Saturday, March 01, 2008

Umami Mart & Oishii Eats - Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada

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Last week foodblogger Kayoko from Umami Mart (NO, that's not her pictured above) , landed in Silver Lake and I was super excited to meet and eat with my most favorite food blog friend from NY.

After work one day, I picked up Kayoko as she was busy devouring down sorbet from Scoops. And even though we never even met before, she knew who I was and casually hopped into my car ala Dukes of Hazzard style and we sped off burning rubber on Heliotrope Ave.

fish taco
I ended up taking her to Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada. Dylan and I have been addicted to these tacos since the joint opened up last year. What I love most about Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada vs. Siete Mares (Sunset Blvd) and Tacos Baja Ensenada (East LA) is that their batter is light and crispy. BFTIE tacos are so delectable! Their shrimp tacos (not pictured) are incredible as well. They are so super sweet and crunchy! And their Guatemalan horchata is nearly perfect.

After devouring down tacos, Kayoko had to catch her 4pm train to SD. Sniff.

See you soon Kayoko!

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Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada
1650 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Tues - Sun 11 am - 8 pm

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kayoko said...

Your pics, of course, are far superior! That guy against the fence... HOT! Had such a great time with you- please come to NY soon!!!

Christine D. said...

That fish taco makes me question my move to Ohio...especially after a local blogger recently raved about THIS.


ishikawa said...

You still gotta take me to scoops. See ya ashita.

Bill said...

I finally had a chance to stop by this place over the weekend. I have to say the fish and the garnish was excellent. The shrimp on the other hand was way to sweet I assume the batter was way to sweet. I prefer the taste of shrimp versus the sweet batter. But thanks to your blog I finally made it for some tacos...

panu said...

You SHOULD NOT be doing this to a hungry girl at four in the morn.

Jeni said...

The guy against the fence...totally posing for us. I had a lot of fun. I'll try and make it out to see you by the end of this year!!!'s school treating you? Enjoy the midwestern ribs as much as you can while you're there.

ishikawa-chan...come and hang out anytime.

Bill..I was at BFTIE too this past weekend and I totally agree. The shrimps or the shrimp batter was a tad too sweet. I went back yesterday and they were back to normal. Whew! Glad you got to finally go! If you like the fish, you can find Basa (from the Mekong Delta) at 99 Ranch. It's a great fish to cook with!

Panu...I'm so sorry! You have to have an emergency stash of goodies for those 4am foodie wake up moments! Thanks for reading!

Bill said...

I was always curious what kind of fish was used for the tacos. I've been using tilapia. Alright I guess I will try making fish tacos again.

p.s. i'm glad it wasn't only me who thought it was very sweet.

Christine D. said...

i haven't applied yet, so in the mean time i'm a cubicle slave at some company. I'm SO ready to go back to school!

oh man, i haven't even had ribs out here yet. thanks for the reminder!

Jeni said...

Bill..don't use tilapia anymore. Stick with the's an all around great fish to cook with. You can even find basa at Vons nowadays, though it's pricier than at 99Ranch.

Christine D..ribs!!!

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