Monday, January 28, 2008

LAMill Boutique - My $27 Afterschool Snack

la mill


asian bld

la mill chips


asian bld

I needed to grade some papers and I wasn't in the mood for Intelligentsia's amusement park-like line. It's been pretty absurd lately. I love Intelligentsia. But man, standing in a line of 20+ people for a latte is just nuts.

I decided to head out to LAMill Coffee instead. Regardless of what people say, whether or not it "fits" our community, no one can deny LAMill's impeccable style and grace. Toile and chandeliers... of course.

Anyways, my plan to get just one coffee and a pastry failed miserably and I ended up ordering Michael Cimarusti's (Providence) Asian BLT panini and a masala chai. LAMill's Asian BLT was beautifully made with tender pork belly with preserved black bean sauce served with marinated cipollini onions and handmade Yukon Gold pototo chips. MMM!

I've heard a lot of gripe about LAMill's bougie appearance and high prices and I'd have to say I'm pretty tired of it. Yes, it can get expensive. Yes I paid $27 for an afterschool snack. But that Asian BLT was enlightening and those chips were so dangerously tasty!!!

LAMill Boutique
1636 Silver Lake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 663-4441
Mon-Thurs, Sun 7am-10pm
Fri-Sat 7am-11pm


kayoko said...

i'll be in your neck of the woods at the end of feb, so let's go indulge in overpriced afterschool snacks!!!

Jeni said...

Ooh Kayoko! Hopefully we can hang out this time!

marshall said...

dude, those sandwiches look insane.

Anonymous said...


based on this quote:
"My advice is to go in thinking that LAMill is a restaurant that serves coffee rather than a coffee shop with really expensive food."

You are someone who 'gets it' that's the perfect way to go in to LA MILL. While LA MILL and Intelli are both doing specialty coffee, Intelli's food offerings will never be confused for LA MILL's. It really is a restaurant with amazing coffees.

...that said, it is too expensive for a daily after school snack.

mike b. said...

looks like you got exactly what i got on my first visit ... is that the orange infused cappuccino pictured? i'm very happy that my house is close enough to walk to LAMILL.

Jeni said...

marshall...when you come back this winter, D and I need to take you to the spots. You definitely need to do some catch up on your LA eats.

Thanks anonymous! I'm just tired of the complaints about LA Mill. Let them be. Let them have fancy snake skinned menus! haha. Looove their food and I'm excited to go back for desserts after dinner once they're opened later.

mike b...I got the masala chai. you're lucky that you can walk...I'm close but not close enough to walk. Sigh. Maybe that's a good thing. Thanks for reaidng!

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