Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Square Meals Make Round People - Square One

square one dining
Eat healthy. Save money. Leaner meats and less fat. Avoid the pork belly.

That has been our latest eating doxology in our lives now. We try. We really do. Dylan and I start off strong on Sunday when we get pumped up for a low-cost and healthy living week. We also do well on Mondays and Tuesdays when our healthy living doxology is still fresh in our mind.

And then comes Wednesday. There's something about Wednesdays. It's the evil day. The day when we fall apart and set the tone for the rest of the week. Wednesday's the day Dylan goes shopping for groceries. And instead of veggies and lean meats in the cart, he comes home with a tray of pork belly and frozen dumplings. By Thursday we're eating out. Fridays are cocktails, oysters and fries at the Hungry Cat.

Aaah. Then there's Saturday. I call it Sucker Saturdays. Suckered into a life of eating by the moment. Forget the check balance, forget the bulging belly, it's time to end up at places like Square One for breakfast.

Dylan ended up ordering Square One's classic benedict-poached eggs, smoked canadian bacon and baby spinach on a tuscan roll with hollandaise. Square One prepares a luscious eggs benedict, cooked to perfection with a hollandaise so good I'd drink it from a straw. Hollandaise lassi anyone???

brioche french toast
I hate Sandra Lee and her it's "TO DIE FOR." But I truly believe that Square One's brioche french toast with bananas and citrus caramel is ... gosh ... I'm going to say it, "TO DIE FOR."

I feel so dirty now. I say those three words and I see Ms. Sandra Lee making french toast out of some sort of revelating concoction of flavored croutons soaked into a carton of pre-made egg batter...bleh.

Back to my brioche french toast... very worth the guilt come Sunday morning even after that bulging belly and saggy butt line.

smoked canadian bacon
While we're being naughty, we threw in a side of uncured applewood smoked bacon.

It's back to salads and lean meats on Sunday.

Square One
4854 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 661-1109


One Food Guy said...

That's one breakfast I'd be happy to call dinner every night of the week!

We Are Never Full said...

this is hilarious b/c it's the EXACT same thing w/ my husband and i. we feel all guilty about imbibing and eating our faces off all w/e that by sunday we vow to never do it again (or at least not do it till friday). then the dreaded WEDNESDAY COMES! What is it about that day? is it b/c it's called 'hump day'?! that's when we bust open the wine again and maybe start eating more higher fat foods. for some reason... there's just something about wednesday.

amy @ we are never full

Tokyoastrogirl said...

Uh, YUM YUM. J and I pretty much follow the same routine- get all "gambatte" on our asses on Sunday, eat salmon and edamame on Mondays and Tuesdays, then I'm usually the one who sends the instant message "wanna go out?" by Wednesday, then our downward spiral into the depths of overeating and alcholism begins. And girl, I know there's nothing better than a big, beefy brunch on Saturdays to motivate us into the "let's start fresh tomorrow" comment and the whole cycle begins again.


Andreea said...

oh this so sounds like our life :)

Jeni said...

SO IT'S NOT JUST US!!! Thanks everyone...sounds like we have a solid support group.


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