Wednesday, June 04, 2008

One, Two, Three, Awwww - Congratulations Richard

OMG! After a day of cooking with kids, Richard really did go home to make babies.

Congratulations Richard Blaise and wife Jazmin on the arrival of their tiny baby girl, Riley Maddox Blaise. Born on May 29th at 7.9 lbs. She's so adorable!!!

More baby Blaise photos can be found here.

Congratulations Richard! Good luck tonight!


Anonymous said...

I am obsessed with top chef...although I cried a little when Spike left. Why is Lisa still on?? :)

Hi Jeni, how are you?


dailydesignspot said...

wonderful photo.. congrats

deviantboy said...

Is Richard working as a chef or consulting as a chef with any restaurant in the Atlanta area....would love to experience his food....


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