Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hungry in Vietnam - Pho 24


Pho 24 goods

young onions

sparse goodies

Mac pho

Pho 24

luscious flank

Crème caramel
My brother and I were a bit hesitant to try out Vietnam's Pho 24 franchise. But after walking around in 90% humidity, we were ready for a free wifi break and a bowl of steaming pho. I know I know...pho and humidity??? I can't explain it, it just feels right. Kind of like eating ice cream on a really cold day.

Anyways, where was I? Oh, Pho 24. So we ended up basking in Pho 24's luscious air conditioned restaurant and both of us ordered Pho Tai Nam at 30,000d/$1.85 each. Pho 24's quite pricey compared to the street pho we've been eating and it's not even as good. But that's ok. Jer and I were willing to pay up for a break from sticky tables and obnoxious fluorescent lighting.

Our kind waiter easily suckered me into getting some crème caramel (flan). I never really cared for crème caramel growing up...but this one was dang good.

I'm officially a lover of flan. But not so much Pho 24.

Pho 24
134 Le Thanh Ton Street (Near Ben Thanh Market)
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

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Chubbypanda said...

You're pictures always look so awesome. What is it you shoot again?

Christine D. said...

Mmm, I've always loved flan. I used to think that the top part was chocolate!

How was the internet in VN? Does the government try to block any sites?

henrychan said...

i usually prefer creme brulee over creme caramel. i'll havta give creme caramel another shot. thanks for inspiring!

agree with CP. absolutely amazing camera work!

la dra said...

When we were in the Philippines, DISL was disappointed that we ate mostly in chain restaurants. The relatives were trying to impress but apart from the home cooked meals, the one meal we had at a place hidden in an alley grilling chickens on the street with tables under a tarp was his favorite.

And I echo the props for the great shots of food!

Jeni said...

CP...I'm shooting with a Nikon D70 with a 18-70mm.

Christine D...I looove flan now! Internet is all over Vietnam and I didn't have any problems. I was able to get to my blogs and flickr with no problems. Mainland China was a different story.

HenryChan...I love creme brulee too, but I think the creme caramel for the summer months is so refreshing.

La Dra...nothing beats meat on a street!!! It was good seeing you guys up in Basquerfield!!!

nhbilly said...

Pretty price bowl of pho in Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

that "caramel flan" looks delicious, i'm so jealous, i'm running out to a sandwich shop (in Garden grove california ) right now to get some flan :)

Jeni said...

nhbilly...for some reason, the locals say that Pho 24 is setting the standard for pho in Vietnam...but I think they're talking more about cleanliness...because their pho ain't that great. $1.85 is double of what you can find on the streets.

Anonymous...flan rocks! It's perfect on a hot summer day. The locals love eating it as it's topped with crushed ice.

CHUA said...

Tried Pho 24 or Pho 2000. Want to try something unconventional. Pho with clams. I was wondering with some friends along the street near the ben thanh market and bump into this eatery called Pho Ngheu Huong Thanh. Wow, pho with clams. Never heard of it before. Tried the spicy soup with clams and yes, yes. It taste really good and we like the clams fried with lemon grass and chilli and its not hot at all and goes so well with bread. Drank their signature beverage called this Green Ocean and mann, it was refreshing. Located at 276 Le Thanh Ton, district 1. HCMC.


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