Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Toasting to Our First Year - Eat Drink & Be Merry's First Tasting Menu

Hama Hamas Oysters with Mignonette
First comes love, then comes oysters...

Some of you may think we live in this little foodie world where blogging coincides with love and everything is just perfect and merry.

Well it's not.

Dylan continues to walk on my hardwood floors with his shoes on, and when I yell at him, I still get the same response, "Ok ok. I'm sorry. I won't do it again." Dylan also has the bad habit of leaving wine out overnight allowing it to spoil. I finally told him to treat our wine as if it were milk and that it's vital to put it back into the cooler. I'm actually looking at my counter now, and there's a bottle, half full, sitting on the counter. Ugh.

And I'm sure I have a list of things that drive him crazy. I've seen him roll his eyes whenever I can't find my phone, or glasses, or keys. Sometimes he purposely places them right in front of me and watches me run around my tiny studio looking for them. I also heard him grunt as he picks up my Goody ponytail holders around my apartment. For some reason, they always end up on the floor, or on the couch, or in the kitchen. Pretty much if I can't find it, I'll give up and break out a new one from my 30 pack.

In our latest mishaps, we've realized that we have differences on our photoshopping skills. We actually got into a heated debate over this particular image:

Belgian Fries
While editing this image, Dylan kept telling me to desaturate the blue. So I did. And then he muttered, "Yea, it's still really blue."

Ok Jeni. Just breathe.

I was getting a little annoyed at his nit-picky editing habits, so I told him, "It's fine to me." And then turned away.

Then the Dylan said, "Look, you don't have to have an attitude about it."

"Well, you don't have to be such a BLUE HATER!" Then I pulled up his edited photos and pointed out that his photos tend to be yellow-heavy and I never picked on his pictures.




With pouty eyes, I wimpered, "You made me cry'ded." Dylan couldn't help but laugh at my pathetic attempt to make him feel guilty and we ended up making up. It was a silly argument over our photoshop pride and we realized we have a long way to go when it comes to bringing our life of food into our life of love.

Today we're here to celebrate our one year anniversary. And both of us agree, getting to the one year mark definitely took some work and a whole lotta patience.

Celebrating our 1st anniversary
Before our anniversary, I was prohibited to enter my kitchen. And he actually had the nerve to kick me out of my own place.

And I was told not to come back til 6!

When I came home, I found Dylan profusely sweating in my kitchen. The poor thing was cooking the entire day and it was like finding a hamster stuck in his little running ball after several hours.

<span class=
We started our dinner with some Billecart-Salmon champagne. Hints of pear and blackberries, this champagne was very stable from beginning to end. Good choice D!

Our first course began with raw Hama Hama Oysters with a Fresh Mignonette (above) after D and I have recently fallen in love with oysters after our meals at Sushi Zo and The Hungry Cat. His oysters were so stinkin' beautiful. Hot damn! The oysters and Billecart-Salmon champagne were a great pair.

Crab Endive Salad with Honey Lemon Vinaigrette
Next up was a Endive Crab Salad with a Honey Vinegar Vinegrette paired with the a Dr. Loosen produced Gerwurztraminer. Oh my goodness. This salad had it all. Sweet, juicy, crunchy, sour.

Shrimp Mousse Ravioli with Salmon Roe and <span class=
Dylan wasn't happy with the aesthetics of course number three. But I thought his Shrimp Mousse Ravioli with Salmon Roe and Crimini Cream Reduction was one of my favorites of the night. I loved his mushroom cream reduction and his shrimp mousse ravioli's were so tenderly prepared.

Finished plate
I would have licked the plate clean, but I wanted to appear ladylike, at least for our anniversary.

Maine Lobster Crepe with <span class=
Next up was course number 4, Maine Lobster Crepe with Pancetta & Vanilla Bean Sauce. By the fourth course I was starting to get full, but that didn't stop me. I loved how he tied the crepes into cutesy little packages. Nothing beats a lobster present floating in a sea vanilla goodness.

