Sunday, May 25, 2008

What Camera Bag Do You Use?

My Jenny Yuen Hitchcock "camera" Bag
Since the birth of our new baby, I've been searching high and low for bag that would not only carry our DSLR safe and sound, but a bag that doesn't shout out "CAMERA BAG." But I'm also looking for a bag elegant enough for a night out on the town.

But when it comes to camera bags, they are all very bulky if not MANly.

So, my solution was to find a handbag handbag, something big enough to carry my DSLR and my personal goodies like a small clutch, makeup, and my notebook. Also something chic enough to disguise as a tech bag.

And after two months of searching, I finally found it!

Jenny Yuen, a young designer hailing out of New York who has a worked with Takashi Murukami, Marc Jacobs, and Jill Stuart makes some super sophisticated and functional bags. Jenny Yuen's Hitchcock Satchel, is Audrey Hepburn meets tech-geeks. There's so much room in there! I also bought a OP/Tech DSLR Neoprene pouch which does a great job protecting my camera and is also super snug and lightweight.


whats in my bag
So everything is A-OK here at the Oishii Eats household. I'm holding on to my camera, my geekiness, and my feminine ways all in one geek chic handbag.

Hopefully handbag designers (cough cough....Jenny, Marc, and Rebecca) will notice that there is a growing number of lady photographers in dire need of camera bags that won't cramp their style.

For the time being, here are other "camera" bag options for you ladies:
Rebecca Minkoff's Steady
Tylie Malibu Patent Hobo Messenger
3.1 Phillip Lim Camera

Jenny Yuen, LLC


Eileen said...

The bag looks cute and has so much room!
It didn't even look that big from the outside.
What a great find!

boody said...

WAY CUTE! Is the bag heavy? I can't carry leather bags anymore because of my cameras. My friend's been looking into getting a new strap for her camera. They have tons of cute ones from Japan! I was going to post those pics later this week. Have you seen the chloe paddington camera bag? It's CUTE. haha.

Jeni said...

OMG Eileen, it took me forever to find a bag that would work. It's so roomy inside. I can even throw in a light sweater and magazine without any problems. Thank God for big bags.

Boody...the bag itself is not heavy...but with the camera it can get heavy...that's when I use the shoulder strap. Ooh...and I want to see the cute straps from Japan. I've seen some cute metallic leather kawaii! And that Chloe Paddington camera bag is nuts! It cost and weighs more than my camera!

KirkK said...

Hey Jeni - What's a girl without her accessories, eh? You can be sure that I won't show this post to the Missus..... ;o)

Daily Gluttony said...

oooh girl, that bag is SUPER fly!!! i want one!!! the hubs & i just treated ourselves a DSLR (taking all our baby pics with a little digital elph just ain't gonna cut it, ya know) but i think i'm gonna have to wait on splurging on a new bag, cute and functional as it is!! i AM gonna have to buy that neoprene pouch you have though...'cause then i can still fit the camera into some of my current totes! :)

Jeni said...

Funny Kirkk! I've been such a good girl...I have not shopped in sooo long. Plus I'm turning the big 3-0 I think it's fitting!

DG...OOOH...what did you guys end up getting??? Now we can totally have a baby play date. Definitely get the neoprene's so light and snug. Congratulations mom & dad.

Anonymous said...

This could be the best bag related post I've ever read. I've been searching for a camera bag for so long now... brilliant!

Closet Cupcake said...

I don't know why I didn't think of buying a neoprene pouch sooner! I've been lugging around an annoyingly large camera bag in addition to my purse. Thanks for this entry. Btw, that purse is too beautiful! I'm jealous.

Daily Gluttony said...

we ended up splurging on the nikon d300. more than we wanted to shell out originally but we figured we could use it to submit stock and possibly make some extra $. that, and it's a partial tax write off. so technically it's an investment, right? :)

Jeni said...

Anonymous...I totally know how you feel. I was really frustrated with the classic options of carrying a traditional camera bag and my handbag. Glad this posts helps!

Closet cupcake...I looove love love the neoprene pouch. It's so light and snug.

DG....OMG! I really fell in love with the D300. Congratulations girl!

SteamyKitchen said...

I want one of these:

Jessica Claire is one of the most talented photographers - she created the shootsac bag for shooting on the go...I think both u and D would look awesome with one of these

1pinecone said...

Ah, the perfect bag! I'm just about to get my DSLR and I do want to carry it in style too, ya know. ;) Thanks for the great link!

yinyang said...

thanks for this post! i was wondering which bag to get! i lucked out and Rebecca Minkoff had a sample sale this past saturday. i got the morning after mini which fits my future DSLR!

Pirikara said...

Oooh very very cute. I have one of those bulky camera bags but I always end up slinging it around my shoulder. =P

la dra said...

No wonder DISL has been bugging me to get over here! That bag is awesome! I just dumped the camera in the backpack we once used as the diaper bag because we're so utilitarian like that. But this, this is so pretty! I may have to step it up a notch. ;)

Also, I see why DISL wanted to stop at MILK while we were in LA after the trip. You're pics are scrumptious and make even us lactose challenged losers want a piece of the action. I promise to give in to him next time we're in town.

Thanks for sharing!

dailydesignspot said...

well first off i have been dreaming of a dslr for too long now.. lucky you! second.. love you site!.. andrea has a few beautiful big bags that manage to hold EVERYTHING.. ha
take care

Jeni said...

Hey SteamyKitchen...I've seen the shootsac before while looking for a camera bag. Neoprene is a good way to go.

1PineCone...the key is to find a bag with enough room and is sturdy enough to carry your goods without feeling all flimsy. I might get a Op/Tech strap because it does get heavy carrying a body, flash, and extra lens all in one bag. Well, like Tim Gunn says, "Make it work!"

yinyang...I'm so jealous. I love love love the Morning After bag. OOh. Fun! The Morning After Mini must be so adorable!

Pirikara...congratulations on the new baby. You must be such a proud mommy! We headed over to Samy's on Friday and picked up a 50mm 1.4 and the Speedlite 580IIex. OMG...our lives have changed.

la dra...girl...I love this bag. It's going to be my diaper bag once we start popping out babies. Oooh..and you guys should totally hit up MILK. Lucy would totally go crazy.

Hey Dailydesignspot...thanks for reading. I looove big bags. I ran into a girlfriend this weekend and she was carrying this tiny bag and I nearly freaked out. Anyways, thanks for visiting. Love your blog!

yaiAnn said...

Oooh, I might have to save up to get the yellow version! Thanks for the tip!

CameraBags said...

In my opinion, different camera bags are suitable for different occasions. There is actualyl no a correct answer. Otherwise, the black color looks a bit of dullness. :)


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