Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hungry in Vietnam - Sapa Eats

family & green bags
Jeremy accidentally found where the Vietnamese tourists were eating in Sapa while getting lost one day. He ran to our room excited to tell me, "Jeni, I found dog for you!" Later that day, Jer and I went to this marketplace and there it was on a Like any animal roasting on a spit, it looked quite tasty and I asked the lady how much it would cost for a piece. She insisted that we'd have to buy half of the dog for a whopping $5. That's heck of a lot for street food, so Jer and I walked on. Lucky dog.

Instead we found this smoke-filled joint, busy with several Vietnamese families. Jeremy and I ended up getting 10 of orders of thit nuong (grilled pork) and some com lam (sweet rice bbq'd in a bamboo stalk). Ohmygoodness, so freakin' good.

executive chef

Thit Nuong (Grilled Pork)

com lam

tiger beer thoughts
Of course, the meal's not complete unless my brother takes advantage of Vietnam's extremely cheap beer.

Sapa Corn
After we loaded our guts with very impressive thit nuong, it was time for Vietnamese corn. We found tons of street vendors grilling corn around the main square in Sapa, and for 5000 dong (~30 cents), we got ours piping hot.

baquette & chocolat
The one thing that helped my brother and I get along during this trip were mandatory downtime at cafes. Each day we made sure we had at least two "cafe times." Here I got my fix of cafe sua da (Vietnamese coffee with ice and condensed milk), he got his beer, and we both got free wifi.

Baguette & Chocolat just happened to be an extremely cute cafe on our way to the main square from our guesthouse and is just one of the growing number of non-profit cafes helping out disadvantage youths in Vietnam through culinary programs. Mmmm...eating never felt so charitable.

My tea time special came with coffee and a tarte au citron for 20,000 dong ($1.25).

Halida beer
Of course, here's Jer's beer. This time he tried the Halida.

Vietnamese Street Food Vendors
Pho Cau May
Across the street from the Square

Baguette & Chocolat
Thac Bac Street
Sapa, Lao Cai Province

Hungry in Vietnam
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henrychan said...

*drooling* over the "so freakin' good" thit nuong. How was their cafe sua da?

Did ya get a pic of the dog?

Keep the pics coming...great stuff:)

Christine D. said...

Wow, dog meat! I would try it, but don't tell my dog that.


Did you see any tourists eating it? Maybe you could ask for a piece or wait around until they leave and take the remains, haha.

christine T said...

Been quietly reading your blog for a year now and amazed and so happy to see you made it to vietnam!!
I JUST got back from a 3 week tour of thailand/vietnam last friday. Sapa was by far my favorite place and your pictures captured it beautifully. We were accosted by the girls as well but I didn't find them as bothersome as others throughout my stay in vietnam.
By the way I tried the dog in hanoi for under $2.00 and it was not good. I only managed to get down 2 small nuggets. Someone told me it tastes like chicken and that was not the case. Very chewy and tough. It's definetly an experience but not a tasty one.

Jeni said...

Hey Henry...I do have pictures of dog, but out of respect for our fellow dog lovers, I won't be posting them. I really want to, but my family is scared that I'll be getting death threats and what not. haha. Cafe Sua Da is soooo much better in Saigon. I'll be getting to my Saigon eats real soon. Thanks for reading!

Christine D...I didn't see any tourist eating the dog. Don't worry I get some dog while in Yangshuo, China!

Christine T..thanks for commenting and welcome to America! It's nice to be home isn't it?? I'm jealous that you got to go to's been 5 years since I was last there and I still crave banana pancakes! Sorry about your dog experience. Did you go to that famous dog alley in Hanoi? The dog we got in Yangshuo was so freakin good. So incredibly savory and tender. Anyways thanks for reading girl!

r a m e n i a c said...

you guys are really making me wonder why i didn't take a summer vacation this year. i can't picture DJ jer in the vietnamese countryside for some reason lol.

Jeni said...

Hey Rameniac...I really believe everyone needs a vacation! Take a break from work and stress and spend time with loved's so soothing for the soul.

As much as I love LA, I need to get out at least every 6 months. Makes me appreciate what I do have and helps me keep humble. Ya know! DJ Jer has the backpacker bug, he'll be journeying somewhere soon. He's a great travel companion and brother. You'd be proud, he ate everything.

Chubbypanda said...

That poor dog.


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