Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Future Foodbloggers and Taco Ariza's

It's been very very very stressful at work these past couple of weeks. My room partner/grade-level chair/mentor/closest friend/mom/venting partner was sick in the hospital...so pretty much my life at school came crashing down last week. Oh God, and we also had a Spring Concert, Hispanic Heritage Month assembly and Family Science Night. What an emotional/professional mess! To make things worse, the end of the school year is the most busiest and tiring time for teachers. You think we'd be excited for our upcoming 10 weeks off. We can't be, not right now. Do you guys remember being in elementary school and knowing that school is almost over? I'm convinced that hot weather activates kids to rebel against their teachers in the classroom. The end of the year was fun when I was little, but having my own kids fooling around sucks now. What is even more stressful is making sure that all my Kinder babies will be ready to succeed in the first grade. My girls will be fine. It's the boys I'm worried about. Oh Lord. My baby boys can't even tie their shoes let alone "hold it" (their bladder) for more than an hour. 'Miss Oishii Eats...Miss Oishii Eats...Miss Oishii Eats.' Baaah...stop saying my name!

Yea, so I haven't been enjoying work lately. I really don't like feeling like this because I never want my profession to be just a job. I'm feeling burnt out and discouraged by all the stress and upcoming report cards. Baaaah!

Well, today, after a long weekend of food and food and food, I was well rested and ready to teach. After every weekend, I usually take 10-15 minutes to find out what the kids did over the weekend. Today I was really interested in what they ate over the weekend. My kids got really excited and all fought to share about their weekend bbq's and grandma's fried chicken. I thought to myself, "Wait a minute...this could be a great writing prompt."

Raising up the next generation of foodbloggers...

Before writing, we worked on using descriptive words. I told them, "Don't tell me 'It was good.' If you say that, then you're BORING." Haha. I heard a couple of my girls mumble, "I'm not gonna be boring." And our class started to think of better descriptive words. Tasty, delicious, yummy, and juicy were the most popular words. The class was ridiculously loud because everyone was telling friends Memorial Day meals and how or who cooked it. It was sooo cute. Miniature Foodbloggers dialoguing!

I ate hot dogs and spaghetti. It was yummy.

I ate Red Lobster. It was yummy and delicious.

I ate steak. It was delicious.
(haha...I love her bbq and all the smoke. Good Lord!)

So what did Miss Oishii Eats eat this weekend? My Memorial Day Weekend food highlight goes out to Taco Ariza in Echo Park. Dylan from EatDrink&BeMerry and I randomly stumbled upon this mobile taco heaven after finishing up some extensive hip hop moves at Soundlessons at The Echo.

I ate tacoz. It was dlishuss and joo-c!

Dylan collaged the pictures of our taco outing. (Thanks man.) I'll be reviewing Tacos Ariza's ala EDNBM style.
A. We Heart Tacos -
Aside from the pixeled faces, can you feel the giddyness???
B. Ariza taco man hard at work.
C. Asadas and pastors for Oishii Eats - Some of the best asadas I've had in a really long time.
D. Dylan's never been in love before - For the first time, Dylan fell in love with al pastors.
E. Futurama girl - We both agree that this girl came from Back from the Future for Tacos Ariza's.
F. Futurama girl killing the tacos - Futurama girl and her DeLorean flew away quickly after the taco massacre.

Taco Ariza's
Parked on the SE corner of Logan St. and Sunset Blvd.
One block east of The Echo
Click here for map

Last Saturday of every month

The Echo
1822 W. Sunset Blvd.
Echo Park, Ca 90026

Bow to your sensei! JK.


briana said...

Can you keep "I ate Stak"? Because that is frameworthy... Actually they are all frameworthy. Too funny.

BoLA said...

I love it! The next generation of foodbloggers! Too cute!!! Girl...you're a GREAT teacher and just remember that they'll always remember their cool and fun kinder-teacher Miss Oishii Eats! Miss Oishii Eats! who cared about what they did outside the classroom. =)

And FANTASTIC writing prompt, by the way. ;) Keep up the fabulous work!

Passionate Eater said...

Oh my gosh that is adorable! And I used to spell spaghetti like that too! "Vive la Spugedey!"

Colleen Cuisine said...

What a fantastic idea - I LOVE this! I am wondering about your little girl who ate "hot dogs and spugedey:" did she eat that frightening spaghetti w/hotdogs at Jollibee's? Red Lobster is, of course, every kid's dream. And stak. Who doesn't love STAK?!?!?

