacos...including our older family members. Yes...even the older San Gabriel Valley women.

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

4. Keep Her Glass Full

When Dylan gave me all reigns on choosing the wines I headed straight to Jill from Domaine 547 . I love Jill. I emailed her our taco menu and within minutes Jill had a list of wines to pair with our tacos. Genius! She recommended Spanish wines for the price and for the ability to stand up to meaty carnitas and carne asada. The 2005 Servilio Roble and 2007 Floresta White were great drinking wines. The Floresta White was seriously gone in a second. Those savages! I also loved her recommendation on the NV Raventos I Blanc Cava...which unfortunately wasn't put out for our guest by our bartender. We had to take all that Cava home to drink on our own. Life sucks.

With Dylan being the beer guy, Dylan headed over to Ramirez Liquor in Boyle Heights and orders kegs of Leffe Blonde and Hoegaarden White Ale. You know I'm not a big beer drinker ever since my dad told me that girls who drink beer grow mustaches....but ever since I met Dylan I've grown fond of Belgian ales. Leffe Blonde is probably one of my favorites. It truly is the essence of a Belgian ale...malty, sweet and rich...and also 6.60% alcohol. It's a fun yummy. Most of our guests enjoyed the quenching their thirst on Dylan's Hoegaarden.

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

5. Sugar Her Up

If you fill me up with tacos and libations then you better sugar me up with sweets. We decided to choose a lot of different bites for our dessert table. "No wedding cake" was the rule...ever since Dylan dropped our wedding cake in Vegas. I'm convinced we have the wedding cake curse. Instead we chose Milk's Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes and an array of Cream Puffs, Fruit Tarts, and Opera Cakes from Porto's Bakery. My best friend Monique also baked some of the best chocolate chip + oatmeal cookies and batches of killer macaroons as our wedding gift. It was a really lovely dessert set up. Thank you Mo for putting everything together and keeping me sane!

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

6. Be Comfortable

Pimpin in my Chucks while dancing to Debbie Deb. No corns or blisters here. A happy bride is a blister-free bride!

Also, get your hair done in Koreatown. You thought the women at Soot Bull Jeep were rough, wait til you go to a Korean salon. They love to plaster your do to your scalp. It's nuts. My hair did not move the entire night.

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

7. The DJ Matters

With Soundlessons being our first date, music and dancing has also been a big part of our relationship. So it was no surprise that we would have my brother DJ our wedding party because he simply has some of the best taste in music. From DMC to Marvin Gaye to Michael Jackson...the music was on point the entire evening. (Jeremy, thank you forever!)

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

8. Just Have Fun

When the guests started rolling in, there was nothing I could do but have fun. Dylan kept my glass full and we stuck together to greet each and every guest that came to celebrate with us. It was a night full of hugs and kisses and the warmest congratulations. It was everything we wanted in our celebration.

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

Thank you to everyone who joined us that night at Remy's. We truly loved your presence in celebrating our nuptials. To my readers, LOVE YOU GUYS. You've been with me since Dylan and I first met and have been so loving in every comment and email.

The After Party at Remy's on Temple

Dylan, we did it! I can't believe it's all over. No more lists, no more errands...just me and you. What are we going to do now? How about cleaning up your mountain of laundry in the corner of our room??? I'm looking forward to a lot more late night taco runs, your mountain of laundry, and some Samy's shopping sprees. I know we are going to have a great life together.

Photos by Tanya Ponce

Remy's on Temple
2126 W Temple St
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 484-2884
My Taco

6300 York Blvd Ste 4
Los Angeles, CA 90042
(323) 256-2698

Ramirez Liquor
736 South Soto Street
Los Angeles Ca 90023

Domaine 547
(323) 932-0280

7290 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 939-6455
Porto's Bakery
315 N Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA 91203
(818) 956-5996


WeezerMonkey said...

I'm a latecomer to all the fun, but I just wanted to say how phenomenal your love story has been!

mattatouille said...

ah jeni that sounds like such a fun party! you look adorable in that dress and chucks, and i love the B&W photos (well, where appropriate). Great've got me thinking... :)

Chubbalubbs said...

Congrats again! Everything came together beautifully. I'm still working on mine...

Daily Gluttony said...

Gah! I'm still so bummed we missed this...stupid flu!!! Just wait til Isaac finds out that you guys had My Taco there--we love the barbacoa! Anyways, aren't you glad you guys got hitched the way you did...totally the way to go, yes? ;)

I'm so happy that I've gotten to know both you & D thru your journey as a couple, even since day one at Musha! Big Sis sends you much love and many congrats!

Oh, BTW, those chucks are HAWT!

Jill said...

Ugh! I, too, am so sad to have missed the celebration. You guys look fantastically happy (and un-Bridezilla-y) and the food, people and scene all look amazing.

