Monday, April 02, 2007

A Scoop of Randomness: Scoops on Heliotrope

Although Scoops has been around for 2 years, the recent explosion on has sent hundreds of ice cream monsters to Scoops. Most businesses would love this kind of hype. But not Scoops. Tai Kim, the owner and ice cream maker actually told me he was going to contact Yelp to get him off their Top 5 Best of Yelp list found on their homepage. Who does that??? Well, unlike Roseberry, Kiwiberry, Pooberry and all the other imitators leeching off Pinkberry's success, Tai does not want anything to do with any ice cream or frozen dessert hype. Scoops just wants to be a local ice cream shop catering to LACC students and Scoop regulars.

Here's Tai, the ice cream artisan who comes up with all the random ice-cream possibilities. Tai captures random flavors, puts them together and makes the most flattering concoctions. Fois gras and sweet cream anyone??? Ingenious, I tell you.

Here are my scoops of Pistachio Maple and Riesling Cherry ($2). Mmmmm. So good.

712 N Heliotrope Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 906-2649
Mon-Sat 12pm-10pm


BoLA said...

I've been meaning to make a stop. Still can't seem to leave Pazzo Gelato though... ;)

Aubrey said...

They are going to have such a hard time getting less publicity. It's actually amazing that it took them this long to get such tremendous steam when they taste awesome and have amazingly cheap prices. Maybe they'll get enough money from all this press to spawn another store on the west side.

r a m e n i a c said...

you just gave 'em more publicity! ((p(>_<)p))

la dra said...

I've been reading for a while now and have loved vicariously experiencing LA with your posts. My family is exiled in Bakersfield now. These last two posts have been in our old neighborhood so I just have to say thanks for reminding me why we've got to get back there!
When we went to Scoops, I wondered how they expected to serve many customers being that the place is practically hidden and has no parking. But apparently, that's the point! Too funny.

Anonymous said...

I wann go try! Take me!

Jeni said...

BOLA...if you go, just don't expect Pazzo. They're two completely different types of gelato joints. Pazzo is great, catering to the young and cool SL crowd. Scoops is straight up down home. $1/scoop is a great deal from this humble neighborhood shop.

Aubrey...he's in the wrong city if he really wants to keep Scoops on the quiet side. LA's really loving this tiny little shop.

Rameniac...I know I know. I had this Scoops post sitting on the bench for a couple weeks now. I wasn't sure if I was going to say anything. But 1) his stuff is great and 2) I truly respect him for not falling into the hype. I just made sure I didn't say anything like, "Oh Crap! Everyone run to Scoops, it's the next Pinkberry!" No no. It's good stuff and I'll leave it at that.

La Dra..exiled in At least you get to come back every now and then and visit. I love it out on this side of town. The progressiveness, the adjacent enclaves (Thai Town, K-town, J-town, Chinatown, East LA), the charming apartment's perfect for me. And the fact I have Yuca's and Scoops within minutes...daaaang. Seriously, thanks for commenting La Dra.

Ishikawa...come by earlier on Sat and we can get some ice cream before everyone else comes. Cool?

Passionate Eater said...

That foie gras ice cream sounds a bit freaky, but I would totally want to try that! ;) And it is very cute that you like the "riesling" ice cream. He probably made that kind just for you.

Although he wants to be off the Yelp list, I know that he is honored that he is on the Oishii Eats list!

Kathy said...

gesh, I think you just gave him more publicity! But good publicity, of course! I'm sure he'd much rather perfers the Oishii list :) ...and now I have go to get there myself!

Jeni said...

Passionate Eater...although I haven't had his fois gras ice cream...I'm pretty sure it's good. On Friday, D and I headed to Sona for some appetizers. David Myers served seared fois gras with vanilla ice cream and it was amaaaaazing. Dude..once he finds out who I am, he'll probably blacklist me. I hope he's not mad.

Aww thanks Kathy. Check it out while you're out in LA for joins in Thai Town or's super close.

Miss Tiffie said...

that looks SOOO good!! i wish we had something like that here in boston... your scoops like so yum! are you serious about the "fois gras and sweet cream" tho???

susan said...

"Pistachio Maple and Riesling Cherry" sounds so frickin good!! i've never been motivated to goto pinkberry (still haven't gone) but i'm definitely hitting up scoops this weekend. plus justin lives up the block. i can walk to burn off the calories. :)

Chubbypanda said...

Those are some insane flavors. I can see why he's getting all the attention,

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Please tell me when he gets foie gras again. Sounds fat.

Jeni said...

Miss Tiffie...yes...he had the fois gras and sweet cream a couple of weeks back. I haven't seen it since. I'm gonna bug him about it. I really want to try it.

Susan...I really think you'd appreciate the flavors and Tai. He's such a sweet guy, so much passion for his homemade ice cream. Talk to him, he'll give you a good 10 minutes of his life even while other customers are waiting. I wish I could walk there, but it'd take me a good 20 minutes, but the hills would kill me. Hope you and Slow Jams make it there.

Chubbypanda...I think people really respect this guy as a person. He's so attentive and giving. I personally am getting sick of the, "I have great food let me treat you like crap" attitude. Places like this are so refeshing. It's so old school. sure love your fat. MMMM! Cream and fois gras...just like Sona.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenni for the heads up abou this place. Very cool find! Is it better than Mashati Malone's at La Brea ave?


D. said...

All I gotta say is thank god this place is within walking distance to my place - that way I don't feel guilty eating it every other day!

Amazing flavors and the price is ridiculously low!

justinsloe said...

the other day he told me he was working on the flavor, nicotine

no joke

love this place

Brandt-Sorenson said...

Scoops is the best after a long bike ride... just had a Guinness Chocolate shake, and checked out some art.

toro said...

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danny said...

hey jeni (hehe, new spelling huh?). i guess i'm the only one who's actually tried the foie gras and sweet cream. this was one bold and daring attempt that didn't quite execute well. it left little pieces of duck fat all over my teeth. maybe now your readers will stay away from my 2nd home.

btw, this is your kickball buddy from danube elementary...

Peko-P said...

Pistachio Maple or Riesling Cherry, I can't decide which sounds more seductive. Perhaps Riesling Cherry?

Scoops looks/sounds completely yummy! Unfortunately there aren't many good ice cream stores here in Kyoto. Just Häagen-Dazs and one independent place.



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