Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wine Tasting the Twisted Way - Twisted Oaks at Ciudad

ciudad dinner
With no blue cheese Doritos in sight, my wine tasting time at Ciudad was a delicious success. Swirl, sniff, sip, eat. Repeat.

ciudad at night
The people at Domaine 547, Ciudad and Twisted Oak Wines put together a very entertaining approach to wine tasting. What started to be a rather classy wine tasting under our downtown skyline soon turned twisted and social as the rubber chickens were tossed around. Yes, rubber chickens! The people at Twisted Oak wines are infatuated with rubber chickens. No joke.

twisted wine verdelho
We started our night off with Twisted Oaks' 2006 Verdelho, a very crisp and fresh wine with scents of apples, honeydew melons and pineapples.

(Before I write on, please forgive me for my overly yellow macro shots. Oh's so embarrassing. It's about time we replace our stolen Nikon. The tax refund from the gov'ment is coming in next week! Yaaay!)

lobster salpicon salad
Anyways, where was I? Oh, the Verdelho!

Ciudad paired the Verdelho with a Lobster Salpicon Salad served with with Peruvian purple potatoes, heirloom carrots, green beans, aji amarillo ginger aoili and grilled meyer lemon. Beautiful pairing I must say!

twisted wine grenache
Next up, a dark ruby/purple Grenache. Twisted Oak's Grenache 2005 has a nice nose full of strawberries and cherries. There's also a bit of spice along with a soft and silky finish.

grenache glazed duck breast
I was looking forward to the grenache's pairing, a Grenache Glazed Duck Breast with crispy duck confit over plantain lentil fritters. You know I loooove duck. This dish was tasty, but you HAVE to eat all components together, otherwise the grenache glaze will overpower everything.

one hot tamale
Chef Feniger prepared our third course, Fava Bean and Braised Lamb Paella as we were eating. There's nothing like the smell of lamb stock humidifyng our downtown air. MMM!

lamb paella
If I was a cute little lamb, this is how I'd go...braised to utter tenderness and resting in peace on a hot bed of paella.

barcelona triple chocolate mousse cake
Our last course, Barcelona Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake was paired with a Twisted Oak Pig Stai Pour't. It was a balanced pairing, but probably my least favorite. Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate cake and I love dessert wines, yes, even pour'ts. But look back at what we had - lobster salad, grenache glazed duck breast, lamb paella! The entire dinner was overall rich, so my tummy was hitting food overload by the fourth course.

national wine pimp
We had a great time meeting strangers over wine and latin cuisine over at Ciudad! I even got to chat with Boy Brainerd, National Wine Pimp from Twisted Oak. AND of course, no wine tasting gone wrong!!!

Thanks for reading.

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Domaine 547 wine shop & blog

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H. C. said...

Glad this tasting went down well and I would've been so starstruck watching Feniger cook!

And I agree that a lighter dessert and wine pair might've worked better after such an overload of rich stuff.

el jefe said...

hi Jeni - It was great to meet you and sit with you during the main course! Glad you had a good time and a successful wine tasting (sans Doritos ;) And your photographs are wonderful - I especially like the one of Susan!

(and h.c., it was all I could do to NOT be starstruck - what a great treat having her cook for us!)

Jill said...


You made an excellent addition to the evening. Hope you're able to make future wine tasting events with us and we'll make sure there are never doritos involved.



The Guilty Carnivore said...

I've always had a crush on Feniger due to many lustless nights watching "Two Hot Tamales" in the nineties. Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger can make a sandwich with me anytime.

kayoko said...

that duck has me drooling over my keyboard.

SteamyKitchen said...

Hey girl! How are you? Email me - I want to see if you want to teach a cooking class with me next month.


Chubbypanda said...

I still want to find the punk who stole your camera and slash his tires.


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