Monday, August 14, 2006

Fiore Natural Italian Yogurt - Little Tokyo

With LA Times recent article on Pinkberry and tips of Pinkberry and the McDowell's of Pinkberry - Kiwiberry opening up all around LA, it's no wonder why some of us are quite shocked at the recent arrival of Fiore Natural Italian Yogurt in J-town.

After a very oishii sushi dinner from my favorite Sushi Komasa, D and I walked around the corner to check out Fiore. (Thanks Pirikara for the tip!) Fiore is in many ways very very similar to Pinkberry's. The only difference that I found was that Fiore seemed to be more on the creamy side, leaving a slight milky residue on the side of my mouth. I was also a bit disappointed in the small amount of mangos homegirl gave me with my large yogurt.

The big turn-off for me is that Fiore is a subsidiary of Todai. Yes, Todai, the Sushi and Seafood Buffet chain. As much as I love that Fiore is closer than the WeHo Pinkberry, I find myself wanting to support Sherry Hwang's woman made business (You go girl!) over Todai's frozen yogurt project.

I agree with Colleen Cuisine. I still like Pinkberry's the most and I'll be waiting for the K-town Pinkberry to open very soon.

Fiore Natural Italian Yogurt
134 Japanese Village Plaza Mall
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-0806
11AM - 10PM daily


Jonah said...

We were down in JTown on Saturday for some sushi at Hamakawa and we walked by this place. It seems like a huge store for what they are selling. Didn't try it though.

Colleen Cuisine said...

TODAI??!?! Oh no. Now I am ruined for this place. I can't eat at Sasabune now either, simply for the reason that it must be haunted by the ghost of Todai (the ghost of Todai is like the ghost of Christmas past, only he arrives every day, not just on Christmas).

See you at Pinkberry Jeni - go Team Sherry!!

BoLA said...

TODAI?! I'm with CC on that one! haha! I walked by last weekend and went straight to my favorite Mango Mochi Ice Cream dealer. Thought of getting the frozen yogurt but thought I'd better hold out and get the real deal at Pinkberry. =)

landofmason said...

I totally agree Fiore does taste creamier than Pinkberry. I might as well just go pick up an ice cream. Pinkberry still rules even though there's a darn 20 min even at 5pm. Miss ya Jeni!

rick james said...

hey oishii!

was great to see you guys!



eatdrinknbmerry said...

Pinkberry 1, Fiore 0. who's the next McDonald's opponent?

It's quite scary that Fiore is owned by Todai. Pretty soon, they'll be offering the Fiore combo... a frozen yogurt and side of spicy tuna rolls that have been sitting under heat lamps for 2 hours.

Anonymous said...

First time posting on your blog. I'm glad you enlightened me with this post. At first I wondered where this place was in J-Town because I didn't recall seeing the place on a recent visit. Now know ing it is owned by the franchise I don't really want to try it.

Jeni said...

Jonah, I think they're getting the place ready for a Todai buffet line!

Colleen Cuisine...I'm sure I'll be back at Fiore since it's so dang close. But I'm sure I'm gonna meet with the Ghost of Todai Yogurt Division Squad.

BOLA...hold out for Pinkberry!

Landofmason...have you guys seen the picture of you and Steve on Pirikara's site? Hilarious! I agree with you, I don't mind the wait at Pinkberry.

Rick was great seeing you and the cast on Sunday. I had a good time. Hope to see you soon Ron! We missed you!

EDNBM...Can you imagine if Fiore became an all-can-eat yogurt joint? I just picture a lot of "Reno" looking people hanging out in Jtown. haha.'s in the Japanese Village Plaza, across of the bakery. Of all franchises, it had to be Todai's!

Tokyoastrogirl said...

HM, looks yummy but maybe I should let my Pinkberry-virgin tastebuds go for the real thing first. I'm a sucker for sour yogurt so maybe I'll save myself.

BTW, totally agree on the Alcove review. I've been twice and A) there's enough food to feed a small army on each plate and B) the food isn't really good enough for any army anyway so why bother.

Anonymous said...

of course pinkberry is best! han gook style baby!

Jeni said...

TAG...I'm surprised that you haven't gone to Pinkberry's yet. You'll love it. It'll remind you of the J yogurt! Say goodbye to relying on Yogurt Pocky!

I think my friends hyped up Alcove way too much. It was ok. But I'm not cool paying $20 for lunch. I can feed 4 people for that much over in Thai Town.

Anonymous...Hey my Korean stalker is back. You're not going to support your Korean-owned Todai's, the Korean Hometown Buffet of Sushi?

landofmason said...

Hey, my friend just told me that there's a frozen yogurt place called Red Mango opening up on Sawtelle. Supposedly they're the original frozen yogurt store in Korea. Can't wait!

Jeni said...

Landofmason...NO WAY! I hope it's true. Keep me posted. Ohh..btw, Sunset Junction 8.26 & 8.27. Soundlessons vs. Juju @ SL 8.26. Tribe Called Quest 9.10 at the Wiltern. So much goin on!

Anonymous said...

An important consideration: fiore uses stevia extract (an herb) to sweeten their yogurt, while pinkberry uses sugar. For those who care about natural/whole foods, fiore is the clear winner.

Justina said...

I never post things, but this time I feel a need. If you want the best yogurt, go to Cantaloop on La Brea and Hollywood. It is THE BOMB! I loved it. And the people were super nice and there is parking!


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