Happy I could at least be there in spirit (or wine--sorry for the cheesy half-pun). It was a pleasure to pair your tacos!

Anonymous said...

What a blast - thanks so much for sharing!

Totoro said...

Congratulations! Your and Dylan's story is so sweet. I love the jellyfish and octopus!!

tstar said...

Lovely story. Great party. Delicious taco's. You have fun friends and family. Sorry I missed the picture of the elegant taco stand, there was always too many people eating taco's to grab a good photo. Next I'll bring a ladder.

Anonymous said...


burumun said...

"girls who drink beer grow mustaches" Haha your dad is so funny.

Taco truck catering for this party was a great idea! I'm going to keep that in mind ...

BTW, really love the photo of you in your in your dress and Converse :P

Congratulations to the two of you again!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Love that photo of you in the dress and the shoes. The stilettos photo after that just looked painful. You two look so happy and adorable together. I love how you combined your first date of tacos and music with the wedding.

Alright lady, now I wanna read about your honeymoon trip!

Christine D. said...

What an amazing wedding party!! I love the pic of you in the dress and chucks too. Your low-cost party definitely looks more fun and relaxing than most weddings I've been to!

Kathy said...

I love reading your blogs!!

The crazy hair youtube video was a mad trip!! I posted it on my facebook and folks loved it!

Then my friends informed me of this is the reality:

Thanks again for sharing your life with us readers!

Eleana said...

Hi! I met you at the Celebrity Food Show back in August ... congrats on your wedding! You and Dylan look great together, and will no doubt have a fantastic life filled with fun times and good food!

esther said...

I've been reading your blog for about the past year or so. This post was so sweet and inspiring that it motivated me to comment for the first time. What a great love and party story! Congratulations!

KirkK said...

Hi Jeni - For some reason, I just couldn't conceive he possibility of you being a "bridezilla". Thanks for sharing all of this with us!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

J, I would go back to this point in time anyday. Thank you for not being a bridezilla and I hope I wasn't a groomzilla. = b

Anonymous said...

CongratulationSSSS! Love your stories always.

Anonymous said...

jeni! yours & dylan's wedding was perfect & inspirational! :) i was one of the savages who double fisted that yummy white wine! also great choices in beer & tacos! hmmm i may need your help some day *wink*


boody said...

Your wedding looked perfect. =)

Pepsi Monster said...

First thing first, those were excellent advice tips you gave. I'll definitely keep those in mind (if I decide to settle down...don't bet the house on it).

Second, I'm happy that you kids did this your way and have all the positive experiences in the world. Let me tell you, not every one have regrets-free thoughts afterward. Very happy that everything turns out to what you guys envisioned. Thanks again for the tips!

Grubtrotters said...

You are such an adorable bride. Congrats!

michelle woo said...

Most charming wedding ever! I'm a new reader and ... I think I know Dylan! Dylan, were you Nao's LTD big bro? (Sorry if I'm way off.) Anyway, your big day looked splendid! LOVE the tacos!

Cafe Pasadena said...

Yeah, and the new wife looks familiar too.
Anyways, how did u 2 meet, and what was your 1st impression of him?
Njoy your food postings - more! Now, gotta sniff out my next meal.

Eddie Lin said...

Jeni & Dylan,

Me, Diane, chloe & phoebe had a really fun night at your reception. Diane & I really wished though that we had gotten a sitter for the shorties. We wanted to stay the whole night. Missed out on the slide show, dancing, second round of booze, third round of tacos and, I'm certain, much magic that night.

I was there too when you two first met each other!


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful wedding reception. congrats!

Passionate Eater said...

I never knew where your good looks came from until I saw that picture of your parents. You definitely are a beautiful bride Jeni.

Bill said...

Belated congrats and that was beautiful. ;-)

Merlin said...

great stuff jeni, really awesome. keep having fun and have a most wonderful blessed life with your man.

SteamyKitchen said...

Do you know how much I miss you guys?!?!?!

xo, jaden

I'm comin' to LA for book tour in Oct.

ar said...

Beautiful wedding, for a beautiful couple.
I remember when I read about your engagement, now your wedding, time really flies.
Muchas felicidades!

stick said...

magnifique! if i had to do a wedding, it would be done just like this. omedeto!!

tara said...

Gorgeous bride, gorgeous groom, gorgeous folks! What a fantastic-looking celebration. Well done, and congratulations.

Kat said...

I came over from your husband's blog. Love that you two met through blogging.

We did the Vegas thing as well. Tried to do a post-wedding party here in LA, but couldn't seem to get beyond the dreaded dollar signs anytime the word "wedding" was even mentioned. Loved what you guys did.

Belated congratulations!

alice said...

congrats! love your chucks. very cute wedding.

Amberdawn said...

Congrats :) And way to NOT become a bridezilla. I'll need to refer back to these tips as my date draws nearer!


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