Monday, March 26, 2007

The Truth About Eat Drink & Be Merry and AOC

It occurred to me the other day that I really haven't said much about my relationship with this person I always eat with named D. With an easy click on D, you'll be sent to a foodblog by the name of Eat Drink & Be Merry. With some intuition and Perez Hilton-like nosyness, you'll see that Eat Drink & Be merry writes about eating with a person named J. Put two and two together and you might just think we're more than friends.

I didn't mean to leave out any DTR (determine the relationship) information. It wasn't intentional. Well, it was at first because I really didn't know where this relationship was heading. And then I just got lazy. I assumed you already knew. But that was my mistake. And then I started receiving emails asking, "Is Eat Drink & Be Merry your boyfriend?"

Oh man, I've got some explaining to do.

Dylan and I met a year ago, along with a bunch of other Los Angeles foodbloggers. Before we met, I thought his kitchen boo-boo's and pixelated headshots were quite hot and had a quiet crush on the boy before we even met. In planning the Musha dinner, Dylan asked for my IM screename and we ended up chatting online for hours at a time. He woo'd me with his dry humor and times when he sent me random/horrible songs like Supermarket Love Affair. Through the weeks that we chatted, I wondered, "Could I possibly fall for a stranger that I met over the internet???"

The night at Musha was nerveracking. Sure I was excited to meet Daily Gluttony, Colleen Cuisine, Deep End Dining, Best of LA and all the other loves in my foodblogging life. But Eat Drink & Be Merry...please oh please don't be a freak.

Have you ever had this happen to you? Have a major crush on a guy and the minute he opens his mouth it's like, "EWWW...what was I thinking???" Nothing is more uncomfortable than an EWW moment and the hours trying to avoid the person. Luckily, at Musha's, I didn't have any EWW moments with Dylan. He was sweet and adorable. He'd come by and check up on me, making sure I was eating enough. Thank God he wasn't a freak, but rather one of the sweetest hosts I've ever met. Gone away were any possiblities of a "EWW moment" and Dylan locked in the crush.

Later that night Dylan found me online. We talked about the night, about all the cool people we met, and then Dylan made the move and asked, "Hey, can I call you?"

"OF COURSE!" No...erase erase erase!

I mean, "Uhh, yea, you can call me."

Over the next few weeks, we talked more and more both online and on the phone. But like any girl, I kept wondering, "When is this guy going to ask me out?" Call me old fashion, but I wasn't going to be the one to ask him out. FINALLY (uhhummm), after several months, D asked to hang out late May for a night at Soundlessons and a spontaneous taco truck meal at Tacos Ariza's. We dance, we talked, we ate on crates on Echo Park Blvd. It was one of the sweetest dates ever.

6 months later, we ended up here...
At AO 'effin C celebrating our 6 months together. D caught me off-guard on a Friday night as he drove up to AOC. Although his car windows were closed, I'm sure pedestrians on 3rd St. could hear my screams of food joy.

Named after the Appellation D’origine Contrôlée, the top category in the French system for ensuring quality wines, AOC is the perfect name for a wine bar alluding itself to the the world's love for wine. But don't be fooled with the label of AOC as a wine bar, because it's not just a wine bar. Suzanne Goin's is a serious chef and her tapas-sized portions of Mediterranean concoctions are extremely soulful.

We started off with a serving of harissa, olives and bread. How did they know I wanted to burn a hole in my stomach? Her harissa is so incredibly addicting.

With a dad hooked on chorizo and eggs every Saturday and Sunday morning, you can see that the addiction has passed on to his offspring. I am a sucker for chorizo! This was my first time trying lomo, a dry-cured pork loin, meaty and tender with virtually no fat. Each lomo is cured with salt, garlic, paprika and other spices to accent the delicious dry-cured flavor. The lomo was incredible. The two chorizos from Spain were amazing as well. I think this plate would have been perfect for a party of 4. With just the two of us, the taste of lomo and chorizo was getting a bit repetitive.

I grew up loooooving liverwurst and pâté. The fois gras at A.O.C. is amazing. Yea, I said it, I love fois gras.

WOW. AOC has their grilled scallops perfected to a science. The salbixada, a spanish chile paste really pulled the simple scallops and braised leeks together.

