Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All's Fair in Love and Tacos

He told me we were going to a "show" for my birthday. Little did I know that this "show" was a show that I would never forget.

I came home after a long day of striking, report cards and teaching and found Dylan running between our apartments doing "something." I had no idea what he was doing but I was really too tired to ask. All I wanted to do was sleep. And that I did.

After napping for a couple of hours Dylan woke me up and told me he had a big birthday surprise waiting for me in my closet. But when I went searching for his surprise, all I saw was a backpack. Then looking at his watch he said, "Surprise! You have 2 hours to pack your things. We are leaving in 2 hours."

And like a crazy mad woman I had no idea what he was talking about but all I remember was running around my apartment pulling out clothes figuring out what the heck I was going to where.

"Is it going to be cold? Is it going to be hot? Do I need a dress?"

He just shrugged and said, "You're just wasting more time asking questions. All I can tell you is that we're going away for the weekend."

Two hours later, after packing and finally calming down, we walked down to my car and just then my brother jumped out from behind. "AAAACK!" My brother Jeremy was in on the surprise and was there to take us to LAX!!!

We finally arrive to Terminal 6 at LAX and I still had no idea where we were going. Then he pointed to his Carne Asada t-shirt and handed me my passport.

"Are we going to Mexico City???"

Dylan just smiled.

"What??? You lied to me! You said we were going to a show!"


We arrived to D.F. (Mexico City) on Saturday at 5:30 a.m. Completely exhausted and half asleep, I still couldn't believe that I was in Mexico City.

mercardo art
After a couple hours of rest at Casa Comtesse in Condesa, we were back on the streets ready to enjoy our weekend.

Surprise #2, lunch at Contramar. The last time we were in D.F., Contramar was closed during the New Year’s holiday, so Dylan made sure that we weren’t going to miss out on one of the best seafood restaurants in town. It is definitely the place to lunch in Mexico City. Fabulous seafood from this restaurant brings an ecletic mix of fashionistas, businessmen, families and artists to this unpretenious, old-school'esque establishment.


pescado al pastor tacos
Pescado al Pastor tacos

ceviche de pescado
Ceviche de Contramar

caldo de camaron
Caldo de camaron

tostadas de atun
Tostadas de atún are a must when dining at Contramar. Ahi tuna marinated in light soy and orange juice, deep fried young onions, spicy aioli centered on the most perfect tostada. Dylan and I are still craving these babies.

neveria roxy
After lunch, we headed back to Condesa to our favorite neveria, Neveria Roxy.

taco truck
While scarfing down nieves (sorbet) and ice cream, we spotted this taco truck across the street.

taco truck hand
Tacos de milanesa

Some of the best carnitas I've ever had.

Dylan surprised me later on at night with a dinner at Pujol. OMG. I was so amazed at Pujol’s haute Mexican cuisine. We both ended up having their 8 course tasting menu which lasted 3 whole hours!

pujol collage
Ravioles de aguacate, camarón rasurado, mayonesa picante
Ensalada de nopal curado en sal, guarnición tradicional, nieve de orégano
Chapulines al sartén, aire de tortilla-mantequilla negra, epazote, guacamole, rananito
Capuchino de flor de calabaza, leche de coco y nuez moscado
Trucha, mezcia de hongos, elotes, humo de chile pasilla, jugo de cebolla asada
Lengua de res, salsa de aceituna verde, aros de cebolla capeada, jitomate cherry
Plato de queso artesanales de Ensenada, Atotonilco y Atlixco
Pie cremoso de limón verde, merengue, helado de yogurt

jeni at pujol

It was such an overwhelming day of surprises (lies). I still couldn’t believe that I was in D.F. celebrating my birthday. He totally tricked me!

By the time we got home, all I wanted to do was sleep. But before walking in the door, Dylan stopped me and said, “I have one more surprise.”

WHAT??? No more surprises Dylan!”

Dylan took his sweater off and did the best he could to cover my eyes (without suffocating me). Then he slowly walked me into the room and uncovered the blindfold…

And the first thing I thought was, “Oh my God our room is on fire!”

There were candles and red and white petals everywhere. Just then, within milliseconds, I completely fell into tears. And as I was trying to wipe my face, Dylan was already on one knee…

And he asked me to marry him!

jeni & dylan




phone card
After recovering from crying and laughing and drinking champagne, we ran downstairs to 7-11 to get a calling card to call our parents and siblings.

df amigos
Although we wished we were surrounded with our family and friends, the D.F. locals at the 7-11 heard the good news and ended up celebrating with us. For that moment they felt just like family because this was one of the most exciting days of our lives.

celebrating our engagement
At the end of the night Dylan apologized for all the "lies" to get me to Mexico City for our engagement. For now, I'll forgive him.

All's fair in love and tacos right???

On behalf of my fiancé and I, we'd like to say thank you for joining us on our journey for food and love and everything in between.

*If tears aren't falling now, read his story here. Major tear jerker.

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Casa Comtesse
103 Tamaulipas #8
Condesa DF
*update: Casa Comtesse has moved to 197 Benjamin Franklin

200 Durango
Roma DF

Neveria Roxy
161 Tamaulipas
Condesa DF

Red Taco Truck
SE corner of Av Tamaulipas and Campeche
Across the street from Neveria Roxy

Francisco Petrarca 254
Polanco DF

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

One, Two, Three, Awwww - Congratulations Richard

OMG! After a day of cooking with kids, Richard really did go home to make babies.

Congratulations Richard Blaise and wife Jazmin on the arrival of their tiny baby girl, Riley Maddox Blaise. Born on May 29th at 7.9 lbs. She's so adorable!!!

More baby Blaise photos can be found here.

Congratulations Richard! Good luck tonight!


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