Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Girls Can Drink Beer Too - Father's Office 2.0 Culver City

Father's Office Now Open

now open

Father's Chairs

Hitachino Classic Ale
You might have noticed that I'm not a big beer drinker. I blame that on my own father. When I was five I asked him if beer was yummy. And without any hesitance he turned to me and said, "Here, have some." Right then and there I drank my very first sip of beer and immediately spit it out.

Jeni: That's naaaasty daddy!

Daddy: Good! Stay away from beer. Girls grow mustaches when they drink beer.

Totally terrified thinking about the idea that I, a tiny little kindergartener would grow facial hair. I mean, there was no way I was going to school looking like Magnum P.I., and so, my army dad set me on the path that girls just don't drink beer.

For years I stuck to my juice boxes and then graduated to the fruit sodas. I loooooooove my Cactus Cooler. But as I grew up, maturity meant sophistication, and Cactus Coolers were never in the same sentence as sophistication. So that's when the wine came in.

But what happens when you date a cerevisaphile???

While we were dating early on, my cerevisaphile boyfriend told me that girls who drink beer are hot.

Jeni: No. Girls aren't suppose to drink beer.

Dylan: Why not?

Jeni: Because my daddy said that if girls drink beer they're going to grow mustaches!

Dylan: Jeni, I'm sorry. I think you're dad was lying.

Jeni: He lied to me? Silence.

Father's Office Bar
For you ladies who who's daddy told them that we're not suppose to drink beer, head to a place called the Father's Office. He'll tell you differently. He'll sit you down and offer you some of the best selection of beers in town. And he promises that we won't grow any mustaches.



smoked eel
And while you're drinking your liberated microbrewed beer that will never cause any growth of facial hair, go ahead and order Sang Yoon's smoked eel.

sweet potato frites
Don't forget those sweet potato fries with Cabrales blue cheese aioli.

office burger
And that manly Office Burger with carmelized onions, bacon, gruyere, and Maytag blue cheese.
spicy lamb skewers
And show your daddy you're a big girl by scarfing down some spicy lamb skewers. Girls eat gamey meats too.

Touché daddy.

Other bloggers drooling over Sang Yoon's sequel:
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Father's Office
3229 Helms Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 815-9820


One Food Guy said...

I love the shopping cart of fries, and the burger and lamb skewers look great. Is it lunch yet??

Jen said...


i have got to try the burger. if you like the burgers, definitely hit "The Counter" on Ocean Park in Santa Monica. I love my gruyere cheese on my burger!!

KirkK said...

Hey Jeni - You know that the next time I see you guys my eyes will be fixated on your upper know that, don't you???? BTW, those lamb skewers are making my stomach rumble.....

MsG said...

we just drove by there last night. Long line. their burger is the best!

Marvin said...

Great pics and nice writeup! Did you, by chance, sample any of the cocktails?

Anonymous said...

One Food Guy: It's because the fries are billed as:

"Fries A La Carte"

Genius. I <3 this place.

Jeni said...

One Food the frites "a la carte"...they're so stinking delicious. The burger and the lamb are also exceptional.

Jen...I'm so sorry. I don't have your number and it was a spur of the moment visit. Email me your number. When do you get off of work? We'll meet up with you next time. do know that I'm half Okinawan right??? haha.

monosodium glutamate...I love your name! We were actually super surprised to walk in without any lines or crowds around 5:30pm. I guess the key is to get there before everyone gets off of work.

Thanks Marvin. No, I didn't get to try any cocktails. After having cocktails from Hungry Cat, I'm always underwhelmed at other places. Have you tried the cocktails???

Christine D. said...

Lol, maybe a foam mustache! Your story is so funny and cute. I have a vivid memory of the first time I tried beer too, and I was five years old at a pho restaurant with my dad. Yeah, I almost choked...which is good because it'd be disturbing if I actually liked it. ;P

Great pics, btw!

Merlin said...

i need to go now!

Jonah said...

mmm, Hitachino's Nest. Awesome beer with the best mascot in brewdom. That's my go-to beer at Sushi Karen...

Jeni said...

Christine D...what is it with our dad's giving us beer when we were tiny little girls???'d love Father's Office.

Jonah...I love Hitachino's Nest for so many reasons. I love the high alcohol content. I love the taste. I'm a sucker for cute product design. I loooove the owl!

Doug Cress said...

I know its not a sophisticated (or particularly tasteful) brew, but I really enjoy a cold coors light on a hot day :)

also, per the facial hair - around the time I first drank beer, I started shaving, so there might be something to your father's advice :)

Jeni said...

Doug...haha...we should totally send this to MYTH BUSTERS!

James said...

really your story is very interesting and very funny. I like to drink beer occasionally.

Krups beertender b95 said...

Funny childhood story about growing a mustache when drinking a beer. Anyway, your photos look great :)

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