Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hungry in Vietnam - Hanoi Street Market on Pho Gia Ngu

Hanoi street market

Banh Tom Ho Tay

Baby crabs

Hanoi cha gio (spring rolls)

Lucky duckies

There's a daily street market in the Old Quarters, north of Hoan Kiem Lake on Pho Gia Ngu. We usually get hassled to buy stuff, but this time, we went during siesta hours when most vendors were knocked out on the ground. It was the perfect time to get some snap shots of visual goodies. Enjoy!

Hungry in Vietnam
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SteamyKitchen said...

I am sooooooo jealous....I wnt to take a bite of that shrimp cake thingy.

Sam said...

Yum..yum..those rolls and the soft-shell crabs...

Daily Gluttony said...

i've gotta stop looking at your gorgeous vacay/food pics...they're makin' me wanna ditch work and go eat!

i'm glad you guys are having fun!!! let's definitely hang out when you get back! =)

la dra said...

Just catching up after being banned at work from your page. I think it started when you used the word "whore". ;) The fascists here deemed your page inappropriate. ;)

Thanks for blogging while you're there! Your photos are amazing! What kind of camera do you use?

And congrats on your anniversary! Seems you both have the same passion for cooking and eating. That's got to be a solid foundation for any relationship.

Be safe. And I look forward to eating vicariously through Vietnam!

Godknows said...

Hi, thnks for stopping by and comenting on my blog. This is a great market and I love it too. Have a nice day

Food Marathon said...

Looks just like LA only totally different. Safe travels...

Tulip said...

This is my first visit to your food blog and I love your photos. Not sure I could eat the roasted bird with the face though, I'm a bit squeemish like that!!

I'm off to look through the rest of it.

henrychan said...

Same here... first visit to your blog and definitely won't be my last.

Travelling and Eating is my dream! I wish i was in your shoes.

Pictures look amazing. I actually want to see more. Have you posted them elsewhere? Look forward to your HK pics because I'll be there from Dec - Jun.

Jeni said...

SteamyKitchen...those shrimp cakes (Banh Tom Ho Tay) are ultra fattening. So don't be jealous...of my growing gut. haha!

Sam..thanks for visiting. Wait til you see what I get to eat in Saigon. The food down south is a gazillion times tastier!

Daily Gluttony...ditch it for your mental health. I'm really appalled at how little the average American gets time off. It's just not right. Hope to see you soon too!

La Dra...sorry my site has been banned. Haha for a newer post I was gonna use the word "vajayjay" but hesitated since my use of "whore" has kept me out of controlled web territories. As far as cameras, I'm using a Nikon D70 with a 18-70mm, the macro on the lens is key. *And thanks for the anniversary encouragment. So far our trip to Macao, Yangshuo and HK was a success, so I'm deciding to keep him. He's my chef and travel partner. I'm set mama.

Godknows..hey thanks for visiting.

Food Marathon...there has been so many moments where I felt like I was in Little Saigon (Westminster). It's just nuts!

Hey Tulip..thanks for visiting. I didn't eat any birds while in Vietnam. They haven't been good at controlling the bird it's no birds or bird heads for me!

Hey can easily travel/eat if you teach. Well that or move to Europe and get at least five weeks off. I'm still editing photos, but they're all located at:
I share the flickr site with my partner in crime Eat Drink & Be Merry. Anyways, thanks for visiting...stay tuned for more food & travel.

Chubbypanda said...

Those tiny crabs make me want a big bowl of bun rieu oc.

Anonymous said...

Wow! these pictures look great, I wish i was in Saigon right now having a bowl of "banh canh tom cua, and a bowl of hu tieu nam vang" :)

Nina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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