Black squid ink rice. Perfectly cooked squid over a very tasty squid ink rice. Everything was fine until I started to notice squid ink residue whenever I wiped my mouth. I looked up and D's entire grill was black.

Our last plate for the night was this order of beef cheeks. So delicious and tender. I'll eat cow face anyday.

So that was our 6-month anniversary dinner at AOC back in January. We're still together, falling for each other over sushi finds and Hometown Buffet Un-Valentine's Day dinners. But really, neither of us expected a serious relationship to come out of our innocent comments and IM chats. I'm amazed how we can spend hours sitting next to each other without speaking a word, but rather typing away on as we head into the food world that brought us together. I am intrigued in the way he profusely sweats every time he eats even in the winter and how he meticuously organizes his spices and sauces. When we're sharing food, I love how he'll find out what I like and then pretends to not like it just so I don't feel bad for hogging it up. I don't mind that he's a designer denim whore and that his closet looks more like Planet Funk. And I have grown fond of that one band shirt he wears weeks at a time. And although he drives me crazy when he stomps onto my hardwood floors with his shoes on. I easily forgive him when I hear him plead, "Ok ok ok. I won't do it again." Even though I know he's going to do it over and over again.

Thank you for joining me on my journey for food and love and everything in between.

8022 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles Ca 90048
(323) 653-6359
Mon-Fri 6pm-11pm
Sat 5:30pm-11pm
Sun 5:30pm-10pm


The Guilty Carnivore said...

Ah, to be young and in love again...I'm jealous. Most of all, of the access to LA tacos trucks.

Raymond said...

I love the blog, and your blog/love (blove?) story is very sweet.
Just curious: Why the picture pixellation? Are you guys in some kind of high profile profession (or conversely, undercover CIA)?

Daily Gluttony said...

this story is going to make me cry. seriously.

can't wait to see my favorite foodblogging couple at our 1 yr anniversary at musha! (hopefully sooner!)

Tokyoastrogirl said...

Can you and D reenact your first meeting when we hook up at Musha next month??? We'll call it "D and J, A Blove Story"

See you soon!

Eddie Lin said...

Has D kissed you yet? Jesus H. it took him months to ask you out. He's lucky I'm not single! Just kidding, D...I know you're reading this! Musha! Musha! Musha!

Miss Tiffie said...

AWWW that was the cutest blog entry :) Made me real hungry as well, too. hahaha

Chubbypanda said...

You guys are too cute. Seriously. I remember thinking how well you went together during the Quan Hy meetup.

Remind me to tell you the story of the first time Cat and I met sometime. It's a hoot.

elmomonster said...

Aww. Thanks for sharing your story. It was great meeting you guys that day at Quan Hy. And what a relief it was that you guys have real and unpixelated faces!

Anonymous said...


One Food Guy said...

Wow, great post.

As for the AOC - foie gras, beef cheeks, oh man oh man. Yum. Great post, great blog, great food.

Passionate Eater said...

I LOVE THAT STORY!!! I totally agree, he is such a charming and handsome guy, there ain't no female food blogger (or female for that matter) who wouldn't believe he is a dream man.

I hope that D doesn't kill me for this, but I have a preface to your story. D asked me not to tell (many eons ago), but I am going to post it on the internet here for all to see anyway.

Right after you all you LA foodbloggers went to Musha's, I wrote D asking him how it was. He sent me some pictures of the food that evening and described how everyone was so friendly and cool. Although D has always been very careful about protecting the privacy of other food blogging friends, somehow, I ended up getting a glimpse of a picture of you and BOLA along with the pictures of the food. I remember asking who the "people" were, and D told me, but asked me to keep it private. At that time, I didn't read the blogs of many LA food bloggers (with the exception of Daily Gluttony and Eat, Drink, and Be Merry), so I didn't really know who you ladies were.

After I saw the picture, this is how our AIM conversation went:

Passionate Eater: Dang, those ladies look like models!
Passionate Eater: Best of LA is beautiful!
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Ha ha, yeah, she's a good friend of mine.
Passionate Eater: And Oishii Eats is gorgeous too!
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Really?
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: I think so too.
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Yeah, she is cool.

AND I AM NOT KIDDING. Although I can't remember what we said verbatim, you can confirm this with D, this is REALLY how it went down that night.

Who woulda known that lil' ole' D would grow up into the boyfriend he is now? :)

Anonymous said...

