Saturday, November 18, 2006

I *heart* Mulitas - La Taquiza

On Figueroa St., where the aura of USC mixes with the southern outskirts of Downtown LA lies La Taquiza, a small taqueria serving up mulitas, a "quesadilla on steroids". On the outside, the mulita means business with it's perfectly toasted homemade tortillas. Take a peek inside for melted jack cheese, your choise of meat (juicy charred carne asada for me), and a perfect touch of guacamole. The mulita is nothing but a taste sensation.

I came to La Taquiza for their mulita, but it would be a shame for me to go to a taqueria and not order any tacos. La Taquiza’s al pastors are incredible. Straight off the pit, the al pastors are excellent in flavor. There were some dry bits, but not enough to bring down my love for their pastors.
The asada’s had a steady finish from beginning to end. El Taquiza’s suadero tacos are also excellent. Definitely a lot more memorable than the suadero’s I’ve eaten at King Taco.

The mulitas and pastors at La Taquiza are succulently HAWT!

La Taquiza
3009 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90007
(213) 741-9795


themirthmobile said...

i love la taquiza for al pastor tacos and watermelon agua frescas!

Professor Salt said...

It's one of the few places where they carve al pastor off the spit, to order. Haven't been in years, thanks for reminding me to visit.

Passionate Eater said...

Those sequential pix of the al pastor tacos are vivid and mouthwatering! And congratulations on the mention in Food and Wine--your incredible blog is more than worthy of the recognition! Hope you and EDNBM had a great time in SF!

Chubbypanda said...

Mmm... Mulitas. Those pics looks delish. I've got an awesome review coming soon of a place that serves some of the best tacos and mulitas I've ever had. Thanks to you, I finally asked for a taco al pastor the other day. It was amazing.

- Chubbypanda

Jonah said...

Great tip, I have to make it out there!

Jeni said...

Themirthmobile...finally a taco we both agree on!

Professor Salt...if you ever go to La Taquiza...let me know! Looking forward to seeing you next week too!

Thanks Passionate Eater! Welcome back to the blogworld too! WE MISSED YOU! Sorry we didn't call you while we were in SF. D and I plus brother were busy rolling down the hills of Sonoma.

Chubbypanda...aaah...the love for pastors. It's contagious!

Jonah! It's good stuff! Hope to see you guys soon...probably after all the holiday stuff huh.

Bandini said...

the mulitas at la taquiza are soooo good. I'm going to the SC-Notre Dame game tommorrow and I'll be loading up on a couple of la taquiza mulitas to go with my binge drinking.

Jeni said...

Bandini...just read your Tacos Kimberly post. Discounted thank you! Hope you enjoyed your mulitas. Did you binge on Jarritos or horchata with your tacos? (^o^)

Bandini said...


i think it's a tie between that carnitas taco from tacos kimberly and the "wtf is that man" thing from your taco al pastor from tacos chabalita on western ave. :)

oh and I wish I binged on only jarritos and horchatas, I would have felt alot better the next day :)

rick james said...

hey j!

i used to go to that place when it was Carmen's a looooong time ago..... can you say Rodney Peete v.s. Troy Aikman... yes, very long time ago...

miss ya guys!


eatdrinknbmerry said...

Sooooooojuuuuutown and Tacoooooooootowwwwnwnnn.

rameniac said...

oo i'ma have to try this place. back in L.A. and major jetlagged ><. so of course i went to el taurino last night at around 1am. and i just ate a leftover al pastor taco for breakfast. that i even ate breakfast is something of a miracle. but ohh... allll pastoooor......

Jeni said...

Oh God...don't remind me Bandini. I'd say your Kimberly taco is's looks so slimy! If I had a drink to binge'd be old school Orange Bang!!!

Rick James...hope to see you soon. We'll have to set something up next year! Sojuuuu tooooowwwwn!

EDNBM...set something up next year D!'s good stuff. Gonna get some pastors today. And I looooooooove taco leftovers. It's the best way to wake up!


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