Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Anti-Non-Bachelorette at Palate Food + Wine

No strippers.
No penis necklaces.
No veils.
No games.

Those were my "rules" given to my BFF's Fuyumi and Monique before they started planning my bachelorette party. As you know, I'm not a typical bride, and I was for sure not a typical bachelorette.

The planned bachelorette party was in December, a week after our secret nuptials. So I don't know what to really call this party. I guess it was the ANTI-NON-BACHELORETTE Party. It doesn't really matter, because it was truly fabulous.

Palate Food + Wine

Palate Food + Wine

Palate Food + Wine

Palate Food + Wine

Bachelorette Dinner at Palate Food + Wine

Bachelorette Dinner at Palate Food + Wine
Fuyumi | Monique ... I love you girls. Thank you for the best ever ANTI-NON-BACHELORETTE party. And you guys chose Palate Food + Wine. My most favorite place on LA earth.

Palate Food + Wine
Chef Octavio Becerra came to celebrate with us before the party started. He's seriously the most genuine chef I've ever met. Chef Octavio really knows how to make his guests feel like family. Congratulations on the James Beard nomination!!! You guys totally deserve all the attention.

Palate Food + Wine
Palate's Porfolio. With platters like this I still don't know why people resist eating pork. "Pigs are dirty." You know what, "You're dirty! Eat the porkfolio!" I kid I kid.

Palate Food + Wine

Palate Food + Wine

Palate Food + Wine

Palate Food + Wine
I was only able to get a couple pictures of the entrees. Here's my pork belly + grits, all out of focus. I'm sorry. Girlfriend Johnna brought in a 2006 Clos St. Jean Chateauneuf de Pape Vieilles Vignes and a 2003 Rossignol Trapet Latricieres-Chambertin which got us all buzzing before dinner was served. If you've never been to Palate Food + Wine, the Pork Belly is always the way to go. Chef Octavio always has some sort of pork belly variation on his menu.

Palate Food + Wine
Palate's Valrhona pudding with crème fraiche is also another reoccuring item on the menu. MMM. I love anything Valrhona.

Palate Food + Wine
Francois is another one of our favorites at Palate. Whenever we go to Palate, Francois' greetings are always so kind and gentle. Any woman would dance away feeling more feminine after being greeted by Francois. He makes us feel pretty.

Bachelorette Dinner at Palate Food + Wine
They had to sneak in some naughtiness.

Bachelorette Dinner at Palate Food + Wine
Mel, my photographer for the night..thank you for your eye and your mad abilities to use my camera. Johnna, the wines...amazing. You need your own cellar.

Palate Food + Wine
We had a lot of wine.

Bachelorette Dinner at Palate Food + Wine need for phallic paraphernalia for a bachelorette party. I had the most wonderful time with my closest girlfriends and I loved, loved, loved that we celebrated at Palate Food + Wine.

Palate Food + Wine
933 S Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA 91204
(818) 662-9463

*I know this seems like the never ending food celebration to our nuptials. OMG. This is what happens when two people who love food fall in love with each other. We still have our wedding reception and Brasil | Argentina!!! More food to come!


protocolsnow said...

I love how your photos look. What program do you use to edit them?

eatdrinknbmerry said...

J, you've proven that a night of wine and good food can rule out penis necklaces. nice shots!

Food, she thought. said...

Your food looks beautiful, but nowhere near as beautiful as you, your friends and your clear happiness. You make me want to try Palate again, after a disastrous first go round.

TonyC said...

sooo pretty...

love Octavio. he spoke to us about his fondness for Chinese style stewed pig ears when we were there. just a tremendous guy.

boody said...

Jeni, you didn't mention the after-after party at HOLLYWOOD MEN!!!! j/k!! haha. I'm so glad that you and your hubs are blogging regularly. Your party looks fun and your photos look bomb!!!

Jill said...

Jeni, since you have so much influence at Palate can you just get them to remove those giant urns and glass grapes? I would be most grateful!

One Food Guy said...! Who needs porn porn when you have food porn! As for pork, dirty my ass, it's all psychological! I grew up in a Kosher home and I still have a hard time with "pork chops" but al pastor, bacon, prosciutto, sausage, yum yum yum! I just have a hard time with the name pork chop...WTF! said...

Really nice pictures!

Pepsi Monster said...

Hmmm, the only question that we all need to know is ..... have you put the "coupon" to good use? Hahahaha!

Jeni said...

protocolsnow...I use Adobe Bridge and Photoshop to post-process my shots.

ednbm...I'm still bummed I didn't get my mime-stripper.

Food, She Thought, I'm sorry to hear that. We always pop in randomly and sit at the bar in the back. We went last week and Octavio was showcasing pig trotters. Yum yum yum. Love the trots.

Tony C...were you the ones who brought over pig ears to nibble on. My best friend was there watching Octavio eating pig ears.

OMG Boody. When are you coming back? I'll make reservations. Not to Palate, to Hollywood Men.

Jill...honestly, I've never been on that side of the restaurant. Those grapes scare me.

One Food Guy...I love love love pork. Have you had Taiwanese pork chops yet? MMMM. My most favorite chops of all. We gotto get you to try the next time you're in LA.


Pepsimonster...NOT YET.

One Food Guy said...

I have never tried Taiwanese pork chops but I have had Taiwanese Crickets! Not even close??

Next time I'm there, or if you are out here, we shall hunt down some Taiwanese pork chops - probably a difficult task in Boston...

Ulla said...

Congrats! And thank you for sharing the gorgeous evening. :)

Oishii Eats said...

One Food Guy...omg...Taiwanese pork chops are laced with crack. Let us know when you're in LA...we're going to fatten you up!

Ulla...thanks for visiting. I looove your name!

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