Monday, May 05, 2008

Let Them Eat Tarts - Bar Tartine

bar tartine
After a tight and squishy dinner at Ramblas Tapas in the Mission District, my brother, his friends and I weren't ready to call it a night. Regardless if I had two dosages of dessert before dinner...I wanted more.

Too much talking and hanging out and "what do you want to do" with a group of friends is just a waste of time. By the time we decided we wanted ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery, we were too late. Closed. Sniff.

bar tartine
But then you walk by places like Bar Tartine and all of our "what do you want to do's" just make sense. Some of us wanted dessert, some wanted cheese & wine, and some of us wanted coffee...Bar Tartine totally saved the night.

Oooh and antler chandeliers. Even better.

My brother says goodbye to his best SF friends.

Aged Chedder Plate with bread, cranberry compote, nuts, apples and honey.

bittersweet chocolate tart
Bittersweet Chocolate Tart with earl grey ice cream and orange caramel.

meyer lemon buttermilk and sorbet
Meyer Lemon Buttermilk cake with ginger crème anglaise and Three Sorbets strawberry, blood orange and grapefruit-rosemary.

Good call. I'll hang out at Bar Tartine over "what do you want to do's" on the street any night.

Bar Tartine
561 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 487-1600


erinn said...

mmmmm....just desserts? love it!
I get up to SF at least once a year and next time I'm most defenitely going to try this place. Wine, cheese, dessert and antlers! Hello!?! Sounds fab. Great photos.

boody said...

This is one place that I wasn't able to make it to while I was up there!! Everything looks sooooo delicious!!! I love your pictures! They make everything come to life!

yixiaooo said...

Hi Jeni,

How I wish we had something like that in Singapore!

boody said...

Thanks for the 4-1-1! Will definitely try to come out if schedule permits. Whoo hoo!

Mr.galle said...

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Jeni said...

erinn...I heard Bar Tartine's food is so-so. But it's definitely a classy after dinner hangout. I love our little corner booth in the back!

Thanks Boody! We have to hang. I like your steeez! Hope you can make it to MILK.

yixiaoo...I'll trade you Bar Tartine for some chicken rice anytime.

Hi Mr. Galle/tabemonototabemono!


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