Saturday, July 08, 2006

BYOLC (Bring Your Own Lawn Chair) BBQ

I hope everyone had a joyous 4th of July weekend!!! During my 4th of July weekend, I had a great time hosting my very first BYOLC (Bring Your Own Lawn Chair) BBQ party. It's really too hot in my tiny studio apartment to host 20+ guests, so having them bring their own lawn chairs and kick it in my courtyard was super smart. Good job Miss Oishii Eats.

The day, however, started out stressful!!! I woke up extremely tired having just arrived home from Vancouver (I'll post that up later). I spent the entire day chopping meat, making marinades, cleaning my apartment and all of a sudden guests started arriving. WHAT??? I'm still in my PJ's!

I was about 2-3 hours off schedule. Sigh. At least I tried.

The food, fortunately, turned out great. Well, from what I heard. I barely ate that day. I was force fed like a fois gras duck by Dylan while skewering chicken satays! "EAT YOUR FOOD JENI!"

Food for the evening composed of mostly skewered meats since my guests would be sitting and roaming around outside. For the menu we had:
Chicken Satay
Cilantro Pesto Shrimp
Lemongrass Shrimp
Thit Nuong (BBQ Pork)
Chile Limon Chicken Wings
Balsamic Portobello Mushrooms
Lemon Pepper Zucchinis

For drinks I provided:
2001 Hamacher Pinot Noir from Oregon
2004 Dr. Vin Prun Spatlese Riesling from Germany

The two wines were very very delicious and consumed very quickly by my two wine friends. And of course, there were tons of beers. My mama would of been horrified by the sight of overflowing Heinekens and Coronas. (Mom I didn't buy the beer, I promise!)

Here are the few food photos I took during the madness:

Cilantro Pesto

Looks like grass poo to me.

One of the crowd favorites. If Daily Gluttony was over,
I'm sure she'd throw them back at me. Sorry DG.

Cilantro Pesto Shrimp:
1 lb medium sized shrimp washed and paper towel dried
2 cups firmly packed cilantro leaves
2 crushed garlic cloves
2 tps toasted pine nuts
4 tbsp freshly grated Parmesan
2 tbsp fresh lime juice
2 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
5 tbsp olive oil

Place all ingredients except oil in a blender or food processor. Whirl to combine. With motor running, slowly add oil until the pesto has thickened. Pesto keeps up to two days. Cover and refridgerate. Skewer shrimp and marinate by dipping or rubbing marinade over shrimp. Marinate for 30 minutes.

For desserts, my friend Naomi made some yummy Custard Mochi. It was so good, but so bad to our veins! We also had tons of summer fruits and even a box of Beard Papas Shu Creams! The big hit of the night were Pinkberry Frozen Yogurts that my friend Fuyumi brought over.

We split our guests into groups and allowed them to
fight over their delectable and infamous Pinkberry desserts.

I'll admit, all that craziness and stress was worth it as I watched my guests enjoy a perfect summer night under the Silverlake skies. I will definitely be having more BYOLC parties, but hopefully, with more organization on my part.

Oh...before I go. After all the guests left, my brother, EDNBM, my friend Mark, and I were STILL hungry! Mark suggested El Gran Burrito, a happening place for hungry folks like us. We looooved the pastors, which were cut into huge tender and juicy pieces. EDNBM loved his cabeza (head) and lengua (tongue) tacos. The asadas and carnitas were ok, but nothing spectacular. El Gran Burrito is a great joint for high class late night taco junkies that want a place to sit, a full salsa bar and a place to be seen. Haaaaaaay!

The taco nightclub

Yes, we finished it all!

El Gran Burrito
4716 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90029
(323) 665-8720
Open til 2am!


k said...

Girl...what a great host! :) I can't believe all the food you made! You're unbelievable!
The cilantro pesto shrimp look scrumptious. Must try! Thanks for the recipe!

L. Jo. in Minnesota! said...

Hi Jeni! I love reading about your food adventures in LA. :) Sounds YUMMMAY!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

This was a great day of eating, drinking and lounging. And i assure you, the food OE made was delicious. It was gone pretty quickly. The courtyard really made it a good setting. yes, we have to go back to El Gran to get lengua and cabeza tacos. Mmmmm...

Kirk said...

Hi Jeni - Sounds like you had a great fourth! Cilantro pesto is good stuff....I've made it before, and yet when the Missus sees it she go's Mooooo-Moooo.....go figure!

landofmason said...

yay, you finally updated your blog! thanks for all the tasty food at your bbq and i'd love to get a recipe of your bbq pork!

Jeni said...

Keri...hey girl! Yea, the cilantro pesto shrimp is super easy to make. Don't be afraid at the saltiness of the pesto. I freaked out the first time I made it.

l. jo...thanks for reading. It must be super beautiful in Minnesota now. I want to visit Minneapolis one of these days. I heard there are good eats out there!

EDNBM...thank you so much for manning the grill and taking care of my guests while I was going crazy in the kitchen. I might hire you for the next bbq. I'll pay you in Sushi money. haha. I'm glad you had fun meeting
Pirikara and Ramen Man.

Howzit Kirk? How was your 4th??? Dang...I saw some of the food you guys ate at the bbq joint. You guys are loco!

Landofmason...Why is he sooo stinkin cute? Glad you had fun at the bbq. Thanks for the oishii custard mochi. Sugoi Naomi-chan! Here's the recipe to the bbq pork: Thit Nuong
*make sure you follow the suggested adjustments.

BoLA said...

Ahh....I'm so sad that MS and I couldn't make your GREAT BBQ over the 4th! The food looks amazing! And I'm so impressed with your schedule. ;)

Mojitos when I get back this upcoming weekend?

And let's definitely plan to BBQ it up again later this summer. =)

mika said...

I'm so jealous I missed the BBQ and Pinkberry??!!!! I hope you have many more to come!

Jeni said...

BOLA...hope you two are having fun up north. NOR CAL! You gotto put your hands in the air and go "ooo ooo ooo!" haha. Anyways, I like my schedule too. It just shows how scatterbrained I can get under pressure. I'll go crazy without a visual! Call me when you get back! I'm down for mojitos anyday!

Mika...I'm so sad you weren't there too. If I invite you over for the next BBQ, will you marry my brother? Onegaiiiii! I'll even throw in a Pinkberry! I'm sure you're puking now!

rick james said...


if you invite me over for the next BBQ, i'll marry your brother... he looked pretty cool... hahaha..

i shoulda ditched my own bbq to come crash yours, your food looked way better than our ghetto eats for sure... ;p

Anonymous said...

thanks Jeni....we all had a great time. can you send me the group pic? love ya

Jeni said...

Rick James...I'll invite you over anyday. But never will I let you marry my brother. Rick James is too crazy!

Irene...I love our family. I'm glad you all came out. Tanoshikatta ne!

Martin said...

Good Job! :)


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