Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Weekend Up North, Way North! Vancouver Eats Part III - Richmond Night Market

When Laurie told me about a HK style night market and described it as, "It's a little shady, but there's good food." I knew I was in for an awesome treat. So when the sun went down after our Hapa Izakaya dinner and walk around Coal Harbor, it was time for Friday Night Eats Round 2 at the Night Market.

The Richmond Night Market is located in the city of Richmond, a predominately Asian suburb 15 minutes south of Vancouver. According to Laurie, tons of people from Hong Kong moved to Richmond in the late 80's and 90's because they were uncertain of what it would be like once HK was handed over to China. And do you know why they chose the city of Richmond? Haha...Laurie said, "Because it sounds like "Rich Men." I was like, "Are you kidding me?"

Anyways, once we arrived to Richmond, we paid $5 to park at the Home Depot parking lot and we were on our way to Night Market love. After walking for about 15 minutes, we finally got to the Night Market. The place was packed with families and couples. It was simply insane.

The Richmond Night Market consists of two parts, the swap meet side, selling crap like cell phone covers, bras, granny panties, and more cell phone crap. After a couple of minutes of walking around, I got really tired of looking at the same crap. Crap! NEXT!

We finally arrived to the Night Market food stalls and the place smelled heavenly. If you're not buying granny panties for the night, skip the swap meet side and head straight to the grub.

Skewer City

Now if you can maneuver through the three insanely packed aisles of food stalls you will find utter delight in some of the most delectible treats that a carnival can offer. Varieties of dim sum, shave ice, curries, dorayaki (red bean paste filled treats), xiao long baos (soupy dumplings), and of course...ALL THINGS SKEWERED. You'll definitely find mounds and mounds of skewered treats. It was actually pretty dangerous walking around the hoards of hungry people while chomping on skewered meats. Laurie went into "mama-mode" and unskewered all our meats while we weren't looking. "She a smart girl!"

Siu mai summer pops

After 30 minutes of eating and fighting through that insane crowed, our group was done with the Richmond Night Market. It was definitely a full sensory overload. But before I go, I want to leave you with one of my fondest memories of the Richmond Night Market. I found this young Korean-Canadian boy so adorable. In his colorful striped shirt, this young boy put his animated self out in the open for his family's business. Watch his mama in the background. She's either really proud or super embarrassed.

Richmond Night Market

12631 Vulcan Way
Richmond, BC
Fri-Sun during the summer months


Anonymous said...

mmm...yummy...we should have tried some other stuff. I went back a week later and had peking duck wrap and some mango wrapped in mochi dessert...OISHII YO!!! Come back and we can do it again!

Vancity Girl

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Speaking of seeing the same thing over and over again, I'm reminded of the swapmeets at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii. The food looks great and you know this is the first place i'm stopping at once I make my way to Oh, Canada! Nice review, J.

elmomonster said...

I've been enjoying your posts on Vancouver, particularly because I'm planning to go up there later this year.

Love that YouTube video. What a crazy kid! Hehehe!

themirthmobile said...

remember in the movie the Joy Luck Club when one of the mothers said to her daughter who was marrying a man named Richard, "see? i always tell her to marry rich!" the chinese love things that sound like money!

and those food stalls look like they sell only delicious food items! how can you go wrong with skewers or dumplings?

Kirk said...

Hi Jeni - Looks so good, I can almost smell it......great posts on Richmond and Vancouver. I've always wanted to visit the Richmond Night market, and after your post, am even more determined to make it there.

rick james said...

street food = good
young korean/canadian boys = not so good


take an extra order of the skewered mystery meat, risk the hepatitis B and leave the underaged jailbait in canada...

i don't care how animated he was its not worth it jeni... really.. ;p

Jeni said...

LAURIE...Peking duck wrap and mango wrapped in mochi dessert! You're so selfish!!! Thanks for sharing. I'm never coming back to Vancouver!

Dylan...yea...I remember the rows and rows of stalls selling puka shell necklaces. Imagine rows and rows of granny underwear...Welcome to Canada!

Elmomonster...when are you going??? Hope you find some good eats. Dang, I'm still thinking about that steak you wrote about!

Themirthmobile...haha...I totally remember Joy Luck Club. Do you remember how the Chinese in San Gabriel Valley didn't want to change their area code from 818 to 626 because 818 was a luckier number??? Thanks for reading.

Kirk...the Richmond Night Market is so you!

Rick James...you crazy!


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