Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Weekend Up North, Way North! Vancouver Eats Part IV - Chambar Belgian Restaurant

The simply delicious Belgian fusion cuisine at Chambar can make any girl classy. Fo' reals! My last meal in Vancouver was such a shocker. True, I enjoyed Hapa Izakaya, Go Fish!, and The Richmond Night Market (*see previous posts), but nothing can compare to my meal at Chambar.

We started off with a plate of Carpaccio d'Austruche (Ostrich Carparccio). I'm smacking my hand down because this dish was delicious! Super juicy, flavors of berries and ostrich blood - YUM! The beet/horseradish mustard really complimented the carpaccio. Good job Chambar!

Along with our Carpaccio d'Austruche, Laurie and I ordered two glasses of a 2003 Blasted Church Pinot Noir. This wine was suprisingly yummy. Excellent aromas of fresh raspberries and hints of vanilla. My initial taste was a quick burst of raspberries, then a second later, STRAWBERRIES popped out. The bold and sweet berries with a smooth ending was an excellent treat. The Blasted Church went perfectly well with the berry tasting Ostrich. That was dang good!

Laurie ordered what I initially wanted to order, the Magret de Canard et Kumquat. Her dish was very very oishii! The skin was perfectly crisp and sweet at the initial bite. The duck itself was moist and tender. Her dish also came with stewed kumquats that were so entertaining to eat. Good job Chambar!

Laurie's friend Shanette ordered the Steak aux Echalottes et Porto. Her dish was also super delicious. The tender steak already had an abundance of flavor but the port jus added so much more. Chambar beef is A-ok!

I really enjoyed my venison tenderloin. Sugoi yummy deshita ("It was very yummy!") Although I've never had venison before, it wasn't as gamey as I thought it would be. Actually, it tasted like a super flavorful and tender tenderloin. The pomme (potato) puree was extremely fluffy and nicely infused with delicious hints of smoked garlic.

Listen up LA people. When you're tired of 100+ degree heat and you're tired of $500+ air conditioning bills, take a trip up north to Vancouver. Gnaw on some ostrich carpaccio and order a beer from their well-stocked Belgian beer selection at Chambar, stay away from the oyster tacos at Go Fish!, melt away with some Mondo Gelato, and become a HK citizen at the Richmond Night Market! Thanks for joining me on my "Oh Canada! Tour!"


562 Beatty St.
Vancouver, BC
(604) 879-7119


~jules~ said...

hi jenny~~ this is laurie's friend julie - but i just wanted to say - i LOVE your blog! hehe...and this time it was even more great cuz i actaully know/or can go eat at the places you mentioned recently!! it looks like u had a delicious time in vancity! ^^ did u try Guu too?? it's my favorite izakaya restuarant in van~~...i'm going back in 2 days so i'm super excited to eat good food again!! ehhe (toronto's just ..ehh~..) haha..okay...well hope you enjoyed yourself - with laurie being your host i'm sure u had an amazing time!! *^^* bye~~

Anonymous said...

next time we're ordering the mussels and some other stuff...give me one week and you're gonna want to move here b/c of the food....heheheh

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Nice post J. Great photoshop work, can you teach me too!?

Pirikara said...

Oooh ostrich carpacccio....sounds daring...

Tokyoastrogirl said...

Damn girl! Livin' the Good Life. It all looks delicious. So do those dumplings from your last post. I heart Vancouver. Now tell your friend to adopt me!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your writings. I frequent your blog, but never comment.



Jeni said...

Hey Jules...how are you doing? Are you still in Antigua? I had a lot of fun in Vancouver...too bad you weren't there. And I really wanna try Guu. Next time mama!

Laurie...yes, next time we should order the pot of mussels! Thanks for everything Laurie!!! PS...I have a foodblogger looking for a Vancouver adoption, please adopt, she is hungry! (see Tokyoastrogirl's plea)

Dylan...thanks for teaching me photoshop. I'll pay you in a bucket of fried chicken...mmmm.

Pirikara...it was really good!

TAG...I'll arrange the adoption if you send your account and SS# so I can do the paperwork. Beware of shady Jeni.

Ron..thanks for reading!!! I'll be getting back to my LA joints soon!

Colleen Cuisine said...

Great post Jeni - I love the magazine style layout to your photos too. Who taught you that, I wonder? Hmmmm.... rhymes with chillin' =)

Godknows said...

wow, very nice pictures, i am hungry now after reading your post.
Thansk for sharing.

Jeni said...

Hey CC...yes, "chillin" taught me. He's my photoshop honey!

Thanks Godknows! Keep up the good work on your site, my mom and I are loving all the pictures!


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