Friday, September 14, 2007

Hungry in Vietnam - Food Break. Shopping at Ma Ena and Shoko.


While traveling, I really try not to get caught up in shopping. One because I don't want to end up carrying it on my back. And two, because things like handbags and accessories are hard for me to grasp after wandering for days in a developing country. But every now and then, I'll run into a boutique that will make me stop and think, "Am I going to regret not buying this???"

After eating at Pho 24, Jeremy and I ran into cutesy Ma Ena & Shoko on the corner of trendy Pasteur Street and Le Thanh Ton. Once inside the two floor shop beloved by chic Vietnamese women and young Japanese travelers, you'll find summery dresses, prim A-line skirts and an array of hats to aid any woman going for that Paris meets Saigon meets Audrey Hepburn look.

Jeremy hates shopping with me, but even he appreciated Ma Ena & Shoko's love for classic style. Both of us ended up buying some goodies for our friends and of course for me. Soooo cute.

Ma Ena & Shoko
81 Le Thanh Ton St.
Ho Chi Minh City
(08) 829-5858

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Christine D. said...

I love the composition of your first photo! But who places their hands like that while riding on a scooter? haha.

Anonymous said...

I think shopping of any kind is important in developing countries b/c it helps them build up their economy. They rely on it. It may seem frivolous, but to them, it is necessary.


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