Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hungry in Saigon - Banh Xeo Alley

alley food

table for two

alley mama

banh xeo shop

banh xeo


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My brother and I needed a change from our daily dosage of pho and bun bo hue, so we decided to find some bánh xèo, a lacy crepe made from rice flour, coconut milk, tumeric, and curry powder and then filled with pork, shrimp and bean sprouts.

We were planning to go to Banh Xeo 46A, a joint popular with the locals, but when we asked our hostel manager if we should head there...he rolled his eyes at me.

Jeni: Hey Sam, is Banh Xeo 46A good?
Sam: What? No no. Too far. For banh xeo? Too far. See that alley (pointing to alley), they have good banh xeo. Save your money.

Jeremy and I found the colorful alley and an empty table for two, along with ladies kickin' it in their pajama outfits that look so much like the ones my mama wears. Aaaah...feels like home.
And for 10,000d/60 cents, we had the best mid-afternoon snack.

**I love my banh xeo hot and crunchy. Avoid places that serve them cold and soggy...that's a major no no for banh xeo.

Banh Xeo Alley
blue alley across of Phoenix 74 Hotel on Bui Vien
Pham Ngu Lao, Ho Chi Minh City

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Anonymous said...

hey! go here!

Anonymous said...

Hello. My name is Tam Nguyen. I live in Orange County. I have been following your blog for some time. You should give Banh Xeo 46A a try. It is not too far provided that you do not go around 5PM when there is too much traffic. Another place known for its banh xeo is Banh Xeo A Phu at 10 1/2. I prefer the banh xeo at Banh Xeo A Phu better. It will be about 16,000 vnd. Furthermore, Banh Xeo A Phu has bo nhung dam on the menu. I usually order bo nhung dam as well as the banh xeo when I am there. Have fun.

nhbilly said...

Thanks for the awesome post. Makes me want to go back and visit where my parents immigrated from and obviously sample the yummy food. Still the idea of sitting in a plane for more than 16 hours is something I need to over come.

Chubbypanda said...

Cool. Alley food is the best.

Christine D. said...

mmm, yummy! =P

Foodie Universe said...

These photos are gorgeous!

Jeni said...

anonymous...thanks for the link. Ohh how I would love to live there.

Hey Tam...I guess we're going to have to head to Banh Xeo A Phu next time. Is bo nhung dam similar to stuff they have at Au Pagolac? should definitely go back. Have your parents been back? A trip with them would be so awesome. My mama still has not been back...but after this trip and all the write ups...she's so ready to head back to the motherland.

Christine yummy!

Thanks Foodie Universe!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Someone must have told you about Au Pagolac. Au Pagolac serves bo 7 mon, which is 7 courses of beef. Au Pagolac is at 19 Nguyen Dinh Chieu. You should go there. Bo nhung dam, which is beef fondue, is one of those 7 courses of beef. Have fun.



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