Monday, February 26, 2007

MILK: Instant Transport to Childhood

We finally made it to MILK on Beverly Blvd. for some dairy sweets and nostalgia. MILK just opened only several weeks ago and the place is already lined up with dairy loving consumers.

I think MILK's most popular item on the menu are going to be their delicious bon bons. For 25 cents or 12 for $3, these baby MILK items are perfect as an after-lunch dessert. Their Coffee Toffee bon bons are incredible. I recommend eating like 50 of them. Really.

Even though my dessert hating bf wasn't initially interested in getting anything at MILK, he's a sucker for anything blood orange and ordered their blood orange sorbet. D said it was only alright because it was a bit too chalky.

For too long Angelenos have been hooked on smoothies and boba drinks, but MILK is definitely trying to bring back the old school love for shakes. From Triple Chocolate Shakes to fancy Coffee Toffee Crunch shakes, MILK offers several shakes, malts, and floats which will satisfy all sorts of shake cravings.

My Root Beer Float was perfect and refreshing. It was a treat to have fresh vanilla bean ice cream to bring this shake to a gourmet level. Too bad the whip cream was too rich. The whip cream left a heavy film on the top of my mouth...seriously felt like I was licking a spoonful of margarine.

There are many more delicious treats at MILK. MILK's variety of homemade ice cream sandwiches, bars, cookies, sandwiches, salads, and breakfast items (breakfast coming soon!) are meant to please everyone because MILK is one of those places where feeling like a chubby kid again feels so right. MILK also offers soy ice cream in chocolate, vanilla, and coffee toffee. Even lactose intolerant people can feel like a chubby kid again.

MILK parking is available across the street in the back. There was suppose to be an attendant taking care of the double-parkers, however MILK is young and the management is still working out kinks and getting into their routine. With no parking attendant, D and I were blocked in for a good HOUR. Although the management apologized, it was definitely was a damper on our dairy outing.

7290 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90036
(323) 939-6455.
Closed on Monday
Sun, Tues-Thurs 7am-10pm
Fri-Sat 7am-11pm

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BoLA said...

Too bad I'm totally lactose intolerant. :(

I'd LOVE this place, but a whole lotta MILK does NOT do a body good for me. BAH!

I guess I'll have to stick with Pinkberry! ;)

Passionate Eater said...

Ooo, that place looks really cool!

But it does suck that you guys were blocked by the other customers. I'd go around scratching off all of their license plate tags and saying, "Yo' milk is expired!"

Taste-Buzz said...

I better hurry up and grab some of that blood orange sorbet while it still exists. Damn you Southern California Coldsnap!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Milk was fun, except for that jerk who parked/blocked us. I hope they got towed haha. Next time, I'll try something else at Milk. What if the pinkberry and Milk did a fusion... milkberry???

Daily Gluttony said...

so cool that more & more dessert places are popping up in the hood. so uncool that some tool had to block your car in!

and BOLA, that's what lactaid pills are for, girl! (i always keep some in my bag...just in case!) =)

Tokyoastrogirl said...

Um, this is gonna sound dumb but those bon bons are ice cream right? I dunno! I never ate bon bons as a kid but those look like stuff I would totally love, especially the one covered in white choco.

Kathy said...

you're making me regret not picking up a few of those bon bons, so cute & cheap! if only i live closer, say around 50 miles closer ;) i'd want to stop by for breakfast everyday and pick up madelines, apple bread, and a trio of cookies and lemon bars or so...hehe :)

mary said...

thanks for visiting our site!

i LOVE milk, but of course, being asian and all, i must say: i LOVE milk +lactaid!

that's so funny your bf doesn't like dessert. my bf LOVES dessert and i'm *eh* about it, but we balance each other out. have you been to scoops in hollywood? i've been wanting to go!

inquiry is driving me MAD MAD MAD!!!!!

Colleen Cuisine said...

it's official... milkshakes are the new pinkberry! (although the milkberry idea sounds mighty intriguing)

Chubbypanda said...

MILK sounds like it's positioning itself to be the next Sprinkles. That parking situation is all bad, though. People wonder about my aversion to driving up to LA...

Anonymous said...

stop coming around my hood! this is my neighborhood...all these cool new places along la brea to melrose are all mine!

H. C. said...

Same as BoLA in having a lactose problem - but this seems like a place worth getting gassy for.

Ok, I'll shaddup ;)

Jeni said...

BoLA...They carry soy ice cream BoLA! I'm so glad you had fun on Sat. See you tomorrow!

Passionate're so clever. D wanted to slash some tires. I think they were eventually towed away.

Taste-buzz...first the cold snap and now 80+degree weather. Anyways, I miss my navel oranges. All the ones I see in the store are from Texas and they just don't taste the same. sigh.

EDNBM..MILKberry??? You're gonna take me to MILK and Pinkberry in one day. You're the best.

Daily Gluttony...desserts make me happy fo sho! Did you read J Gold's write up on Providence's dessert course??? It looks incredible.

TAG...yes..bon bons are chocolate covered ice cream. I'm pretty sure you'd like them. They carry a 0 guilt factor since they're so small. Well, unless you eat 50 of them in one sitting.

Kathy...I guess you're gonna have to do another Mozza/MILK run again. That's insane! are you doing on your inquiry? I made it through by having a routine...I'd work on it Mondays and Wed's and then party/eat on the weekend. Make sure the inquiry doesn't become your life. Tell Gordon I said HI!

Colleen Cuisine...I really do miss milk shakes. Like most asians...I'm lactose intolerant. But I don't take any pills whatsoever. Pooot. Pooot pooot!

Chubbypanda...Sprinkles??? No.

Anonymous...You never invite us out there anyways. I hope MILK valet parks cars on your street!

H.C. It's worth the gas. haha. I love a hearty fart.

Yuzu said...

I never understood D's hatred of desserts. Dessert is awesome! And I loves me some milk and good dairy products. I'm so glad I'm not lactose intolerant. ;)

MILK sounds like my kind of place. Except for the parking. I'm with chubbypanda on the whole disinclination to drive to L.A. Parking is a pain.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone by any chance have MILK's official site ?!!


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