Saturday, September 30, 2006


My friend Rickmond recommended that my brother and I head over to Taishoken, a famous Tokyo ramen shop that opened it's doors in Honolulu several years ago. Since the 1960's, owner and chef Mr. Yamagishi has been famous for his Tsukemen style of ramen where the broth and almost lukewarm ramen noodles sit separately. His hearty broth is made from pork, chicken and anchovies and is boiled down until they add additional ingredients, such as shoyu, miso, or spice.

At Taishoken, you can either order Regular ramen or Tsukemen ramen with the choice of Shoyu, Miso, or Pirikara (spicy) broth. My brother and I were still full from my cousin's wedding, so we decided to share a Large Miso Tsukemen Ramen.

The broth itself was quite salty and I can't imagine eating a regular bowl of ramen with that broth. However, dipping Taishoken's close to perfect lukewarm ramen noodles added a fine balance between the salty broth. Unfortunately, my brother and I didn't even make a dent into the ramen noodles. A large is LARGE, so I suggest starting off with a regular size bowl. All in was Oishii yo!

903 Keeaumoku Street Suite C101a
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 955-8860

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rickmond said...

mmmm shiny! i wonder if the water in hawaii is closer to the water they have in japan, which would make all the difference in the world when it comes to ramen =).

Jeni said...

I agree Rickmond! I definitely wanna hit up more ramen shops the next time I'm there! Thanks for the're always on point with the food!


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