Monday, December 08, 2008

Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Perry Street

Perry Street
One thing a visitor MUST DO in NYC:

DO LUNCH! New York has the best deals on prix fixe lunches!

After Magnolia Bakery, Kayoko and I headed over to Perry Street, Jean-Georges Vongerichten's "neighborhood" restaurant in the West Village. This "homey" restaurant is literally beneath JGV's home...yes, he lives upstairs!!! Anyways, at Perry Street you can get a 3 course meal $24!

Perry Street
If there's anything that will make me giddy, it's an amuse bouche. Perry Street started flirting with us with this sweet potato chowder with parmesan. This concoction of cream and butter had beautiful hints of parmesan and sweet potato was well worth the love handles that formed quickly afterwards.

One thing I really like about Jean-Georges lunch menu is that you get to choose two plates out of a list of 15 plates.
Perry Street
My first choice was the Artic char sashimi with lemon, olive oil and crispy skin. The combination of the artic char bite, citrus flavor and the fried crispies was the perfect way to start off our pathway to undeniably cheap gluttony.

Perry Street
My second choice was a Peekytoe crab salad with hot mustard and granny smith apples. Ohmygosh, this plate was so super fresh. I loved the fresh and sweet flavor from this little crab that was once "a throwaway byproduct of lobster fishing." The choice of seasonal diced granny smiths and creamy hot mustard also added another element to an already great tasting dish.

Perry Street
Next up, Kayoko chose the Crispy calamari with yuzu dipping sauce and sesame. By now we were starting to get really full and our rate of mastication has completely slowed down.

Perry Street
And finally, Kayoko's choice of the Grilled beef hangar steak with herbal spinach and liquid gruyere arrived to our table. We just stared at that mound of perfectly cooked hangar steak for a while before taking a deep breath and finishing off the last of Jean-Georges' savory plates.

After clearing off the table, Kayoko and I slouched down Perry Street's swanky seats and caught up on her plans moving back to NorCal and also chatted about my wedding plans...err...lack of wedding plans.

I really didn't think I could eat anymore until they brought out our desserts.
Perry Street
Ricotta cheesecake with simmered prunes and blackberry sorbet

Perry Street
Molten chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream

We had some difficulty finishing up the last of our prix fixe lunch, but we agreed that the homemade sorbet and pistachio ice-cream was the perfect way to cleanse our palate for the day. After two hours of gluttony and catching up, Kayoko was on her way back to work and I had the rest of the day all to myself.

Perry Street
176 Perry St
(between Washington St & West St)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 352-1900 Two plates + dessert 24
Each additional plate 12

Additional Prix Fixe Lunch Options in NYC:
Two plates 28
Each additional plate 14

JG Nougatine
3 Course 24.07

Le Bernardin
Eric Ripert...ooh la la.
3 Course 64

Gotham Bar and Grill
3 Course 31

Fleur de Sel
3 Course 29
3 Course with wine pairing 50

3 Course 39

3 Course 24.08
3 Course with wine pairing 39.08


Chung Nguyen said...

Good idea about lunching. It's a big bargain when you consider the dinner prices. And lines. Ouch.

Great photos, BTW!

Spencer G said...

I love the food you post but I also really love it when you get experimental with the photography!

boody said...

JENI, this is making me HUNGRY!!! haha. Love the photos! I had a prix fixe meal at JoJo. That was good, too. I love lunch specials!!!!

immaeatchu said...

$24 is a crazy deal! my eating itinerary has been lacking in good deals lately except for all the mexican and thai food i eat. but a 3-course meal is what i need! good job jeni.

Tangbro1 said...

Hey Jeni,

Great photos! The list of prix-fixe lunches is a godsend as it simplifies the research I have to do for my upcoming trip to NY.

Jeni said...

Chung...yes...such a bargain for dining in these restaurants. I realllly want to go to Le Bernardin, but I've heard mixed reviews.

Thanks Spencer!

boody..we are doing lunch the next time I'm there ok!

immaeatchu...wouldn't life be perfect if we could have 3 course meals everyday.

tangbro1...omg...lunch lunch lunch. I'm so envious!

tstar said...

Jeni - I love this idea, I will do this next time I'm in NYC. As usual beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

I like the dessert too


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