Monday, April 28, 2008

Will Work for Desserts - Citizen Cake

If a DJ ever asks you to help them move...JUST SAY NO! There's nothing worse than carrying crate loads after crate loads of records.

So when my brother called me up asking him to help him move back to LA I frantically tried all that I could to get out of helping...

Brother: Jeni, do you think you can help me move?

Jeni: Uhh...I don't know. I might have umm a thing to go to.

Brother: Thing to go to??? Come on J.

Jeni: Uhh...I might have to grade papers that weekend.

Brother: I'll fly you up.

Jeni: Really???

Brother: Unlimited sweets.

Jeni: Book my flight. click.

rhubarb rose tart
Last weekend while Dylan was roasting in the sun at Coachella, I worked my butt off as I help load my brother's 17 foot U-Haul with DJ junk and tons of furniture that he managed to acquire while working over at Williams Sonoma.

While I wasn't sweating and smelling like p*ts, I had the chance to run around SF for my sweet payment.

First stop, Citizen Cake.

My brother and I couldn't hang out on the restaurant side since they were only allowing dinner patrons. Buttheads!

eaten rhubarb tart

Instead, we grabbed a couple of desserts on the bakery side.

lavender pannacotta
Luckily there were a lot of sweets to choose from, but we only had two bellies to fill. We ended up choosing a Rhubarb Rose Tart and Lavender Pannacotta. Both desserts were very light and executed strategically with a fine balance of texture and aroma. Very nice Citizen Cake.

jeni and her 40
Next stop, my most favorite bakery in the whole wide world...Tartine Bakery in the Mission District.

Citizen Cake
399 Grove Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 861-2228


daddy in a strange land said...

D'oh! We were up there this past weekend too, for la dra.'s medical conference. The Pumpkin and I ate our way across town as usual. Dinner at The Slanted Door (no reservation!) on Fri.--and we stumbled on a free cookbook launch party at Sur La Table with demos by 3 chefs including Traci des Jardin (and free samples and wine), Sat. morning at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market (including Ciao Bella gelato and an eclair from Miette), and cupcakes from Kara's Cupcakes... Too bad we missed you! :)

Jeni said...

Hey Daddy! Just finished looking at the latest Lucy pictures. OMG..she's getting so big and her hair is so long. You guys totally ate your way through SF. I wanted to go the the farmer's market...but I was forced to work. :( Anyways, hope we can see you guys soon!!!


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