Friday, January 11, 2008

Hungry in Mexico - Tulum Toons

bus ride
Some of you might have read about our tragic loss in Tulum over at Eat Drink & Be Merry. We were finishing up our time in Tulum and headed back to Cancun airport via a second class bus. Since second class buses don't assign seats, we got separated on the bus in the midst of the seating chaos. All I can remember from the ride was a creepy man staring at me. Too creepy that I ended up closing my eyes. Little did I know he was watching me fall asleep so he could go through D's backpack. D and I woke up only to find his backpack open sans the Nikon D70. There were so many "should have" thoughts going through our minds when we realized our DSLR was stolen. But what can you do? Yes are photos are gone. Yes the guy took our baby. But the one thing he couldn't take were our memories.

This post is dedicated to our baby D70. Sniff.

Diamante K "Eco" Huts
D and I had a hard time finding a place to stay on the coast of Quinatana Roo. No way were we interested in hanging out in resorty Cancun. We tried looking for places around Playa del Carmen...but everything was booked. Well, except for one place that insisted we pay ahead via Western Union. thank you. So we started looking more down south in Tulum.

We eventually found this place, Diamante K. This "eco" hut costed us $55/night. Definitely more than we've ever paid at a hostel, but considering it's right on the beach during high season, it was a steal. Or so we thought.

Maria P
We were greeted by the manager, Maria P. We've heard horror stories about Maria P on Tripadvisor along with complaints about the overall management. D and I decided to be patient with their lack of organization and were actually treated quite well. Maria P was surprised that we didn't bark or scream when we found out our room situation was messed up. Maria P suddenly smiled and ended up finding us a better room than the one given to us originally. Sometimes it pays to be quiet. She ended up taking care of us while we're there. She's a sweet lady that is dying from the worst job ever. Diamante K...there's no electricity. Well there's solar electricity from 8-11pm. No outlets in the room. Nope..none of that. We had one hanging lamp which was crap. The light from my cell phone was more helpful than that hanging lamp. D and I thought it was first. After a couple of days, we were tired of complete darkness.

Diamante K security
It didn't help that we couldn't lock our doors at night. Instead, they provided us with two rocks. Enough said.

Tulum Ruins
Aside from our hut, D and I made the best of it during the day. We walked to the ruin, about 20 minutes north of our hut. Tons of tourists from Cancun invade the ruins during the day, so it's best to get there early in the morning.

snorkeling in the cenotes
Another day we snorkeled in several cenotes (large water pools) in the area. There's not much to look at in the cenotes. D loved the cenotes, but didn't care for the tiny fishes that kept nibbling on his nipples. haha.

La Bamba Jarocha
D's Spanish helped us find some good local eats. La Bamba Jarocha, the locals' favorite mariscos ended up being the highlight of our trip.

caldo de camaron y jaiba
Their caldo de camaron y jaiba (shrimp & crab soup - 80 pesos) was super delicious. We ended up coming here day after day. $8 is a lot for a bowl of soup, but the bowl is pretty big and they jam pack it with cooked to perfection shrimps. Does anyone know of good caldo de mariscos in the LA area? I'm dying for a bowl right now.

So that's Tulum. I apologize for no pictures. I hope you enjoyed my Sanrio-influenced drawings.

Next up...Mexico City!

Diamante K

La Bamba Jarocha
Hwy 307 - just south of the Coba Road intersection
11am-9pm daily
cash only


Anonymous said...

your talent is more than the D70 and
your cartoon are precious ...
Thanks for cracking me up w/your
cartoons and about the little fish
nippling d. nipple... that is the
one cracking me up. Thanks for
sharing and sorry about the lost of d70... life go on...

eatdrinknbmerry said...

love love love this post j. all those years wrapping up sanrio gifts with precision and extra care paid off. no more diamante K, assholes on buses and nipple-biting fish (ow!) again. we're only going to DF or yucatan next time.

caldo de camaron this weekend?

daddy in a strange land said...

You are so an elementary school teacher! :) (That's a compliment!)

Your drawings are awesome!

Christine D. said...

I love your drawings and handwriting! Although the creep on the bus is an asshole, your drawing of him cracks me up.

Despite that mishap, you guys sure had a lot of fun!

One Food Guy said...

So sorry about the camera, but your drawings are outstanding! The shrimp and crab look so happy in their "bath tub" :)

KirkK said...

Your drawings add more color and life to your post than any photos could. I now truly believe that fish can smile! Sorry about the loss of your camera.........

Peko Peko said...

OMG! I love your illustrations! Maybe your camera getting snagged wasn't all bad. More nice drawings please!