Jeni - these are hilarious... can you post some more? They totally made my day!

Kirk said...

Jeni - These are priceless! Oh-oh-oh Miss Oishii-eats....hehehe. Getting them started early, I see!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

J, great post. The kids must've learned spelling from you haha. I love the kid drawings. I still draw like that myself, even as an art director haha. I can't wait for those tacos again... mmmmmmm. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Futurama girl there again haha.

rick james said...

spugedy and hot dogs are ymme!!

finally, a DG prodigy worthy of training...

get her a blogpage... like today!! and please save her from the darkside (myspace) before its too late..

awesome post!!!

Jeni said...

Hey Briana...thanks for stopping by. Yes, "STAK" is definitely noteworthy. "Ok kids, repeat after me...NOTHING MORE THAN MEDIUM RAAAARE!"

BOLA...Thanks girl! Yea, my kids are coming along pretty well with their writing. I love reading their inventive spelling. haha. I'm already getting sad that I only have 15 more days with them! I just hope the kids won't remember me as the teacher who was addicted to her Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

Passionate Eater...that's so funny that you used to spell spaghetti that way. Did you get it all over your face and clothes too? Can you come in and help the homegirl...she's a Spugedey timebomb.

Colleen Cuisine, I'm sure she didn't have Jollibee's because 1)She was happy about her hot dogs and spugedey 2) She said it was ymme. And I roll my eyes whenever the kids get all excited about McDonald's, Sizzlers, and Red Lobsters. I should read them excerpts of "Fast Food Nation"...STORYTIME w/Miss Oishii Eats! haha. I'll post more writing samples tonight.

Kirk...don't say my name. I'm taking your recess away!

Dylan...I don't spell like that. I'm a First Grade Spelling Bee CHAMPION! Better recognize! Your penmenship test is coming up Friday, better start practicing.

Hey Rick James...you crack me up fool! I just shake my head whenever I think of you. haha. Anyways, yea, spugedey girl is a TRIP...just like DG.

Anonymous said...

hey i didnt realize this till later and after talkin with jito but u used to be on jitoland.com
crazy this whole time u knew jito and i didnt even know it. Roots show 6/8 u going???
by the way this is dean

Jeni said...

DEAN/TAKA! Hey...wassup man! I'm not goin to the 6/8 Roots show, tickets sold out too quickly. I'll be at the 6/9 Anaheim show though. I LOVE MY ROOTS!

Tokyoastrogirl said...

I love the kids pictures- SO cute. Creative spelling too. A few future artists/writers in the house?

Is it just me or are your taco eating photos totally erotic? Is this another love connection via food blogging a la Molly at Orangette (see this for details: http://orangette.blogspot.com/2006/04/man-plan-food-blog.html) Oishii Eats meets Eat, Drink & Be Merry? So is it Oishii Eats, Drinks and be Married?

Ok, sorry- it's been a long day at work.

Anonymous said...

"Oishii Eats, Drinks and be Married?" Classic. I love it.

Jeni said...

TAG...Is this another love connection via foodblogging???? I dunno. Ask Dylan. ;)

Anonymous...don't listen to TokyoAstroGirl, she's trying to spread some rumors in our tiny foodblogging community. ;) She is clever though.

BoLA said...

Sensei addicted to Flaming Hot Cheetos? LOL! Isn't that stuff banned from schools nowadays? Hmm... anyhow, you know Jito too? Wow...SMALL world fo sho! Anywho...can't wait for Manna Meat Fest next week! teehee!

Daily Gluttony said...

JENI!!! you are killing me (well actually, more like your kids are killing me) THIS IS SO CUTE THAT I'M GOING TO PUKE! LOL! "Stak"??? I LOVE IT!!!

Jeni said...

BOLA...Flamin Hot Cheetos are banned? Man, I guess I didn't get that memo. I'll enjoy them while I can. How do you know Jito??? That is so crazy..we were at UCI together. Gonna be meeting up with the infamous Jito for dinner this week. I'll tell him you said hi.

DG...so I'm not cute? I don't make you puke? That's it, no more kid stuff on my site. I'm starting to get jealous!

yoony said...

i've stopped by the conveniently parked tacos ariza after the echo too. :) it's too hard to resist late night food when it's on the way to your car.

haha, all your comments are too funny. makes this first work day this week bearable. ;)


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