Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Appreciating the Taco Warriors with the Kogi Family

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

It was late September when I first received emails from Kogi BBQ's sweet PR point person Alice Shin. The sweet PR invited Dylan and I come out to try their new Kogi BBQ kalbi tacos but with our secretive wedding and honeymoon to plan, Dylan and I never had the chance to check out Kogi early in the game.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

Months past and the lines grew...and grew...and grew. Kogi became an instant success and an hour wait for bulgogi tacos was the norm. Dylan and I have been wanting to check out Kogi, but the lines just seem so unbearable. But one day, after Dylan wrote about his taco table run in Highland Park, we received an email back from Alice. Alice sent Dylan's write up to Chef Roy and this is what he had to say:

"I ain’t got sh*t on these taco stands. I only wish our food and street sense could hold a candle to these warriors of Highland Park, Echo Park, Koreatown, East Los, and Verdugo.

Buche forever vatos."

Chef Roy

Dylan and I were so completely in awe of Chef Roy's humble spirit and quickly set up a taco hunt with PR ALiiiiiiiiice.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

So late March, we gathered our taco eating crew, they gathered their's and we all met at the Kogi BBQ truck in Eagle Rock. Dylan knocked the side of the truck and out popped Chef Roy Choi.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

Chef Roy is so bada$$. We got to try some Kogi tacos which this whole, entire, freegin world has already talked about. Yes, it's true. Kogi's tacos are great. Fresh kalbi dressed up with shredded cabbage and a Korean relish of scallions, soy, sesame seeds and citrus all encased in tortillas makes for a perfect chomp of mmmm. I wanted to ask for more...but I was too shy and now I totally regret it. Whaaaaaah!

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

First stop, York and Nolden.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

Chef Roy is a quiet eater. I think he is constantly thinking. Must be a thinker eater.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

Aziz Ansari, star of my most favorite boombox video also showed up with the Kogi gang. Wish he showed up with his Miami Sound Machine tracks. Aziz will be starring in Parks & Recreation with hot, hot, hot Rashida Jones on Thursdays at 8:30pm on NBC.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

Roy and Dylan talked a lot. I don't know how long you can talk about buche.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

Next up were tacos at La Estrella. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of La Estrella's goods. It's probably because I was too busy chatting away with PR ALiiiiiiice. She's so adorable. Notorious for her L's and her multiple lettttttttttttters. So cute. I'm totally adopting her as my new lil sis.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

Next up, break time at Verdugo Bar. Tons of beers on tap.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

Still talking about buche.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

New friends.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

Aziz's cousin Nafeesa has some of the hottest shoes.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

Round 3 was at Taco Zone. Chef was eager to try out Taco Zone.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

Everyone was super hungry especially after all the beer.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

I think my husband went overboard with this one.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

Taco Zone makes some great mulitas, though not as mean as the ones at La Taquiza on Figueroa.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

Last stop, Tacos Ariza's. They were actually closing up since it was almost 2am. But they saw our gang coming and turned on the grill. I was done at this point. But the boys kept on truckin'.

Taco Run with the Kogi Gang

Sharing the love for tacos. It was a great night with the Kogi family.

Read Dylan's post on the glorious night.

Kogi BBQ
Los Angeles, CA
(714) 697-4683 www.twitter.com/kogibbq

York | Nolden
York and Nolden
Highland Park Ca 90042

La Estrella
York and Ave 54
Highland Park, CA 90042

Taco Zone
Alvarado and Montana
Vons parking lot
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Tacos Arizas
Corner of Sunset and Logan
(323) 555-1212

Follow Aziz too. www.azizisbored.tumblr.com


pleasurepalate said...

What a great post! It's awesome that you've finally been able to check out Kogi tacos. I recently did a tasting event with them and they did this oxtail and kimchee taco that was out of this world as well as a Hawaiian slider with Spam that that were just sublime. :)

Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiice said...

Bahahaha - thanks so super much for coming out with us! The tacos were awesome as was the company.

(( HUG ))

Since I've been officiaLLy adopted, you are now obLiged to take me out for some ice cream when I'm back in town. Like a proper big seester. ^__^ heeeee!

Arnold said...

Great post and pictures! It's nights like this that make me miss living in SoCal. I'm definitely hunting down Kogi next time I'm in town.

mattatouille said...

nice run there, fantastic photos, as usual. i love your color profile and the smooth bokehs. Anyways, chef roy's a cool guy, I should go on a taco run w/ him too some time, but in the Eagle Rock/Highland Park joints.

Aaron said...

These pictures are amazing. I hope you're compiling a book

Tokyoastrogirl said...

You guys are Taco Titans. This is great. How on earth do you stay so thin J??? No fair!

WeezerMonkey said...

Please watch Parks and Recreation on April 9!

If you are an Aziz fan, you will like it. :)

denise said...

You make me miss SoCal AND tacos even more!

Kung Food Panda said...

Great post and wonderful pictures. Doing a taco run with Chef Roy looks to be a blast!

Daily Gluttony said...

ok i don't care, i am officially inviting myself on one of you guys' next taco runs. cha-chob can stay home with the husband...mama's going out for some buche.

One Food Guy said...

You guys must organize another taco run the next time I'm om SoCal so we can meet, and eat!

Oishii Eats said...

Hey PP...yea...how was that event at Surfas? I'm an oxtail lover.

Yes ALiiiiiiiice...we will take you out for ice cream. Let's visit the churro truck too!

Hey Arnold. Yes, check out Kogi. Don't forget to check out the tables in Highland Park. Crispy buche is the way to go.

Thanks Matt. It was a really fun taco run.

Aaron!!! MY MOZZARELLA BUDDY!!! Dylan and I still talk about how sweet it was of you to share with Javier so we could have a bite. Awww. Anyways, I'm so bad at organizing files. That's Dylan's job.

Tokyastrogirl...are you kidding me? Do you know much weight I've gained since I met Dylan?

Weezer Monkey...ahah...great plug. I hope they do well. Dylan and I will be watching! PARKS AND RECREATION EVERYONE...APRIL 9th ON NBC!!!

Denise...do you want me to find you some recipes???

Kung Fu Panda...yea it was really good. He's such a humble chef. To see a CIA chef appreciate the LA taco community is a great sight to see.

Baby Cha-chob! Ok..the next time we're out we'll call you. I'll have baby Taylor next week...so maybe we can have another play date.

OFG...just tell us when you're in LA and we'll have a mighty food fun.

Anonymous said...



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