Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fraîche Awakening

fraîche awakening
Us public school teachers rarely get to experience a proper lunch. I'm given 40 minutes for my lunch break. Well, that's 40 minutes minus 4 minutes to walk my kids to the cafeteria, and another 10 minutes to use the restroom and pick up mail. Don't forget the 2 minutes to clean up my desk and finally 4 minutes to heat up my lunch GIVING ME 20 minutes to sit down, eat, and ohmygosh then the BELL RINGS!!!

Thank God for Spring Break. Though I spent my first half of the week catching up on rest and fighting migraines, the latter half was spent outside eating proper lunches like the rest of this world.

Fraîche restaurant
And thank God for places like Fraîche!

1999 Leroy
Ahh...nothing relaxes a stressed out educator like a bottle of wine. My buddy Mark brought a 1999 Leroy Bourgogne Rouge to the table. The '99 Leroy had a great balance of spice and fruit with gentle tannins at the finish. Chug! Jk.

I loved my refreshing Burrata Salad with red peppers and balsamic dressing, but I forgot to take pictures of it. Sorry!

pan bagnet
Mark enjoyed his Pan Bagnat, seared albacore tuna, black olives, anchovies and eggs on a perfect baquette.

royale with cheese
My friend Andre was brought back to his Pulp Fiction days eating Fraîche's Royale with Cheese, a prime beef burger with Gruyere on a cheesy creampuff-like bun.

fraîche fries
Loved loved loved Fraîche for lunch, but I definitely want come for dinner.

Uh oh...the bell rang. Gotto go.

9411 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, Ca 90232


Tokyoastrogirl said...

I, too, LOVE Fraiche. Their "petite" Fruits de la Mer platter is insane- three tiers of lobster claws, mussels, clams, oysters, ahi poki, calamari salad and shrimp is, at $50, a bargain. The things they do with pasta and rabbit should be illegal and the atomsphere is so relaxing. Man I wish I could go for lunch! Glad you got to enjoy your spring break.

joanh said...

YUM! looks really good.. will have to check this out when i head back to LA. is it new or has it been around?

kirby! said...

I'm a teacher as well, and you're so right about lunch! I learned very quickly that I should only bring lunches that can be eaten in six minutes or less.

fumipuriri said...

i'm glad i discovered your blog! and this restaurant is now on my must-try (so is Twisted Oaks).
i love your photography :)


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