Sunday, July 13, 2008

Love at First Bite - Hey, Cupcake!

white chocolate buttercream

I’m not a big fan of cupcakes. Never been. I'd take ice cream and a slice of cake over a cupcake anyday. Well, that was until we ordered cupcakes from Hey, Cupcake! OMG…Hey Cupcakes! white chocolate buttercream and peanut butter buttercream cupcakes over chocolate cake are amazingly good. My friends and I devoured these babies while eating at Malo and everyone loved them…even our waitress.

peanut butter buttercream

Judy, the cupcake goddess over at Hey, Cupcake! is so sweet and super stylish. Make sure to check out her steez and cupcake blog over at Shake That Boody.

Hey Cupcakes!
Phone: (909) 261-1979


mindy said...

Wow, sooo I wonder if these two are related--we have a cupcake biz in Austin, also called Hey, Cupcake. I have to say, I haven't been terribly impressed with the very popular Austin hey-cupcakes, but Judy's looks so pretty.

Congrats on your engagement; just found your boy's blog and you guys sound like a great couple.

Food, she thought. said...

They didn't specify on their website, but these are by order only? Do they deliver? If you were eating these at Malo, then you were eating them right by my house.

Jeni said...

Hey Mindy!!! That Austin cupcake shop looks cool..but they are not related. Thanks so much for reading, we still get giddy when we receive congrats on our engagement.

Food, she thought...yes, they are by order only. She's out in the 909 but she delivers with a small delivery fee (to pay for freakin' expensive gas..haha). Are you in Silver Lake too?


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