Monday, August 21, 2006

Quails Quails Quails - Lien Hoa Little Saigon

My mom and I just came back from one of our regular visits to Little Saigon. We ate at our usual joint at Tay Ho for Little Saigon's best banh cuon and picked up our favorite baguettes over at Top Baguette. After, I dragged my mom across the street to Lien Hoa, for what has been said is the best BBQ in Little Saigon.

Lien Hoa is located in a crowded strip mall on Bolsa Avenue, the main artery running through Little Saigon's body. Once we walked in, we were blessed to find crispy aromatic peking duck cadavers waiting for us. YUM! Unfortunately, I didn't head to Lien Hoa for their famous BBQ duck, not even their roasted pigs. I wanted something smaller, crispier, cheaper...I came for the quails! At Lien Hoa, you can find quails, marinated and bbq'd for $1.50 each! For less than $5, I took home three quail poppers which I was very very excited to eat.

My mom found it pretty funny and then partly annoying that I had to play with my bbq'd quails friends. After taking over 20 pictures in the parking lot, my mom yelled out, "OK! ENOUGH!" Like a overly nagged out teenager, I responded "Ok ok...I'm done!" and proceeded to gnaw on the limbs of my new bird friends. Although the quail was marinated in oyster sauce making the skin moist and sweet, the meat, at least in the limbs was a tad dry. But I'm not complaining. I got a tasty snack and an amusing pet all for a buck fiddy!

Banh Cuon Tay Ho
9242 Bolsa Ave. #F
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 895-4796

Top Baguette
9062 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, CA 92638
(714) 379-7726

Lien Hoa
9299 Bolsa Ave.
Westminster, Ca 92683
(714) 894-1085


eatdrinknbmerry said...

Haha, mmm Quail McNuggets. I wanna try. I think you should definitely bring those out to the bowl and share it with everyone. People will think they are at a live taping of Fear Factor.

Chubbypanda said...


There are some truly great eats in the Westminster/Garden Grove area. They console me as I languish behind the Orange Curtain. My barrier to entry in LA is that the drivers are waaaaay scarier there than they are in Orange. Other than NYC, LA is quite possibly my least favorite city to drive in. But, I'll screw my courage to the sticking place one of these days. Promise!

BTW, I actually really like living in Orange County. =b

- Chubbypanda

Daily Gluttony said...

mmmm, i love quail!!! we chinese eat them all the time too--roasted, kinda like the way this place does them. yummy!

Anonymous said...


Jeni said...

D...deep fried quails sound so good right now. Imagine passing some quail legs over to some new H Bowl friends...they'd go crazy!

Chubbypanda...see I told you that my mom and I drive out for good food. If I can endure Saigon-style driving in Westminster, you should be ok in LA. It's all about quick lane changes and not hesitating about driving decisions! :)

Pam...I love quail too. It was always one of the few things I could eat whenever my mom dragged us out to Chinese/Vietnamese weddings. The quails are just like wedding quails...just without the frills of hard liquor and 7-Up on a lazy Susan!

Anonymous or MOM..thanks for commenting. I know it's you. You're the only one I know who types in all CAPS. Hope you can guest blog soon. My readers seem to like you more than me!

Passionate Eater said...

I love that your Mom comments on your site! (If that is your Mom.) Hope that your brother will also be a guest blogger soon.

Jeni said...

Passionate Eater...yes, it's my mom who commented. Whenever you see ALL CAPS, it's usually her. haha. My brother will be down for Labor Day, I'll see if he'll guest blog...but I doubt it. He just comes for the food.

Colleen Cuisine said...

I love how funny the little birdies look. If you stood them next to a barbie doll, they would look like turkeys.

oooh - you just gave me an idea for my next product launch: quail fun barbie

Pirikara said...

Oooh quail~. I'd imagine them having little fat on them. Sounds good. By the way, I like playing with crawfish carcasses!

Jeni said...

Colleen's sad, but my mom never bought me Barbies when I was little. She said, "They for deh white girls." So instead, I had to find other things to play with like mud, quails. No joke.

Pirikara...naw...these birds are pretty lean. I think they're a great snack...animal shaped Power Bar. It fun playing with our carcasses ne! (*^o^*)

wendy said...

I am very happy to find that you are so passionate about our quails. Thank you for appreciating our food for more than just something to fill your stomach.

Anonymous said...

one correction, it's not oyster sauce that is used to marinate the quails ... much more complicated than it tastes.


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