Sunday, September 03, 2006

Chabelita Tacos - An Unfortunate Event

My ten weeks of summer vacation has quickly and depressingly come to an end. I'm back at work, setting up my classroom and waving goodbye to my 4pm breakfasts and Summer of Laziness.

After hours of professional development at school, I headed out to Western Avenue in search for some hearty tacos after a hard day at work. Just north of the 10 Fwy, I found Chabelita Tacos, a Taco/Hamburger shack covered with colorful murals.

I was pretty excited with my pastor/asada taco plate. I was on a taco high after eating those tacos from Los 5 Puntos. At Chabelita, each taco was $1.85, a steep price to pay for tacos. I think $2 was the most I've ever paid for tacos. When tacos are over $1.75, they better be really dang good.

My plate of tacos looked great. The asadas weren't overly cut by the cooks. Nice looking chunks with a nice amount of onions, cilantro, salsa, guacamole ratio. The pastors looked a little sloppy to me. There were tons of salsa covering the pastor meat, but nonetheless, I was hungry and it still looked good.

Now I admit, looks matter. Great presentation definitely gears up my taste buds and preps my eating soul for something exciting. Unfortunately, at Chabelita's Tacos, all they have are good looking tacos...that's it. After one bite into my asada, I just put it down. The asada was overly peppered and tasted more like Peppered Beef Jerky to me. The pastor didn't get any better. I don't even remember how it tasted. I was completely in shock of this:

That must of been the biggest junk bit that I've found in a taco. Oishii Eats' most unfortunate taco...ever!

Chabelita Tacos
2001 S. Western Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca 90018
(323) 734-0211


Christine D. said...

That junk bit looks like an alien with two green eyes and those two white lower fangs. Yech!

Judging from the murals and tacos, i guess that all that this place has is looks.

Colleen Cuisine said...

ohmigod. I think you just put me off tacos for a LONG TIME. so sorry girl, that is seriously freak nasty!!

Bandini said...

I will have nightmares now :(

Jeni said...

Christine D...the junk looks like one of those lucky trolls my girlfriends used to carry around in the 90's. Naaasty. Chabilita's is a cool place to hang out, for reals. I really wished they had great tacos there. I heard their burritos are good though. Hmmm...I think I'll pass on Chabilita's.

CC...that's the downside to finding great tacos. Ohhh...I tons of bleh taco places to post...I'm just too lazy. But seriously, Chabelita's was the worst junk bit that I've EVER found. know what would be even worse? Finding sharp fangy teeth inside that junk. EWWWWWAFAWENFEIONVBAAAAAA!

elmomonster said...

That's messed up! What the heck is that? I just threw up a little in my mouth.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

You know what that looks like? It looks like a steak that has been chewed on for about 2 mins and spit out for everyone's viewing pleasure. Boo to this place!

Jeni said...

Hey Elmomonster. Yea, big disappointment. I gagged later on when I threw the stuff away. The meat went bad REAL quick...smelled like soap and old oranges. Bleeeech!

EDNBM...this crap would of never happened at Tacos! Tacos! Tacos! Tacos! .


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