Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Waiola Shave Ice

Forget about Matsumoto Shave Ice. No need to drive all the way up to North Shore for the best Shave Ice in Oahu. For decades, this corner hole-in-the-wall joint tucked in local neighborhood streets of Honolulu has been attracting locals throughout the day for the smoothest and finest shave ice around. I remember used to thinking that this place was the Shave Ice version of the "Soup Nazi." When I was younger, I'd get nervous as I stood in line to order. Instead of dreaming about my fluffy cup of shave ice, all I could think was, "REMEMBER THE ORDER! REMEMBER THE ORDER!" At Waiola's, you better get it right. Here's how you order:

1. State the size
2. Bottom Goodies (ice-cream, azuki beans, mochi balls, etc.)
3. Flavors

Every time I went to Waiola's, I'd hope for someone to mess up on their order and yell out something like, "Ummmmmmm...I want a rainbow SMALL, no...MEDIUM shave ice with ice cream." The mama running the place would get all frustrated and point to their order sign. So just remember, follow the ordering rules.

After my cousin's wedding, my brother and I drove by for a cool Waiola treat. I got my large concoction of Lychee, Lilikoi (Passion Fruit), and Grape shave ice with vanilla ice cream and condensed milk. I promise you, Waiola's is like butter baby.

There's also Waiola Shave Ice #2 on Kapahulu Avenue. Even though the Kapahulu location is only blocks away from our Auntie's house, my brother and I always opt to drive out to the original location. The Waiola Avenue joint definitely has a mo' betta shave ice ambiance. more thing. Remember it's "shave ice" not "shaved ice." And I'm pretty sure there's a law against calling it a "snow cone." Don't you dare.

Waiola Shave Ice
2135 Waiola Street
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 949-2269

Waiola Bakery & Shave Ice
525 Kapahulu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 735-8886


Daily Gluttony said...

uh, were u following me? LOL! we went to wailoa shave ice too, only the kapahulu one. we were in maui, but we made a pitstop in oahu for 4 days. people thought we were nuts to wanna go to oahu for part of our honeymoon, they were like "why oahu???" we're like, "cause we wanna eat!" LOL!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

J, I was a tourist staying in WaiHICKi Beach. I had no choice but to go to Matsumoto's b/c we were directed there. Shame on me.

Jeni said... was the Kapahulu Waiola's??? Hope you post wedding least what you ate. How were the Maui grindz??? least you spent time away from WaiHICKi. Some people spend their entire vacation at the ABC stores. Sorry I didn't get your your ABC fanny pack you were asking for.

Daily Gluttony said...

maui grindz were OK but weren't as ONO as oahu's; maui's more resortish, so alot of it caters to tourists. i heard there's mo' better stuff in wailuku & makawao in central maui, but we didn't have enough time this time. i hope to start blogging about it'll be a good way to get back on the blog train again! =)

Kirk said...

Haha - Before I moved to the Mainland - I lived in the McCully area, so Waiola's wuz one of my regular stops. I must say - you know the good places. I'm waiting on Leonard's.......

Chubbypanda said...

Wow. Total Hawaiian vibe in these comments. I feel unloved. =)

Mmmm... Tasty looking snow cone. *flees* =b

- CP

Jeni said...

DG...I understand how you feel. My bro and I ventured off to Kaua'i a couple of years ago and we were dying because the island was infiltrated with resort tourists and their drop top Mustangs. I think we found ONE saimin joint, but yea, not too much eats. Anyways, looking forwards to your posts...I miss Daily Gluttony!

Kirk...I loooooooove Waiola's!

Chubbypanda...Oh no you didn't!!!

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite shaved ice place too. -irene

Anonymous said...

sorry....shave ice...not shaved ice. - irene

Jeni said...

Woa Irene...I was gonna say! I'm glad you caught yourself. I heart Waiola's!!! Sooooo yummy!

Anonymous said...

Waioloa's is the one shave ice place I recommend to my friends when they visit Oahu. And while both Matsumoto's and Aoki's are pretty good in their own right, I think Waioloa's is much better.


we tried waiola's and ailana's for the first time this summer. ailana's was so good! gotta try the strawberry milk, same type ice as waiola's. the mochi at waiola's was good but their cs not good :( cs is important so ailana's is our place, unless we have mad cravings for waiola's mochi.


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