BLOVE, BLOVE, BLOVE!!! You guys are the cutest and sweetest!

Try coming up this summer guys!


Christine D. said...

That's such sweet story! AH!

Omg, that music video is horribly funny.

susan said...

you guys are so cute~! :D

eatdrinknbmerry said...

J, i'm only sitting next to you in that photo because I wanted easier access to that Sriracha hot sauce bottle haha. Thank you for writing about this, I really enjoyed it. You are really super....(market).

KirkK said...

Hi Jeni - I think you two are a wonderful couple, and two of the nicest people I've ever met! A match made in foodie heaven!!!!

Your brother said...

That story was so cute I actually vomitted.

Clare said...

Next thing you know, you'll be getting a book deal too. Seems like that's the trend: a) start food blog. b) meet boyfriend through blog. c) get book deal through food blog. d) quit job and become a published writer in lurve.

I think someone needs to write the script!

Congrats to both of you :)

H. C. said...

So disgustingly cute I feel like I need to buy one of those "Throw rocks at boys" shirts just to counter the sappiness.

Also getting the weirdest image of your potential kids... pixelated from nose up.

But congrats!

BoLA said...


TOO CUTE! I love you guys! :D D's definitely the lucky one in the relationship! heheh!

Although, I think MS needs to pick up on some of D's cues - I still have yet to try AOC! BAH! Lucky lady, you! (Looking back through the blog archives, at 6 months... we went to Cafe Brasil part two - reliving one of our first dates. OK - so kind of romantic. ;) But seriously, I would LOVE to go to AOC one of these days...)

Can't wait for Musha II!

ps - Passionate Eater's comment above made me *blush*! BUT I totally agree with her - YOU ARE GORGEOUS! ;)

lwtsh said... sweet! :)

Jeni said...

First of all, I want to thank everyone for all your love and encouragment. It's easy to rant and rave about food. But to come out open and honest about my personal life is quite intimidating. I really am so thankful to have great community of foodblog friends and readers.

Aww thanks Guilty Carnivore. If a guy can kick it with me at a taco truck...he gets major major points. I think taco trucks are so romantic.

Raymond...thank you for your kind words. We're not always pixellated. Have you seen our picture on EDNBM's post on Soot Bull Jeep? You'll find a pic of us there...just scroll down!

Daily Gluttony...thanks for being such an encouraging big sister to both of us. We really look up to you! Let us know when you're free. D's on a K-town BBQ hunt. We're saving Shik Do Rak for you! I can't wait for Musha too!!!

TAG...if you want us to re-enact our BLOVE story, then expect to see a very shy girl and very hungry boy. Seriously, if I have a crush on a guy, I'll become extremely quiet. I couldn't even look him in the eyes when we talked. haha.

haha Eddie. Seriously, our first date almost didn't happen. He kept changing his plans for the we were suppose to go out. He's soooo lucky he got points for that taco truck. Looking forwards to Musha time. Make sure to wear your pleather jacket.

Thanks Miss Tiffie. AOC will make anyone hungry. we go together as well as banh beo and nuoc mam? was good meeting you too. We rike you!!!

Anonymom...why do you have to bring up my PMS? Shhhhhhh...

Thanks One Food Guy. Dylan can stomp all over my floors long as he treats his lady to beef cheeks and fois gras.

Passionate Eater please don't stop with the compliments. JK! Your compliment beats my kids asking, "Ms. Oishii Eats, are you pregnant because your stomach is getting bigger???" Ohhhh dang!

Seriously, thanks for the preface. D has been such a sweet companion this past year.

Awww thanks Laurie. I don't think we can make it up this summer. Sigh. I'm planning to head downtown to S. America. I'll keep you updated. I miss you!

Thank you Christine. I remember when D sent me the song. It was the first song he sent to you can imagine how excited I was...that was until I heard it. WTF??? I really didn't know what to say. He still plays it every now and then when we're togehther. I just roll my eyes at him as he's laughing away.

Thanks so much Susan. We gotto take you out for your bday! Thai town or a Yuca's burger??? that's why you sat next to me??? haha. It's been a fun year...looking forward to more weight gain, taco debates, and PowerBook nights. I heart you.

Kirkk...I think I'm gonna set up a foodblogging date site. along those lines.

