Thursday, May 22, 2008

Udderly Delicious - MILK Open House

banana dulce de leche
Los Angeles food bloggers and local writers came together at the MILK's Open House this week to celebrate MILK's Chef Bret Thompson new partnership with the got milk? campaign.

got milk?

bret & steve
Starting this week, Chef Bret Thompson will be revealing some of his signature dishes and treats on . Click here to read more.

bret thompson & jeni
I had the chance to chat with Chef Bret. Such a down to earth guy. It must be the MILK.

milkie way malt
The Milkie Way Malt - Vanilla ice cream, malted milk powder, chocolate chips, chocolate caramel swirl.
ice blended green tea.jpg
Ice Blended Green Tea

cornbread with raspberry jelly
Cornbread with Raspberry Jelly

berry tres leche
Berry Tres Leche

banana dulce de leche
Banana Dulce De Leche mini-cones

arroz con leche

arroz con leche sandwiches
Arroz con Leche Sanwiches

And after all those treats and all the shakes, I managed to pull myself away from the trays of goodies to catch up with my foodblogging buddies Eddie Lin of Deep End Dining and Kristy of Best of LA.

The real treat came when I chatted with Javier of Teenage Glutster about his upcoming appearance on Andrew Zimmern. Watch out LA, this kid has a exceptional palate. And out of no where popped out H.C. from LA & OC Foodventures. H.C. is so super sweet. And right before heading out Aubrey from What's to Eat LA arrived. It was good meeting you all!

Congratulations to Chef Bret and thank you for all the udderly delicious treats!

7290 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90036
(323) 939-6455


One Food Guy said...

I've got milk, and you've been tagged for a meme...

Five Facts Meme

kayoko said...

omg everyone, it's JENI!!!

teenage glutster said...

nice title!

I'm glad I finally got a chance to meet everyone else.

We should all eat sometime.

boody said...

duuuuuuuuude...i totally missed out!!!

Chubbypanda said...

They must have sent me four of those invite emails and I couldn't make it. *sniff* There's was just no way to get over from El Segundo after work. The pics look sooo goooood, though.

Pirikara said...

hey jeni, aww i missed you there! i was super late. i blame my friends. =P

Anonymous said...

PICTURE eddie lin's milk shoes.

H. C. said...

It was great meeting you too! Thanks for the compliment, maybe all that sugar we've been eating at the event took roots in my personality?

And now, at least that particular PR agency, have a record of how we all really look like! (I think their staff photographer joined in the group shot with your bro).

Fuyu said...

I like Milk a lot, but my favorite thing there is those salty/sour lima nuts. I'm addicted!

Matthew K. said...

wonderful photos! I wish I could have been there.

Eddie Lin said...

apple bottom with the milk...

Wandering Chopsticks said...

I totally forgot about this. Then when I remembered later that day, figured it would just be a free milkshake. Man! I missed out!

Jeni said...

One Food Guy...ooh! I will get to it tonight.

Kayoko...Jeni's coming out!

Teenage Glutster...we should all get together for some Hunan fish head!




Pirikara...I'm sure we're going to bump into each other soon enough now that Jeremy's back in town.

Hey anonyMOM...thanks. Hopefully you can meet Eddie...he's so sweet.

H.C. I wonder where all those photos went. I'd love to see us pigging out!

Fuyu...I haven't had their lima nuts...looks like we're gonna have to go together.

Matthew K...I wish more foodbloggers came out. It was such a fun event.

Haha Eddie...I love how you come in all tipsy!

Wandering much more than milkshakes. I'm hoping they'll have more promo events.

Bad Home Cook said...

God all that looks too come I never hear about these things?!
I'm linking you to my new post...the picture tells the story, don't it? at

Gastronomer said...

God, you lucky girl! I hope I get some sweet invites like this when I head to LA in the fall ;-)


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