Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Crabchella At The Hungry Cat's 3rd Annual Crab Fest

Hungry Cat Crab Fest
Traffic in Hollywood was a complete mess on Sunday. Yes, most of the traffic was caused by the Immigration March & Rally in Hollywood, but I'm convinced that the arrival of 600 pounds of Maryland Blue Crabs at the Hungry Cat didn't help any. As thousands of civil rights protestors marched the streets in Hollywood, hundreds of selfish eaters poured into The Hungry Cat for their annual Crab Fest.

Our party arrived half and hour early and we were quickly seated outside. Unfortunately, all of us were too excited for the crab and too in awe of the complete Crab Fest makeover. With the blaring rock music and charcoal grills, we forgot that it was freegin' hot, and with the afternoon sun directly above us, several of us had to sit in Sunday's blazing heat. Ouch!

Well what do you do when your arm is burning?? If you're at the Hungry Cat, you order drinks. Dylan and I looooooove The Hungry Cat for their cocktails. The are so freegin' delicious. To this day, Dylan will still rave about his first Hungry Cat cocktail, a vodka and lemonade infused with szechuan peppercorn and thai basil. The poor thing always asks for this drink, but their menu changes seasonally, if not daily. So enjoy your drinks at the Hungry Cat, because you may never see it again.

Howlin' Wolf and Southern Style Sweet Tea
The Hungry Cat was serving three specials cocktails for the event: a mint julep, Southern Style sweet tea, and a peachtree margarita. I had the latter two and they were so incredibly refreshing and they easily numbed the pain of my burning arm.

Grilled corn and warm corn bread
The Hungry Cat started us off with piping hot grilled corn and corn bread. Both were simply perfect. The corn was perfectly seasoned and grilled and the corn bread was so warm and moist. So delicious!

Maryland blue crab soup
Our first course began with a hot bowl of Maryland Blue crab soup. Some of us were already burning in the sun, so a hot bowl of soup wasn't what we really needed. But we couldn't complain because this soup was damn good. There were chockful amounts of crab and corn in there to keep our stomachs and minds distracted from the heat.

Hungry Cat Crab Cake
Before we can even take a break from our soup, out came the second course, Hungry Cat's 4 ounce crab cake "sandwich" with a tangy remoulade, creamy cole slaw, and a side of macaroni salad. The Hungry Cat doesn't f*ck around with their crab cakes. There are no fillers in this baby.

Maryland blue crabs
By the time the Maryland Blue Crabs finally made their appearance, most of us were pretty full off the corn and crab cakes, not to mention the flowing drinks that our table kept ordering. Daily Gluttony was the first to start flipping the crabs over to check the sex. "Yes, all males!" Her boss is from Maryland and told her to make sure to eat the males, which are sweeter and tastier. Sweet and tasty they were. Marinated in cajun spices and bay leaves, the crabs were quite a treat. I didn't mind that there were served cold, the cold crabs definitely gave us a break from the previous piping hot dishes. Most of our crabs were tender and meaty. However, there were several mushy critters that crept onto our table. Overall, I think coming earlier in the day allowed us to eat the fresher critters. I've read that reservations later in the day ran into the mushy crabs and/or no crabs at all.

Crab Fest Carnage
After mounds and mounds of crabs and guts and shells flying in every direction, our party finally surrendered and gave up. We had a good crab run. It was a gluttonous victory for us first timers as we sat back and gazed at our carnage.

Santa Rosa Plum Cobbler
At the end, our overly tangy Santa Rosa Plum cobbler was an actual relief from the exploding salt content from the crabs. And that was it, our first Crab Fest at The Hungry Cat.

See you next year.

The Hungry Cat
1535 N. Vine
Hollywood, Ca 90028


Jen said...

If you guys ever make it out to Baltimore, be sure to hit Captain James Landing - it's one of the stop offs for Ed Kane's Water Taxi. I'm sure it's not the BEST place, but it's right on the water, cheap, and ice cold beers. I think i must've ate a dozen of them by myself!!! YUUUUMMM!!!

Daily Gluttony said...

girl, i'm so glad someone did this post so that i didn't have to. you don't know how laaaaaazy i'm feeling lately! (plus your photos are much prettier!) =)

good times as always w/ you guys. can't wait to meet up again!

Doug Cress said...

wonderful post, i love getting together with good friends for those kind of meet-ups.

Mary said...


I can't believe we're free. Time to update the ol' blog. It was good to see you at aemp.We must meet up this summer, if you're staying local. I'm all done with TEP also. Thanks for your support. It was good to know that people have survived the program and that would one day get my life back.

The crab looks yummy!

The Guilty Carnivore said...

Your pictures have been off the hook lately. Please share.

Jeni said...

Thanks for the Baltimore rec Jen!

Fun times with you and the Mr. at the Hungry Cat. Next time we'll go later and get our drink on when it's cooler.

Hey Doug Cress! It's so true, you can only eat crab brains with good friends. Love by the way!

Mary..yes, Happy Summer to you too. Let me know when you're free. I'll be around..but I'll be out of the country in August. Congratulations grad!

Guilty Carnivore...thanks man. I'll share...I promise. Love your F*** Bush posts....they always make me laugh.

Matt said...

Damn, missed this one. That's what I get for not reading your blog regularly!

Jeni said...

Oh missed out! Sign up on The Hungry Cat's mailing list. They'll email you with their annual Crab Fest announcement and their $1 Oyster Anniversary.


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