Villa Wolf Gewurztraminer
Here's J.L. Wolf's/Dr. Loosen Gewurztraminer. I was really surprised Dylan even bought this wine. He's so anti-German Riesling/Gewurztraminer because of the sweetness, but I'm really proud seeing his openness to wine for the sake of a good pairing. Sommelier in the making??? I hope so. The Gewurztraminer was a pleasant pairing against the sweetness of the endive salad and lobster crepe. The dryness in the Gerwurztraminer also paired well with the creamy crimini sauce in the shrimp ravioli dish. Mmmm....soo yummy.

New Zealand Lamb Ribs with Lentil <span class=
Dylan was hesitant to serve course number 5, thinking I'd be too full to complete his tasting menu. He even asked if I wanted to skip one of the courses.

Hell no!

So he sent himself back into the kitchen to finish preparing course number 5, New Zealand Lamb Ribs with Lentil Quenelle and Mango Relish. The first time I had Dylan's New Zealand lamb was last year when he cooked for our mutual friend for an evening of excessive estrogen. But I thought the lamb he served for our anniversary was taken to the next level with his lentil quenelle and refined mango relish.

 Seared Duck Breast with Raspberry <span class=
Dylan knows I'm a sucker for duck and all things tiny, so for our final course, D prepared a Seared Duck Breast with Raspberry Guwerztraminer Reduction with Smoked Paprika Fingerlings and Broccolini. I knew D embraced this dish. I knew this, not because this dish was perfect, but because the boy didn't eat. Instead, he stared at me with his forehead mildly wrinkled and bulbs of sweat dripping down his face. It was as if he put his entire heart on this dish. And I absolutely loved it.

<span class=
I was really impressed with Dylan's choice of wine pairing for the lamb and duck courses. Domaine la Millière's southern Rhone blend was a velvety textured wine, abundant with scents of cassis and tobacco. It truly encased the soulful flavors in our last courses.

Scoops Green Tea H<span class=
Like any Top Chef, D cringes at the thought of making dessert. So instead, he sent me back to Scoops to pick up some refreshing Tai Kim concoctions. Starfruit & Lime with Maccha Horchata topped with fresh currants truly allowed Dylan to take a break from cooking and spend time with me under the Silver Lake stars.

Here's D...hot in the kitchen. Literally. I've never seen him so exhausted in my life. I truly loved every part of my meal, and I can now say that he's officially my favorite chef. Yes, even over A.O.C's Suzanne Goin and Sona's David Myers.

We still have a lot to learn about each other, about love, about learning how not to get on each other's nerves. But we're so excited for what's to come. This weekend, Dylan has a one-way U-Haul truck headed to Silver Lake.

And he's going to be my neighbor.

Thanks for joining us for our anniversary dinner.


Reid said...

Looks delicious! I've come out of "lurkdom" to say congrats!

Christine D. said...

Holy crap...I'm nearly speechless. You are one lucky girl! Congratulations to you both!

Daily Gluttony said...

Yaaaaaay! I love your "J&D" posts--tooooo cute!!!! Congrats on your one year anniversary and here's to many more!

Two more things:

1) D REALLY needs to audition for Top Chef. That food looks amazing.

2) I hear ya on the Goody ponytail holders. I dunno how many 30 packs I've gone thru...no wonder Target's always out of them! LOL!

Doug said...

Love the post. Congratulations!!

You guys don't fool around when it comes to dinner parties.

JadedOne said...

Hot damn! All of that looks so delicious. Good job ED&BM. Congrats on the anniversary too :)

Raymond said...

Congratulations. And you better get used to the sound of his shoes on your floor because I think you guys are in it for the full tasting menu of life if you get my drift

Anonymous said...


The Guilty Carnivore said...

I would so totally date ED&BM for that meal - I'm sure my wife wouldn't mind if I put out for some morsels like that.

You guys are the Brangelina of the food blog world. Here's to many more years.

