Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hungry in Vietnam - Sapa Market

Sapa Lunch
Wherever I go, whether in Central America or Southeast Asia, I've always found day and night markets to be the perfect place to actually live like the locals. Aah...the sights, sounds and scents of a market makes me feel like a kid again. There's always something that I've never seen before that catches my eyes and either surprises or shocks me. It's that sweet innocence that keeps me traveling and wanting to see more of what this world has to offer. Here are just some of the sights that caught my eye at the Sapa Market.

Market Overview

Hmong Mamas

Sapa Dolls


3 Generations

Hmong Man

Sapa Stools

Market Shrimp

Bong Bong
It's interesting and a relief to see that western culture hasn't really rubbed off on the Hmongs, Dao's, and other minority groups surrounding Sapa. It's a refreshing pace of life, well, that compared to our local celebs flashing their privates and what not. And even though tourism is growing in the remote valley of Sapa, time stands still here.

Sapa Feet

And I absolutely love it.

Hungry in Vietnam
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promoteyourblogforfree said...

nice blog

KirkK said...

Beautiful photos(as always)....looks like you're really having a great time..other than being accosted to buy stuff.

Chubbypanda said...

Those pictures are really nice. Except for the dead (goat?) thing. Sorta unhygienic looking.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Did you get a chance to eat com lam (sticky rice steamed in bamboo)? That was my favorite. We ate it every day.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos girl.

Miss you

Laurie..now living in London

henrychan said...

I travel just like ya... 10 hour train rides into remote villages/towns stopping by local markets (shooks) along the way...it's very exciting to see your pics, including the rawness of the butchered animal.

Sandra said...

I love the bright colors in the clothing.

tstar said...

these are amazing pictures. you've inpsired me to make Vietnam the top choice in my list of places to visit.

Stephanie said...

Wonderful photographs: make me want to hit the road again.

la dra said...

What gorgeous pics! You can almost smell the market!

Jeni said...


Hey Kirkk! They only bugged us on the hike down. When we stopped, they stopped. When we turned, they turned. It was more of an invasion of our personal space. Luckily things got better when we got back into town.

Chubbypanda...the meat section has always been my favorite part of the market. Unhygienic or not, it's amazing that no one gets sick. Locals in a developing country have stomachs of steel. I am so jealous.

Wandering Chopsticks...yes we did. Love com lam....sooo good!

Hey Laurie...congrats on the big move. Met tons of cool people from London. The strength of the pound...Im so envious.

Hey Henry...I agree. Markets are the bomb!

Sandra..thanks for visiting. Yea, their style's pretty tight. I looooove their leg warmers. I'm sure their not called leg warmers, nor were the inspired by our 80's gear.

tstar..D just told me who you are! Glad you're enjoying the posts. Yes, Vietnam is awesome in every adventurous way. You have to go!

Thanks for visiting Stephanie! I've only written 1/3 of our Vietnam trip, so expect more pictures to come.

La Dra...hey mama! Glad you're enjoying the pictures!


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