Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Silver Lake Wine: The Tasting Overview

Since moving to my urban oasis called Silver Lake, my neighborhood wine shop has become more than a place where I run to for a last minute dinner wine. Over the few months that I've been living in the area, Silver Lake Wine has become my neighborhood hangout, a place where I can walk in, wave hi to the owners (April, Randy and George) and feel at home amongst other eastsiders there for their weekly tastings.

There are three weekly tastings at Silver Lake Wine. Here's the breakdown:

Blue Mondays: Three wines, usually one white, and two reds for $12 from 5-9pm. Also featured are cheeses from the Cheese Store of Silverlake. D and I agree that Blue Mondays are our favorite nights for tasting. One, because we are suckers for cheese. Two, because Monday night tastings are generally more relaxing than the Thursday Night Flights. However, over the past few weeks, we've noticed that Blue Mondays are become more crowded as the night ends. It's ok, we'll still come for the cheese. Also, the wines featured on Mondays are usually under $15, so if you like it, you'll have no problem taking it home. *No reservations required.

Thursday Night Flights: Three wines of a particular category (varietal, a wine maker, or a region) but usually three reds or three whites for $12 from 5-9pm. Thursday Night Flights are definitely the party night over at Silverlake Wine. *No reservations required.

Sundays at 3: Definitely my favorite of the three tastings. For $20, 4-5 wines plus pairing appetizers from local chefs is a great buy. The most structured tasting out of the three tastings, plus they cap the tasting to 40 people. You have to RSVP and to do so, I suggest getting on their mailing list: . Randy or Santos from Silverlake Wine emails out bi-weekly newletters giving us the heads up on the week's tastings. Once they send out Sundays at 3 tasting's email, RSVP! The fill up quick.

The people at Silver Lake Wine are super chill. Owners, George, April and Randy are all very helpful in finding yummy wine. We go to George for pairing questions. I go to April for Pinot Noir recommendations. She's never let me down. And Randy is always fun to talk to when he's not running all around the shop.

Head to Silverlake Wine. I'm there every Blue Monday!

Silver Lake Wine
2395 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039

(323) 662-9024


triplecreme said...

Great review. What is on the crostini? Chanterelles? Bacon? They look fabulous.

Erin S. said...

this is my fav place as well. they special-ordered some wine for our wedding and are always very helpful. Thursday's have gotten so insane there though that my husb and I rarely make it there those nights though.

Jeni said...'s bresaola (beef prosciutto) with beets, blood oranges and almonds. Very very yummy! Have you made it out to SL Wine yet? I know it's on the Eastside...but I think you'd really enjoy it. Sundays @ 3 are the best!

Erin S...Wow, they special ordered for your wedding. That's so cool. Yea, I'm not to cool with the crowds on Thursday nights, but they're featuring new American Pinots tomorrow (8/10)! I think I need to go! (^o^)

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Jeni, we are definitely the Cheese Leeches of Silverlake Wine. Right now, they are posting surveillance photos of us devouring good cheese on their walls. It's ok, we'll go in w/ our own Kraft American Singles or Cheese Whiz if they don't allow us to eat their cheese.

Anonymous said...

ummm.i wanted to go too....

Jeni said...

Hey Dylan...since they don't have cheeses during their Thursday Night Flights...why don't we come in with a pack of Handi-Snacks? MMM...I love Crackers 'N Cheez!

Anonymous...sorry we didn't invite you. I would if I knew who you are. Maybe.

The Dabbler said...

Though I love the concept and atmosphere of Silverlake Wine, they are fairly overpriced (20% more on average, I've found). I will pay a premium to support a neighborhood store, but I wish it was just a slightly less significant premium...I know, I'm a cheapskate (sorry!). I live closer to Larchmont so that's my joint -- though they don't have a permit to hold tastings, sadly.

Jeni said...

The Dabbler...I totally understand how you feel about the prices. I've noticed that bottles I get at SLW are usually more expensive than the bigger joints like Wine House and even Bevmo.

There are definitely some things I need in a good wine shop. I look for 1) knowledgeble recommendations 2) consistent and personal service 3)quality inventory 4) good prices. I like that SLW's owners have consistently pointed me to the wines I've asked for and they're always willing to help. I'm willing to pay a little more to support people that I've enjoyed buying wine from.

I will definitely check out Larchmont Wine...I'm very excited about that. My friend has also been raving about Wine Exchange in Orange. He says that have a great inventory, consistent service, and great prices.

The Dabbler said...

Points very well taken. I appreciate a place where the staff has tasted EVERYTHING in the store (as the brilliant Simon at Larchmont has) and can really steer you to what you're looking for, rather than to inventory they're trying to move because they just got in a pallet shipment, or Parker just scored it highly (Simon refuses to post scores in the store!).

Wine Exchange in Orange is supposed to be great, but it is more on the scale of Wine House. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I also find Hi-Time in Costa Mesa to be a solid place, price-wise, to order from the internet, and have been tipped off to some bargains through their emails.

And, finally, K&L will be opening this fall on Vine across from the Arclight, and will have a more Wine House-like selection in a slightly more intimate setting.

CaliforniaWeddings said...

If you like wine shops and wine tastings, then you might want to also take a short trek to Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock and try the Colorado Wine Shop. It has a great tasting bar in back and the owners are really great.


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