Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hungry In Vietnam - Bun Bo Hue 3A3

bun bo hue

banh beo
Jeremy and I were pretty bummed that we didn't have the time nor money to hit up the famed culinary city of Huế in Central Vietnam. Don't worry. That didn't stop us from getting a solid bowl of bun bo hue, Huế's hot and spicy beef soup. Luckily, Saigon's known to have some of the best Huế-style food outside of Huế. Hell yea!

Jeremy and I hit up Bun Bo Hue 3A3 for a quick break from the extreme heat and humidity. We ended up sharing a very hot bowl of bun bo hue (22,000d/$1.38) and an order of banh beo, steamed rice flour cakes topped with shredded shrimp and fried pork rinds. This bun bo hue franchise makes a very good bowl of bun bo hue, but too bad we didn't care too much for their not so fresh banh beo.

There are better Huế joints in Saigon, but Bun Bo Hue 3A3 is not bad choice for a quick meal, especially since it's so conveniently located in the heart of Central Saigon.

Bun Bo Hue 3A3
39 Ngo Duc Ke
Ho Chi Minh City

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SteamyKitchen said...

My fv part of Bun Bo Hue are the squares of blood!!!

JadedOne said...

Damn... now I'm craving bun bo hue again! :) My favorite parts of that stuff is the pork knuckle and soup.

shinae said...

Your photos are fabulous. Traveling to Vietnam for the first time next year and will bookmark your posts as a reference guide.

Hope you don't mind if I link to you. :)

Chubbypanda said...

Oh yeah! That's the winning combo, particularly when it's hot.

You can always tell when I've had Bun Bo Hue. I'm usually drenched in sweat, but extra spicy is sooo good.

Jeni said...'re just like my mom and D. They looooove the blood cubes.

Jadedone...I read your bun bo hue post. MMM. I'm a pork knuckles girl too.

Shinae...ooooh...I'm so excited for you!!! Email me if you have any questions on Vietnam when your trip comes up.

The Water Cooler said...

Mmm that looks soo scrumptious. My favorite part's the blood cubes, too!


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