Sunday, May 18, 2008

Arizmendi Pizza

I swear my big brother used to be the biggest butthead growing up. My most vivid memories growing up usually involves us fighting for whatever there was to fight about. The remote control, the captain chair in our mini-van, and that stupid little plastic cup that pizza joints put on their pizza before packing it away. Oh the memories of winning that prized cup. I looooooooved taking shots of Sunkist Orange Soda in those plastic little cups.

I never appreciated the times he would roll me up into a blanket burrito and then body slam me until I yelled out, "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Jeremy's being mean again!" Of course my mom never believed me and my clever older brother got away with tormenting me for years. UGH.

Then Jeremy went off to UCLA...and I never saw him again...


I started to miss him.

And the two kids that were always fighting and screaming some how learned to appreciate each other. I think it's our time away, maybe we've just grown out of our selfish ways. In any case, the annoying kid that held me in headlocks and ate my food was no longer an enemy. In fact, I like him. Actually, I like him a lot. And even though he still picks on me, I like him enough to to help him move out of his Mother Cookie Lofts in Oakland.

Now that my brother is sweet and kind. He buys me things like Arizmendi Pizza. Yay for brother.

Arizmendi Bakery, inspired by the success of the famed Cheeseboard in Berkeley, opened up it's doors on Lakeshore Avenue over 10 years ago. Arizmendi Bakery is a worker-owned cooperative specializing in morning pastries, artisan breads and gourmet pizza.

The bakery, named after Father José María Arizmendiarrieta Madariaga, a Catholic priest and founder of the Mondragón cooperative movement in the Basque Country believe that worker ownership and participation in the workplace should be an integral part of a just and democratic society.

today's pizza
What kind of pizza should you order? Don't worry, there's only one type of pizza made each day. You can find the daily pizza menu here.

Although I'm glad my brother is back here in LA, I'm saddened that I won't get a chance to eat at Arizmendi again. Well, for now.

Arizmendi Bakery
3265 Lakeshore Ave
Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 268-8849


boody said...

HOLY COW, those pizzas look delicious!!! Your sibbling story is so funny! Being body-slammed has to be better than getting a bowl of kim chee thrown at you or getting hit in the teeth with a baseball bat because your brother decides to practice his swing in the house. haha. So did you go to the MILK event? I completely missed it!

mikan said...


Susan Carrier said...

This pizza looks amazing. I'm adding it to my Oakland pit stop list.

diva@theSugarBar said...

those pizzas do look good. i'm envious.

Rumela said...

This pizzas looks so beautiful with the colors,Your pizzas recipe presentation is an eye-pleaser. I'm sure it'll be a big hit with the foodies!Although I'm to a big fan of pizzas, this sure looks yummy!


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