Jer...thanks for loving us! Hope our PDA will make you puke this weekend. Just don't puke on my lawn.

Clare...oh how it would be nice to have an Orangette life. She amazes me!

h.c. Thanks so much! I hope the post was sappy-good not sappy-cheesy. I read this write-up over and over and over because I didn't want anyone to feel grossed out. haha. If you throw rocks at boys, can you make sure you get the "holier than thou" drivers on the 405???'s never too late for AOC. Uhhhummmm MS! The food is amazing! Just remember it's not where you go, but how and who you spend it with. I learned my invaluable lesson at Hometown of my most favorite dates. Thanks Beautiful!

Thanks for reading lwtsh!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

OK, I don't know what happened to the comment I left this morning. Darn Blogger. Grrr! Unless, you didn't like all that gushing about "blove, true blove." Hehe, reminds me of that scene in Princess Bridge. But seriously, you two are too cute. :)

kayoko said...

my god, it's confirmed: it takes MONTHS of chatting online and talking on the phone for a boy to ask you out!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

AOC- i am so there. i am a sucker for cured meats in general, but spain takes the cake for lomo, hands down. droooool.

i thoroughly enjoyed your post Jeni! food + love = bliss. gives me some hope for single food bloggers like myself. get started on pronto!

and you have such a great community of food support in LA! i love it!


MeowMix said...

That's such a sweet and cute story :)

Happy eatings to you both!

Mary said...

How CUTE!!!!! I love your story- especially because you were brought together by food. *sigh* He's cute, from the parts of the face I've seen.

My bf and I brought out each other's inner foodies. I'm the daughter of retired restaurant owners, and he just enjoys quality food.

We're going to Vegas next week. Any sugggestions?

1 more day until spring break!!!! enjoy!

p.s. I read perezhilton... daily.

Jeni said...

Thanks so much Wandering Chopsticks! It really is blove, true, blove. We're incredibly happy together. Who knew!

Kayoko...haha. At least the wait was worth it. I'm eating some fine eats with him in the kitchen. He's an amazing cook...I LOOOOOOVE IT! You'd looove AOC too. So freegin delicious! Too bad there aren't too many single men out there in the foodblog world. Most are women, asian women, but men...they are pretty rare. I'll keep my eyes open!

Thanks for the support MeowMix!

Mary...ONE MORE FREEGIN DAY! I am so over my kids. I can't wait for Spring Break. Once we get back...I'm on summer vacation mode! I'm not a big Vegas person...I'd definitely check Chowhound for rec's. Have a great break love! I'll be zoning out to PerezHilton and Pinkisthenewblog all week.

Colleen Cuisine said...


I love this story, seriously... cutest ever. I remember when we went on our double date at Silverlake Wines, and Brian asked me, "are they together?" and I was like, "I'm not sure... maybe?" We were both too shy to ask you outright, but then I saw Dylan touch your arm and look in your eyes and tell you something, and I was like, "Oh yes. They definitely are!"

It has been so much fun getting to know both of you and I can't wait for many more fun dinners together. We'll have to have a big toast at Musha to celebrate!


Jeni said...

Colleen Cuisine...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I totally remember the double date at SL Wines. haha...I was too shy to tell you. I'm so glad we met you much fun. "And the walk..." Can't wait to see you at Musha's...hopefully sooner. Daily Gluttony is craving ktown bbq! We gotto set up a date to hang out!

Anonymous said...

Very kawaii story. ~ishikawa

JadedOne said...

Haha, now things make more sense after reading this post. I always thought eatdrinknbmerry had a girlfriend. Before I read the entire post, I thought.. "woah is he cheating on his girlfriend".

You guys are cute even with your eyes cut out all the time. Good stuff!

Dani said...

jeppy puked. ha ha!
As always so cute...
jove yu

sarah said...




i am jealous :)

r a m e n i a c said...

this has gone beyond foodblogging into the realm of... i don't know what to call it. but it should be on HBO! =)

paul said...

I love this story, seriously... cutest ever. I remember when we went on our double date at Silverlake Wines, and Brian asked me, "are they together?" and I was like, "I'm not sure... maybe?" We were both too shy to ask you outright, but then I saw Dylan touch your arm and look in your eyes and tell you something, and I was like, "Oh yes. They definitely are!"
-----------------------------------PAUL ADAMS
Aoc Gold


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