Daily Gluttony said...

this is the cutest post EVER!!! you guys seriously need to change careers and become travel photojournalists and stationery designers. heehee. sorry about the loss of your baby the D70, but these drawings are worth a thousand words!

we seriously need to hang out & catch's been awhile! we're sick this weekend, but i'll call you guys next weekend. hopefully you're free. fish tacos maybe?

Renee said...

Your unfortunate loss of the camera was a great gain for our viewing pleasure – thanks for the fun read. Despite the sad occurrence, it's good to hear the trip was still wonderful and memorable. My question is, with your super cute drawings, were you able to inject as much blue into the images as possible (you know, no post-processing with Photoshop) without D getting on your case? ;P

eatdrinknbmerry said...

haha Renee. now that you mention it...

Jeni. The photos are too BLUE!

新 年 快 樂 !

Anonymous said...

Please feed us some more cartoons...
We are hungry for your talents and
you don't need the d70 in your website...It will
be a hit if from if you can make
a cartoon picture of D. and the little fish nippling his
the water of Mexico gulf...

Jen said...

I am SO sorry about your DSLR! :( That's a total bummer...but i have to say, i LOOOOOOVE your drawings!! They make me smile.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

I'm so sorry about your camera but OMG, I literally laughed out loud at your drawings. Perfect captions too!

BoLA said...

Yes... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this post! Great drawings! You and D are such the cute couple!!!

Again, so sorry for the loss of your camera. :(

amyispolish said...

I love these drawings. Who needs a fancy schmancy camera when you have Jeni and some colored pencils. Great job. We stayed on the beach in Tulum too and it was great.

Jeni said...

Hi mama...glad you enjoyed the story about D's nipples. Thanks for always emailing me during the's nice knowing that mommy is always around when times are hard. more Quintana Roo. Next time we're sneaking into Cuba. And next time you better cover those nipples. I'll get you a mankini.

Daddyinastrangeland...thank you. haha. I bet Lucy is a better artist than me. Let us know when you guys are ever down here again...we'd love to meet up. Once I finish Oaxaca I wanna get to that Basquerfield post. MMMM!

Christine D...believe it or not..the creep looked just like that in the pictures. OMG...he gave me the heebies!

Hey One Food Guy...thanks! Oh would love the Tulum chowder. I wonder how their caldo de mariscos would do in Mass. Do the creatures in your chowders bathe in happiness as well??? haha.

Kirkk...aawww..thank you. haha...the fish are smiling because they see D's nipples.

Peko better pick up cutesy illustrations and penmanship since you in the land of cuteness. My jr high students in Osaka taught me a lot. My biggest accomplishment was learning how to draw stars without having the lines cross over. Oooh!

DG...oh how we would love getting paid to travel and take pictures. I definitely think there should be street food travel guides. Ohhh!!!
And let's get fish tacos. D and I go at least twice a week. They're soo we miss the DG & I!

Renee!!! We haven't heard from you in a while! haha. D and I have worked on our photoshop differences. I've warmed up my photos this past year and D has learned to control his white balance. haha!!! nipples! D asked me to draw a close up...ewww. haha.

Jen..thanks girl. I'm just so surprised that everyone has enjoyed the drawings!

Thanks Wandering Chopsticks! I'm glad the drawings worked...I really wanted to share about our time in Tulum.

bola..thanks girl! I had class after school all this week, so I had the time to draw out all these random pictures. Don't worry about the camera. We've moved on. We're going to replace it eventually.

amishpolish...awww...seriously thanks amy! I miss Tulum's beaches. I think we slept for a good 3 hours on the beach.

One Food Guy said...

I do think the clams are happy in New England's chowder; but they make me happier in Rhode Island's Chowder - it's a clear broth instead of creamy like New England's. Although, technically, Rhode Island is part of New England, so how do they get away with having their own chowder, effectively allowing them to lay claim to TWO chowders?!

I think the crabs are really happy in the local bisque, too. How could they not be?!

PekoPeko said...

Well, they learned ya some real useful skills there in Osaka, huh?!

More 'cute' please!

Peko Peko

elmomonster said...

Oh man! How did I miss this post. I'm not sure if anyone has said this yet:

Although I'm sorry you lost your camera, I'm kind of delighted that you did, because if you hadn't, you wouldn't have taken the time to draw us your vacation...which is probably the most creative thing I've ever seen in a blog post.

Did say already say this is awesome? BECAUSE IT IS!

Again, sorry you lost your camera. But still, I'm glad for this post...I hope that didn't come out the wrong way. You know what I mean right?

Anonymous said...

I'm an Art Director in Tokyo, and I just want to say that you are as good as many of the professional illustrators we use.

If you wanted to be a professional illustrator, you certainly could.

Erica Pionke said...

I stole your "Crazy Maria P" drawing. It was hilarious. I gave your blog a shout-out at the bottom for stealing it, too. THANKS!!! Super-cute, BTW!!!


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