Monday, December 08, 2008

Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca

Dylan and I were starving but we were willing to wait an hour to eat at Mario Batali's flagship restaurant Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca. It was around 10pm when we walked in without any reservations and the bar was completely full. It felt like forever waiting for our table as we stood around hawking over people's dinners. Luckily Mario was walking around and guzzling drinks at his bar. Dylan kept telling me to ask to take a picture with him...but I was way too shy.

Anyways, on to the food. Chickpea tapenade amuse bouche. OMG. These chickpea tapenade bruschetta didn't last long because we were so starving.


Dylan looooooooves his innards so it was natural that he wanted to order anything offally...haha. I'm not sure offally is even a word. Anyways, if it's from the gut Dylan wants it. Warm Tripe "alla Parmagiana" is nothing like the tripe in we find in pho. I'll eat tripe but I'm not a big fan. I think it's that stomachy aftertaste that gets me. Mario's tripe on the other hand is cooked perfectly and the sweetness of the San Marzano tomatoes does an excellent job covering the hints of stomach and guts.

I really loved Mario's Warm Lamb's Tongue Vinaigrette with Chanterelles and a 3-Minute Egg. The lamb's tongue was cooked perfectly and were completely juicy. I loved loved loved the bite from the vinaigrette. I think this is the #2 best tongue dish in my book. My #1 tongue dish still goes to Noriega Hotel's pickled tongue in Basquerfield.

The Goose Liver Ravioli with Balsamic Vinegar and Brown Butter was probably our least favorite dish. I loved the liver raviolis but the heavy balsamic and brown butter sauce was just too overpowering.

Mario's Black Spaghetti with Rock Shrimp, Spicy Salami Calabrese and Green Chiles was our favorite for the night. The spaghetti, the rock shrimp and the calabrese together was completely perfect.

Grilled Pork Chop with Cherry Peppers, Cipolline and Aceto Manodori was so incredibly huge. That baby must have been brining for days because it was so tender and juicy.

Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca
After downing glasses of wine and those five amazing plates, I finally had the guts to ask for a picture only to find that Mario was err....very friendly.

We loved Babbo nonetheless.

Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca
110 Waverly Place
(between Ave of the Americas and Mac Dougal Pl)
New York , NY 10011
(212) 777-0303


Passionate Eater said...

Wow, that picture of Mario Batali is great! You look amazing as always, but Mr. Batali looks, how should I say this, "creepy and like a child toucher."

daddy in a strange land said...

So when are you coming back for some more of that pickled tongue in Bako? This time, you can't lose the photographic evidence! :)

Diana said...

Awww... looking at those beautiful pictures brought back memories of the amazing meal I had there a couple years ago. I'm glad you had the guts to get a picture with Mario -- you look great! :)

Jeni said...

OMG Passionate crack me up. You say the things people don't have the guts to. How's married life???

Daddy in a strand land...hopefully soon! Those pickled tongues were the best.

Aww thanks Diana. We loved our meal at Babbo. So much heartier than Osteria Mozza here in LA.

boody said...

LOL. Oh man, he looks EFFed up! hahha. But your food looks amazing! =)

Passionate Eater said...

Married life is great for me! I love eating and cooking with the beau. You? :)

mattatouille said...

wow, batali looks positively doused, but good to know he's in the restaurant.

Jeni said...

boody...we were truly entertained watching Mario at the bar. It's amazing what alcohol can do to a person.

I've been catching up with your blog PE. Awww...sounds like you truly miss NOLA.

Mattatouille...haha...crazy things can still happen in his restaurant.

Chubbypanda said...

Ahahaha! He's the way I always pictured he'd be in his restaurant; cheerful and plastered.

tstar said...

Love the "Wine Courage" and photo opp of you and Mario. I ate there while I was in NYC for a photoshoot. Had to wait 45 minutes for a seat at the bar, it was perfect dining though and a NY moment and SJParker and MBroderick were eating there at the same time.

One Food Guy said...

OMG, I love Babbo! I ate there twice while I was working/living in NYC back in '06. The Warm Lamb's Tongue Vinaigrette is also one of my favorite dishes on his menu. I also love the fennel dusted sweetbreads, mmmm, so good!

Hopefully I'll get back there soon to give the black spaghetti a try, it looks great!


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