Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fiore Natural Italian Yogurt - Progress Report

After a sushi dinner at Hamakawa Sushi on Central Ave., I decided to give Fiore Natural Italian Yogurt another chance. The first time I went to Fiore I thought their yogurt was too creamy and I really didn't care for that milky leftover residue in my mouth.

My second visit to Fiore, however, was far better than my first. It seems like the people at Fiore have been working hard tweaking their recipe and learning not to skimp on toppings. This time around the yogurt was a lot more refreshing. However, it's tanginess was a bit too tart for me. It's tartiness was more of a "lemony" tart rather than a "real yogurt" tart. Na mean? You frozen yogurt freaks would understand.

Anyways, my grande yogurt with three toppings ($7.50) came with an abundant amount of granola, fresh ripe mangos, and strawberries. Good Fiore. You're learning!

Fiore will be my J-town post-sushi dessert joint because...

I like it.

Well, that's until Pinkberry in Koreatown (6th/Berendo) opens.

Fiore Natural Italian Yogurt
134 Japanese Village Plaza Mall
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-0806
11AM - 10PM daily


dancing fool said...

Hey! That yogurt looks yummy. I live in SF but when I am down there i must go.
On another note, I have never read a food blog before, it is fun. I get hungry (almost) every time I read a blog. (Except that taco place). So Oishii I look forward to reading about more trips to no cal. P.S. This is from someone you know who loves to chug in Napa.

The Dabbler said...

First place: Pinkberry
Second place: Fiore
Third place: gelatoDay Natural Italian Frozen Yogurt
Fourth place: all other copycats

The Dabbler said...

I forgot to put kiwiberri in there but since I haven't tried it, I'll put amend the above to put it in fourth position.

Daily Gluttony said...

ok, i seriously need to do some catching up on this whole "nouveau frozen yogurt" scene! i've been drooling all about it on all y'alls blogs but haven't tried them yet. i know, i'm no fun anymore.

btw, how is hamakawa for sushi? we usually hit up komasa, sushi gen or izayoi, but we're always looking for new places.

Anonymous said...

yummy..hmmm we still need to go out together! the mango is restless....

Colleen Cuisine said...

I totally get you on the lemony vs. tart frozen yogurt thing. Naturally tart beats out lemony any day of the week. Vote for your favourite yogurt on my blog - let's settle this yogurt debate once and for all!

BoLA said...

And still... no pinkberry for little bolita. =( Now that I'm in San Diego, there's another weekend with no frozen yogurt. Bah!

Hope you liked Hamakawa-san. I like the sushi there - very reasonable and never a wait. =)

Jeni said...

Dancing that you? I hope it's who I think it is. Anyways, when you come down here I'll take you out for the LA yogurt spree ok. It's super yum. I'll be up north in the Fall! NAPA???

The Dabbler...I agree with you. PB first, then comes Fiore. But that's because those are the only one's that I've tried. I'm back teaching so I've been too busy to make any weekday yogurt runs. I miss my yogurt!

Daily Gluttony...I just hope the hype doesn't kill it for you. It's just soooooo super refreshing...MMMM! Hamakawa sushi was ok. Reasonable, but D and I liked Sushi Gen and Komasa better. I can't see how Hamakawa can ever be crowded crowded, so if you're not in the mood to wait for sushi in J-town, Hamakawa is the place to go.

CC...I still haven't tried Kiwiberri. But that picture you posted keeps me from heading over there. Blaaaah. I'm just gonna stick around the PB and Fiore joints for now.

Hey my Korean reader is back. You were suppose to supply me with a list of "to eat" places in K-town. I wont hang out with you until then. (^o^)

CC...where did YogurtFanatik go? I miss him.

BOLA...when is he gonna take you???

Hamakawa was good because we didn't have to wait our usual 30 minutes like we do at Komasa or Sushi Gen. The sushi was good...but it was wierd enjoying our sushi when the place was pretty much empty on a Sat night. Is it always like that?

dancing fool said...

I think you got it! I continually look at the photos from our day in Napa, which ended with my wonderful "splatter paint job" on D's car. I finally sent the photos to my (Marin county) mother, she thought they were cute. I heard there are fun places to taste wine down there. Sake too, no? I have to see it to believe it. :-) You know we are food and wine snobs up here.

Jeni said...

Hey Dancing Fool! Your "splatter" job on D's car just got removed last week. Sigh...the purple turned black marks are forever gone now. haha. Come down girl. We can taste in SB and I have my local spot for tasting as well. Jer came when my shop had a special Labor Day Sake tasting. We had A LOT of good sake! Talk to you soon!

k said...

I'm way behind on going to frozen yogurt joints. I just tried Pinkberry a couple of weeks ago and LOVED it...and now, I'm down to try Fiore. Heh, just wait about 5 months and I'll get around to going! ;)

By the way, I'm pretty sure you started, good luck with the new year!

k said...

Oh, and I'm waiting for both the K-town & Larchmont location to open too. Closer for me means more frozen yorgurt....

Hey, it's fat free. ;)

Jeni said...

K...I'm glad you're back and that you finally got some yummy Pinkberry! You guys need a Pinkberry in the South Bay...that's what you guys need!

Good luck with the kids too. So far I've got a super cute class with an exception of 4-5 monsters. Don't worry...I'll set them straight.

landofmason said...

hey there! hope you had a lovely time in hawaii! i just saw on about pinkberry...the line is going to get even longer! wahh! so when are we hanging out?!

Jeni said...

Landofmason...yes I read his posting today. Oh you know how many people read There goes Pinkberry!

yuki said...

I love your blogs! keep it up!

Cefiore is giving out free yogurt this weekend, go check it out!


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