Food Marathon said...

Congratulations. Are you guys the Brangelina of the food blogosphere? Perhaps you should adopt an endangered oyster farm.

han nah said...

hello~ susan's friend here...

just have to say that this was quite a cute post....

daddy in a strange land said...

Congrats on your anniversary! Ain't love (and food) grand? ;)

Tokyoastrogirl said...

A) Um, is "Anonymous" Dylan's mom or something?!?!

B) Congrats on your anniversary. What a beautiful meal.....you're seriously a lucky girl and he's a lucky guy for having you.

You guys are soooo the Brangelina/TomKat/BecksPosh of the food blogging world. Le sigh......

TiniTime said...

Wow, I think I just swooned. What a wonderful expression of love. Jeni and ED&BM is written in the stars.

SteamyKitchen said...

You guys are blowing me away with the food food and more gorgeous food.

Kat said...

Congrats on the one year! It's so great that you share the love of food with each other! Don't worry, the little pet peeves may not go away but you do learn to live with them. Believe me, I was with my husband for 10 years (OMG) before we got married and I'm only going to turn 27 in August. But truthfully when I'm away from my husband I truly miss his little quirks. It's those things you remember the most. Anyways, congrats again and here's to another year!

eastside eats said...

congrats on the first year. that's so sweet d cooked up such a nice meal for you. agent h rather take me out to pho on our anniversary. :P

KirkK said...

Major congrats to the both of you...not only for making through your first year, but for making such an eye catching, and obviously palate pleasing dinner.

foodette said...

Congrats on your first year! What an amazing way to celebrate. Seriously, if my husband cooked like that, I would never see the inside of another restaurant. I am speechless.

Aubrey said...

Fantastic everything! Food looks phenomenal (I'm sure it tasted even better than it looked), you guys seem made for each other, and it sounds like you just had a winner of a night. Congrats Jeni!

Jen said...

oh man. I hungry. that looks SO delish!!! You are a very lucky, girl!!! Much happiness!! Now you guys can share cooking responsibilities EVERY night!! :) Looking forward to seeing lots of yummy new creations on your blog!

I hear you on the pony tail holders. Mine ends up underneath the couch waaaaayyy back!!! how the heck does that happen??

Rasa Malaysia said...

OMG, I need all the recipes that you guys can share....all dishes look 5-star restaurant worthy, really.

Anonymous said...

wow. there's only one thing better than eating out at a fancy restaurant for your anniversary...having someone cook that for you! congrats and here's to many more years of good food and food pics for us! what an amazing dinner!


Anna said...

aww! sooo sweet! and to make the post perfect, there's even prompt admonitions from Mom to be "officially nice" and a blessing from the Beatles.

congratulations on your wonderful year! we look forward to reading many more! :)

Mary said...

cute!!!!! i hope you're having a good summer. we just celebrated our anniversary last week too. are you free next month? double date?

i LOVE summer vacation!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you guys. And the food looked amazing and delicious. Hope you're doing well and you're enjoying your summer vacation. Tell D. I said hi.

By the way, Warren and I are moving to London on the 14th. Crazy huh? I f you guys are ever in the neighbourhood, please let me know.

Miss you lots girlie.


Irene said...

First of all OMEDETOU!! It's been a year already? I'm so happy for the both of you. Second, Man, can the boy cook! Tell him, it was beautiful. Be careful not to eat too many oysters huh.....Aphrodisiac?!?!? j.k. girlie. We'll miss you in PS. Have a safe trip!

One Food Guy said...

Outstanding! Great post, great food, great lots of other stuff. Congratulations!!

Dee said...

oh how I love foodie blogs...love the photos

Choices said...

WOW! He has really refined his craft. Love it and I know it is only the beginning of many wonderful dinners to come...you are his food muse.

-Jo Mama

Chubbypanda said...

Dr. Loosen rocks my world.

Happy anniversary! You guys make such a great couple.


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