Monday, October 22, 2007

Hungry in Vietnam - Lazy Day at Ben Thanh Market

brains and bones

vietnamese siesta


soft shells and eyeballs

meat sweat shop

shrimp friends

frog legs

Though the food stalls are suppose to super yummy at Ben Thanh Market, my brother and I made an extra effort to avoid the overly aggressive arm-grabbing and menu-in-your-face food stall ladies.

Instead we spent most of our time strolling around the less hostile meat and seafood sections in the back. We knew we were in a good place when we saw fresh cow brains awaiting us. MMMMMM!

Hungry in Vietnam
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Chubbypanda said...

Crabs faces are creepy close up. Yet they're so delicious. So very very delicious.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Hi J, great shots again. I think you've really captured the soul in Vietnamese food.

Sandra said...

That crab picture is great. The colors are fabulous. And are those frog legs in the bottom picture?

Jeni said...

EDNBM...I can't wait to take you to Vietnam mang.

sandra...thanks! Yes, those are some of the freshest frog legs I have ever seen! MMMMM!

Sandra said...

Very cool. I haven't tried frog legs yet, but I've heard they are supposed to be very tender.

nhbilly said...

Awesome I really need to visit the motherland, but I've gotta pass on the 16 hour flight.

Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome blog, wheres the pix, recipe for the brains?

Jeni said...

Sandra...I've only had them on the streets in Guilin China where they leave the skin on. The skin reminded me of fish skin, but I took that off...the meat is so delicate, tender and juicy. mmmm!

nhbilly...take a flight with Cathay and get a free stopover in HK to break up that long flight. It's not so bad. I usually drug up with some dromamine and I'm knocked out for a good 7-8 hours.

anonymous...the picture of the brain is on the bottom left of the first picture. No recipe...sorry...but you can steam it with garlic...that's what my mom likes.

Anonymous said...

Steamed with garlic....interesting. How do they prepare it in the market? I like the prep C. Cosentino has on his Offal Good blog (porcini w/capers)but I was looking for a SE asian twist I could request in a Vietnamese restaurant stateside.

Jeni said...

They actually didn't prepare it at the's only sold fresh. Boo to that. My bf raves about Cosentino's calf brain. I haven't seen any brains at any local Vietnamese restaurants...but I'm sure you can find some in Westminster (Little Saigon).

Anonymous said...


Jeni said...

Thanks mom.

SteamyKitchen said...

i love how the lady in pic 2 is just so chillin'!!!


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