Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Oinkster and Dylan - Rising Above Rejection

The Oinkster
I made the big mistake of not introducing Dylan to my father earlier. Unfortunately, I waited too long.

Months after everything was official between Dylan and I, Dylan was a guest eater on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation. "Great!" I thought. "Dad can see him on tv." Little did I know, Dylan was introduced as "The Noodle Whore!"

After the show I called my mom to ask if she and my dad watched Dylan's No Reservation episode. Her first response was, "Daddy's asking why you're dating a whore?"


Months past and my dad still asked about the Noodle Whore and I would always respond, "Oh daddy, he's so much MORE than a whore."

I thought it'd be great to finally have my dad and the whore spend time together. But where would we eat? Eating is a big prerequisite for acceptance in my family. You have to love Vietnamese food and hang with my dad's southern eating habits. The last time my brother brought a girl over, we took her to Dr. Hogly Wogly's Tyler Texas BBQ. His date only ate chicken as we scarfed down bbq brisket and baked beans. We never saw her again.

Well if I'm going to see if my dad approves of the whore, I might as well see what he thinks of The Oinkster. Either you're on Jonathan Gold's side and absolutely love the home cured pastrami or you side with the Chowhounder's and their inconsistent reviews with the place.

Dylan and I showed up early and ordered an Ube (purple yam) shake. Made from Fosselman's ice-cream, this shake was so delicious.

BBQ Pull Pork Sandwich
Having been stationed in North Carolina, my dad unconsciously ordered the Oinkster's BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich. Their pork is brined with soy and honey then slowly roasted and smoked with red cabbage slaw, carmelized onions and Carolina bbq sauce. I asked my dad what he thought about his sandwich and he said it was "good." My dad rarely says anything is good, so we knew the man was very happy. I had a couple bites of my parent's pulled pork sandwich and it was pretty tasty. It was definitely juicier than I thought it would be.

The Oinkster Pastrami
Dylan and I decided to share the Oinkster Pastrami sandwich since we were full off that ube shake. The Oinkster house cures their pastrami for two weeks and then smokes it with applewood. So freegin good. Every slice of pastrami was so tender, juicy, and scented with hints of sweet and earthy applewood.

Belgian Fries
Over our hearty Oinkster sandwiches, all four of us loved the Oinkster's Belgian fries. I'm not a big fan of crispy fries, but these guys were just right. Twice fried and served with their homemade ketchup and garlic aioli, these babies are so addicting.

Oinkster pastrami
The meats at The Oinkster really helped break a lot of ice in our double date with my parents. There's something so miraculous about sharing a good meal with people and how good food can set the vibe. My dad eased up on his preconceived notions of the Noodle Whore and started telling stories of his army years in the South, his new retired life, and weekly dates with my mom. All of the sudden, all tension was gone and I knew The Oinkster and Dylan passed the Daddy test.

The Oinkster
2005 Colorado Blvd
Eagle Rock CA 90041


The Guilty Carnivore said...

Wow, those are some serious-looking sandwiches. But sharing a sandwich? Dylan should have cowboyed up and scarfed a full one himself. ED&BM - you hear me, nancy boy? I'm calling you out!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

haha, gc. we ate 2 hours before. i can easily kill that by myself... but it can easily kill me too. it's a lot of meat.

j, great review and nice photos.

Tokyoastrogirl said...

You guys were in my 'hood! Those sandwiches look oishii yo......and that shake sounds dangerous. Is there any better food combo than crispy, salty fries and an ice cold milkshake? Well....maybe korean bbq and rice comes close but still.....I may have to get my purple shake on very soon.

Jeni said...

Guilty Carnivore...we met our parents for an early dinner around 4pm. But D and I had pho several hours earlier and were also going to eat Bun Bo Hue with his sister at 6. We were just trying to pace ourselves. He's not a nancy boy...I PROMISE! BTW, whenever I watch Top Chef and see Hung, I'm like that's Guilty Carnivore!

EDNBM...congratulations on passing the daddy test. We have to go back soon....craving pastrami!

Tokyoastrogirl..I'm surprised you haven't hit up the Oinkster yet. The ube shake was so yummy. Reminded us of these Thai cookies that D and I grew up eating with that slight coconutty taste! And the fries and the pastrami...loved it!

KirkK said...

Hey EDBM passed the test(one that I've failed miserably several times - can you say Balut)...with flying cholesterol!! Looks like some really good stuff.......

Pirikara said...

Glad to hear your dad approves of the whore. =P Ohh, Jeni, you're tempting me with fatty foods. Must resist~

elmomonster said...

Nothin' like the meat of a piggy carcass to smooth over a "Meet the Parents" moment.

I love this post. So much fun, and revealing to read!

Jeni said...

Kirkk...did you have to take a balut test...oh my! It's funny how nerveracking it is to meet the father. It was pretty intimidating eating with Dylan's mama. Rule of thumb, never say 'eww' and eat whatevers given.

Pirikara...pastrami isn't fatty. Don't think like that. Sick sick thoughts Pirikara!

Hey Elmomonster...yea, this was a great 'Meet the Parents' moment. It was really incredible seeing how pork changed the vibe from being quiet to lively and intimate. I am falling so in love with....pork.

daddy in a strange land said...

Hey Dylan, remind me to tell you about the time I had to ask la dra.'s father for his permission to marry his daughter when they came out to our college for her graduation, and he walked me from their hotel room to our car by myself to have a talk... Heh.

Congrats on passing the test!

And that places sound goooood...

Daily Gluttony said...

aww such a cute story! and LOL at "daddy's asking why you're dating a whore?" hahaha

isaac took my parents to sam woo on our 1st double date. which is kinda generic but went over well b/c my dad wanted to make sure he wasn't some flashy show off.

Jeni said...

Daddy in a strange day you'll be having that talk with your daughter's man. Be hard on him...well...just for fun. Ohh...I read up on J Gold's review on Noriega Hotel...sounds so good. I think I want to take a road to Basquerfield!

Daily Gluttony...oh gosh...flashy show offs are not cute at all. Isaac was smart to take your dad to Sam Woo...he knew your dad would be happy. Aww...what a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

love, mommmmaaaa.

BoLA said...

SO~ CUTE! Like the two of you!!! ;)

Dude... my family LOVES MS - Both my Mama's and my Papa's sides!!! He just got invited to the N family reunion next July in Kona!!!

Peeved Michelle said...

First, you cannot go to Dr. Hogly Wogly and not order the brisket.

Second, once my husband sees this Pastrami sandwich, I am going to have to Google Map this place and make the trek out there.

P-chan said...

Hmm... the Oinkster's pastrami, fries and ube shake is only two blocks away from my house. This post made me long board over there and have a sammich. ^_^

Jeni said...

Hi anonymom...I'm glad you and dad approve of the whore. You and daddy are sooo cute.

Bola...I can't see your family not liking MS. He's a good guy.

Peeved Michelle...I loooooooove their bbq brisket. Soo juicy! Hope you guys enjoy the pastrami at's so damn good.

P-chan...2 blocks...that's dangerously close!


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